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When walking, do you keep left and does it bother you when other people don't?

by Vee (follow)
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keep left sign
Photograph by Norman Rogers, Wikimedia Commons

When walking, do you keep left and does it bother you when other people don't?

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Top Answers
This was something I was taught as a child, but 'now'....well we have people on iphones, kids , j-walkers.

It doesn't really matter now I don't think.I do still try to keep left.....but for me, it is not something that I feel is even thought about today with others.

People are so busy, and in another world they just I guess do whatever to get some place.

What I really hate.

People walking 3 & 4 WIDE- across..

They will block that footpath, no matter what (of course they all know each other).

They go out as a family, or with friends.You just can not get passed them.And, they do not care.
Like it's is their RITE!

I just say a very firm '' Excuse me'' plse.
This is one of my ultimate pet hates. I think it's rude and inconsiderate. And, while I can mildly tolerate those who appear to have no idea, I cannot stand those who believe they are somehow far more important than the rest of us and we must shrink to make room for them. This has happened to me a couple of times. I'm going to sound judgemental, but one of those times involved a tall obviously pretty woman. I could smell the snootiness as she walked passed.
by Vee
Your poor nose. I have just mentally slapped her for you Vee. *thwack*
by Rice
Thanks, Rice. I appreciate the support. LOL. :-D
by Vee
Yes, & especially on escalators', UNLESS I'm on the London Tube!

We've central white or yellow lines on footpaths' to keep people on correct left side, in CBD.
Yes. I get terribly annoyed when people encroach on my side of the footpath. I have noticed that a lot of overseas people tend to do this. But more annoying are the people who stop and chat and don't move.
Yes, I always walk to the left. It is terribly annoying when other people don't . Obviously they have never ridden a bike as the same rules apply about keeping to the left as they do to walking. I was at the shopping centre yesterday. There were some school girls walking three abreast in the aisle or walkway. They took a
Up the whole lane and I couldn't get past. Then they wondered why I had to shove past to get through. Otherwise I would be stuck behind them unless they chose to go into a shop. It's very selfish to think that the footpath is make for you alone. Sometimes I have to walk out onto the road to get around people who simply won't move over. I have to get hit by a car to show them that you must move over when walking. Some people walk faster than you do. You cant block the footpath and set the pace for the rest of the world. Yes, it does annoy me !!

Well said, Lluxi. It's one of my ultimate pet hates.
by Vee
Yes, I do try & keep left, & yes it does annoy me when other people don't.. Sometimes I stand still on the left, so the people walking towards me have to walk around me, but I can tell they would like to walk 'through' me! On escalators, if people are standing on the right, (which of cause is the walking up side) I say, "Excuse me. Keep left please" , as I walk up the right side of them.
by Miro
We were always taught to keep left and now we have people all over the place like penguins at a mad hatter's tea party. I blame the government. ^_^
by Rice
People in Melbs CBD are getting worse, I feel. Busier, more crowded and a combo of those who hurry because they're going to a station/tram, against the tourists who amble and look at everything.
I don't blame them for that, but I often have a shopping jeep that I pull behind me and the number of times some smart alec tries to get around it and then trips over the wheels (I can feel each impact) is getting to me.
How big does this thing need to be or is it suddenly invisible?
Yes, I always keep to the left, and yes it makes me crazy when walking in the CBD of Melbourne, and people walk on the wrong side of the pavement in big wide bunches. Or up or down stairs at the train station. If they are obviously from another country I say loudly This is Australia, folks, we walk on the Left here. Not that it makes any difference.
I usually keep to the left . The same for driving. But there are no rules. I try not to get in the way.
Yes habitually unless in a shopping centre.
Not bothered if people do not keep left, it isn't a big deal.
Trying walking in Hong Kong where people will try to walk through you, as against Tokyo where they are so polite even when on crowded trains the people will try not to press up or lean on you.
Farley, my husband says the same thing. Luckily, this is not Hong Kong.
by Vee
I try to keep to the left. However, with so many people wandering on both sides these days, sometimes it isn't possible. It is easier if all people walk on the left, it allows a smoother flow of foot traffic. I get the feeling many people aren't aware of this old 'rule' or else they don't care.
I think you are so right - the old ways aren't known so much any more. (This morning I applied a sugar and soap poultice to other half's leg . . . even he had not heard of it . . . and he is a farm boy!)
by Rice
I walk on the left always' if someone wants to pass me they either deviate to my right or contact my shoulder oddly contact does not happen as often as you would think.If everyone did the same the ignorant members of society would soon learn a few lessons rather than treating other members of society with contempt.
Yes, inconsiderate people taking up all the space available are very annoying. But I also get annoyed when on the escalator walkway people put their trolleys right in the middle, blocking anyone from passing at all. I keep my trolley right to one side & people who wish to pass, can. Simple, non?
Seems like most of us have been brought up properly and yes I do keep to left when possible like you all. Agree, seems like some people don't care, and some just ignorant. Some people have their faces buried in some device and I don't move out of their way. Make it a game now and sometimes "accidentally" bump into them! LOL
yes always, was taught to do so as a child.
asians annoys me as they walk on the right or straight at you, I never give way to them, it is time they learn the australian way of life,
Yes, I actually do and I do a lot of walking, taking my dogs every morning -why just today I was walking on the left and went a different way and one dog on each side, and dog got confused as I detoured, and i fell flat almost on my face -oooh, the gravel burn on knees and hands!!!
by Finy
Oh no! Are you ok?
by Vee
It bothers me in an elevator not particularly in the road.
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