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When did you last push the boundaries of your comfort zone and what did you do?

by erin. (follow)
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When did you last push the boundaries of your comfort zone and what did you do?

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Top Answers
I try to challenge myself regularly as it is good for our brain. It doesn't have to be on a grand scale like jumping out of a plane. It might be having that difficult conversation with someone. Being afraid of something and doing it anyway.

I am really bad at flying and I recently did a day trip to Sydney by myself. Leaving my kids at home for the first time made it even harder!
Well done, Erin, in both your circumstances!
I am curious, as flew all my career, & loved it, still do, what makes you frightened of flying? Thank you.
by donjo
Unfortunately many things Jono! Probably too many episodes of Air Crash Investigations among other plane crash movies have made me paranoid haha. I'm not much of a thrill seeker either so when the plane takes off and lands my stomach totally drops like I'm on a rollercoaster.I guess the other thing is where the world is at the moment politically and all the terrorist threats and planes disappearing. We are planning to eventually take our young boys over to Germany but the current issues have really got me digging my heels in about travelling overseas much to my other half's disappointment as its to see his extended family. If only they lived closer! :(
by erin.
Erin, thank you, I PERFECTLY understand your qualms! It's not like the '70's onwards, to early '00's.
We humans' are 'funny' creatures', in that it's T/O & landing which I love! And I watch A/C Investgns' as 'homework', so to speak!

Best landing I ever had was in the cockpit 'jump seat' of a QANTAS Boeing 707-338c, from Vienna via Athens, Teheran & Delhi to Hong Kong's former Kai Tak Arpt, whose approach was through the apartments of suburbia, close-up, you could see the TV on in the Lounge Room! That was just SO good!
by donjo
I bet its a much nicer experience in the cockpit! Were you a pilot? I remember when I was a kid my mum and I went on a world trip and I was invited into the cockpit as we flew over greenland and I got to see all the snow capped mountains. Pretty cool for a six year old! :)
by erin.
Hi Erin,
No, not a pilot; no good at Maths! Lol!
by donjo
I pushed the boundaries of my comfort zone when I got a job behind a bar. I am very uncomfortable in social situations, and interacting with people is very difficult for me. I also went outside my comfort zone when I decided to do the Paddington Trail and travel all around London on my own. I don't like travelling into London, and I am not very good with direction, so it was a challenge for me to undertake.
That's really good what your doing...keep up the good work :)
by jonaja
Thanks, jonaj.
so great!, and were the people you served from everywhere else. I found that in London, made it even more interesting, but no good for asking directions -
you asked someone, and they wanted help to find somewhere too.... The world can be interesting,a little scarey, but when we do step outside our comfort zones we sometimes surprise ourselves.
by sandw
It was not as brave as that. The place where I work is a small local raquets and fitness club that my dad is a member of (how I got the job. Would have had no chance otherwise), so I already knew the staff. Most of the people who come in are regulars.
Last Sunday I sat next to a inmate in Chapel who is classified as extremely dangerous, and had a talk with him, before we did the Sunday service.
I think thats really nice you took the time out to talk to that person despite your fears. Sounds like they might be in the right place to find some inner peace :)
by erin.
sat next to him again today....I think he is getting use to someone else taking an interest...which is good for all concerned.
by jonaja
I have not recently but am considering confronting a colleague about stealing.
by Gia
Wow, Gia, good luck! How terrible for you to have to do so.
Are you a Manager or Supervisor?
Are you able to say what was stolen, & under what sort of circumstances? Thank you.
by donjo
Make sure you are 100% correct.....because if not then you will be in big trouble.
It is not as easy to prove, and can turn ones life upside down.

I saw it happen in a bank, a lady left her key card on a desk, and I saw a man pick it up....all hell broke loose then! and it was me...who had to do some explaining....I had to convince everyone what I saw, and it got nasty! from the guy who took the card.In the end we all had to stand still till Police were called....
by jonaja
Went for a job interview. Has always scared the livin' daylights outta me! I just get SO nervous! I feel sometimes like it's an 'out of body' experience, I'm so beside myself with nerves!

And yet, once it's started, & is 'flowing' ok, I feel only slightly 'relieved'.
Base line, was successful! Yay!
Congratulations! Job interviews are really unnerving! I can remember my first one as a teenager for Coles and I wasn't really that bothered about the job and because I didn't care I ended up blitzing the interview and getting hired! Interviews since where I really wanted the position I was a ball of nerves. Fortunately I have been really lucky as far as employment but since I've been out of it for about three and a half years now begin a stay at home mum and picking up occasional freelance writing I cannot imagine being able to re renter the real workforce and go through the application process again.
by erin.
Thanks, Erin, & this 'new' idea of a 'phone I/V BEFORE a face-to-face one these days', means that's TWO I/V's you've got to go through! Oh! spare me! Lol!
by donjo
My husband and I recently visited the QANTAS museum in Longreach and part of the tour was a wing walk of the 747 they have there. I don't like heights at all, even though we were tethered but I did do it. I confess and the photos attest that I had a pretty tight grip on my husband's hand.
I felt the same way when I climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge! They asked us to put our hands up in the air at the top for the photo and I swear you can see my knees buckling :)
by erin.
Walking on the wing of a QANTAS 747 would've been really awesome!
Have to do that when I get up that way!

by donjo
I confronted my mum the other night about a particular subject. Should've just watched telly to be honest. LOL. In the end we agreed to disagree. Was comforting that I had three other people supporting me though.
by Vee
Travelled overseas on my own for my 25th birthday....best thing I ever did. Met new people (even though I'm not a much of a social butterfly), learnt and grew so much.

Would highly recommend it to everyone to do at least once in their lives!
Oh! miche, how marvellous for you! Travel is THE best educator, by far.
I've done much travel here, & overseas' by myself. Love it, & fortunately have never experienced any problems! Touch wood now! Cheers!
by donjo
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