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When was the last time you spent over $100 on an item, and what was it?

by Finy (follow)
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When was the last time you spent one hundred dollars, and what was it spent on?

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Top Answers
I spend over $100 regularly -think the last time was last week when I went to the dentist to get a tooth whitening kit.

My dog food is over $100 each time I buy it and also had white ant yearly check a few weeks ago.

I have no trouble spending over $100!
by Finy
Aaaah! to be so fortunate that you do not need to watch your dollars as carefully as I do!! Now being on a disabled pension,I am even more frugal and careful than I used to be!! But I still live extremely well.....and my beloved dogs always seem to come first,no matter what!!! Bless them!
by Jules
Your lucky you can, these days everything is very expensive.
by jonaja
I do not often spend large amounts of money since I had to stop working back in 2008.I have always been frugal and clever with my spending,so when I do spend over $100 I know I can afford it! When the expensive dog food I buy is on special I will stock up and this is always at least a $100 spend!! My vet bills are likewise ,over $100.
If you had asked when did I last spend $100 on a luxury item for myself,I could easily reply that I have recently purchased a stunning and much searched for Antique book which was well over $100.I have no regrets at all,as it gives me such pleasure. It is a large format American 1886 edition of Tennyson's 'The Day Dream' which is bound in burgundy with intricate gilt decoration.Every single page is a separate work of art with illustration and other decoration. It was from a delightful dealer in Boston who took such immense care in packing this treasure for safe travel to me here in Oz.The English edition has a Blue cover with the same stunning gilt decoration.It is identical inside except for the publisher's detail on the Title Page. What a treat this remains for me,and worth every single cent it cost !!
The other items I may spend large amounts on, apart from the antique books which I love,would be my Art Glass Treasures which I have been adding to in the past year.or two.I rarely go over $100 though!
Your book sounds like a treasure. You describe it exquisitely.
by annfi
Thank You Annfi, for your kind comment! The book mentioned is indeed something extremely precious to me, and something which I had never dreamed I would ever be able to add to my extensive collection of antique and old illustrated books! I count myself very fortunate to have, over the years, acquired some truly exquisite treasures, and THIS book, in particular, is one of those!
by Jules
6 months ago I bought this.
Oh! jonaj, L O V E it! You didn't happen to buy TWO did you? 'Coz I'd buy one from you! Lol! Cheers!
by donjo
Oh! jonaj, L O V E it! You didn't happen to buy TWO did you? 'Coz I'd buy one from you! Lol! Cheers!
by donjo
Oh! jonaj, L O V E it! You didn't happen to buy TWO did you? 'Coz I'd buy one from you! Lol! Cheers!
by donjo
Hey donjo.
They are very rare?...sorry.
American idea I think, and I came across by accident at a Salvo shop!
Normally worth 3-4 times more, and some can bring as much as up to $4,000
Can you believe that!...called a 'Round Dumb Waiter' .

I just have a afternoon High Tea, everyone came put desserts all the way around each Tier...I have never in all my years seen one myself, in OZ....Except for the $4,000 on line at auction.
Ebay has one in America right now, but I think shipping would be huge....if they were willing.
It is about $262 aussie dollars just type into EBay this number 301529019108...hope this helps. :)
by jonaja
A complete fish tank set up (with the filter, gravel etc.).
Do groceries count? I spend over $100 on groceries each week. Other than that I'm not really sure - maybe the venue hire for the expo I recently ran...
I can't even remember as I am much too frugal to spend large sums of money on a single item.
by Gia
Same here....plus I just don't have that kind of money.My son loans it to me, and I pay him back over time.

by jonaja
I regularly buy on Ebay & Gumtree....plus any other incidentals that are required for my 4 pets, including monthly Vet visits....everything is always $100 +
by jsmw
Constantly spend over $100 when buying groceries. Gives me the sterks, but what to do?

I spend close to $100 filling my car with 60 litres of petrol.

Can easily spend over $100 buying a particular Concert/Show/Musical Ticket.

If want to have a no-holds-barred Dinner at a top-notch Restaurant, a $100 will probably just get you an Entree, Main Course, AND a glass of tap water!

A Leather Handbag will cost over $100, easily.

You get my drift!
Its on ebay for sale, I used it once...but found it was just too lovely to use all the time, and we ran out of room in our mobile home, you still want it....we can talk about it if you like...p.s. I never have seen one since too...
by jonaja
"Speaking' of leather handbags, Donjo, I bought a lovely black leather GUCCI handbag from a Vinnies shop in Chapel St, Melbourne, last year. It was only $10.00! The shop assistant said she'd only just put it out on display, before I came into the shop! And yes, most of my opera/musical tickets do cost close to $100,(I don't go very often,) but last week I entered a competition for 2 tickets to see Madama Butterfly at the Capital Theatre, then I sent the email page I'd received from the MCA to a school friend. She won a double pass & invited me, then 3 days later, I won a double pass, so I invited my husband, (it was his 1st opera!) & a distant cousin. We all had a wonderful evening.
by Miro
My waterproof boots from Aussie Disposals, $120 or so. Had to put them on layby to pay them off by $40-50 a fortnight.
The plumber - $566 for a blocked drain. He charges $120 per hour!!!!! The skin clinic for a biopsy. And $99 for a dress for my daughter's wedding... found a matching jacket at the Op Shop for $25!
Oh! Lynne, the prices charged by 'tradies', of ANY description are obscene & totally beyond the pale! Their justification is unconscionable!

When I worked, I was in a Senior position, having to keep learning constantly, & this was for a career spanning 45 years, & my pay was a lousy $25/hour.

I mean, how much more 'learning' does a plumber or electrician have to do? It's a 'one learn' job. Pipes are the same; circuits are the same!
My commiserations!
by donjo
I spend over $100 every week on my groceries. The last item I bought for over $100 was furniture last week.
by AJ
Only last week spent over $600.00 on 3 pairs of shoes with orthotics. Rarely buy shoes because of sizing and buying proper leather shoes when I do means they last for ages and ages. Now I have 4 pairs that I can wear and a pair of expensive NB sneakers that will last me for another 4 years at least I reckon.
$149 last Sunday - new vacuum cleaner!
The last time I spent one hundred dollars on an item was when I bought my laptop at the end of last year. I never spend $100 or more on smaller items.
Only $100 for a laptop, Lin.b, you lucky girl. I only buy Apple ones, & there $1999!
I've never smoked nor have I bought a car, so I recon thats about how much I've saved all these years! I also have a collection of Swatch watches. in the last year or so, swatch will replace all batteries for free, so I've now saved $260 on batteries, if they cost $10 each, but I think most places now charge more for than that, for watch battery replacements.
by Miro
On Saturday I spent $100 on a box of slightly aged unused art pads. They were being sold at $5 each or I was invited to make an offer for the lot. 33 pads of different papers and different sized pads. I calculated the value by the price tags- $861.06 ! Although I donot need all this paper, I shall give some as gifts to fellow artists and possibly bind some into handmade books.
Oh, Annfi!! This is EXACTLY the kind of item which I will splash out on when I come across them, Having trained as a Sign Writer and display artist I love calligraphy and art of most kinds. I have always adored making all of my own cards for birthdays, Christmas, and all sorts if other occasions, and I have absolutely MASSES of all types of gorgeous Art Papers, and pens. What a stunning and totally useful bargain you found!!
by Jules
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