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When did you last move house and why?

by Finy (follow)
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When did you last move house, and why?

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Top Answers
I moved from the country to the city about 4 years ago now, and I did this as, after having had an accident I could no longer manage the property on my own and could not breed my beloved llamas as I could no longer lift heavy things or do anything much. I also had a lot of dr appointments and felt it was to far to travel to the city all the time, so sold up and came back to the City.

Am now used to this - I do not move houses often.
by Finy
I moved into this house which is now my home,in September 1988!! My son was almost 3 at the time!! I moved for a couple of reasons. I had some rather unpleasant neighbours where we were living,and I also knew that I would be wanting Aaron to live in a different area for when he went to school in a couple more years time anyway. The opportunity came up,to purchase this home which is in a very delightful,old,and central suburb,which is within walking distance of both Primary and High Schools,without having any of the traffic issues which are often connected to the proximity of schools. It is friendly without being gossipy,and I feel very content and safe here. I have never had any desire to move again.
One of the reasons I want to move, our next door folk are very nice people.
He likes to come out of his house if he knows we have just left our house.....and talk and talk, and if we mow the lawn, he sits on his veranda watching?
I need privacy! he's driving me crazy. :(
by jonaja
Oh dear!! I would go nuts if my neighbours stopped me in my tracks every time I went into my yard!! My privacy is extremely important to me,and I have it here. At the same time though,I know that if something 'odd' or untoward was happening in the neighbourhood, we ALL would look out for each other,in the very nicest way! Since I became too ill to work,I have found a great amount of Karma coming to me. One neighbour mows my lawn every fortnight, and another takes me to do my grocery shopping. I call these my Neighbours,rather than simply Next Door neighbours,as they are neighbourly in the very essence of what the word means. Even so, they NEVER intrude,just as I do not intrude upon THEIR personal space! I am so very fortunate,and I do know this!
by Jules
I wish it was that easy, lol. I last moved nearly three years ago because I bought my own place at last.
Nearly 10 years ago...
My longest stay ever in one home..Still here, and will move again in the next 1-2 years.

I have always hated being in the same place for more than 6-7 years.

Great believer of ''a change is as good as a rest''.

My Mother had Gypsy blood, so we never stayed more than 2-3 years anyway, as I grew up.

Plus I hate to see the same old same old year after year.Walking around the same house, no change, does my head in.

But, if we lived in a place with a beach setting, or somewhere amazing, then that never gets old...

Really looking so much to moving next time :)
I last moved house when I got married. I have never had the need or the inclination to move house since then. I am someone who buys the house I like, so I have no need to move. I am in the house I like, in an area that I like. I have no reason to move. I like stability, so I stay put until I die.
The last time I moved was three years ago. Because of the location our previous home, burglars broke in twice in once particular month.
We were minding my parents house while they were going back & forth to Paris for 8 years, On my parents return in '76, we had a project home build on a block of land we already owned, very close by..That's where we still live. My father died in '77. My mother moved to the city to a house she bought for her mother that she'd been renting out since her mother died in '58, then 1 of my sisters took over my parents house, until she moved out, & sold the house. It was then bulldozed and another house was build on the land. As the small original house was on 3/4 acres with gardens, there's now 3 houses on that block!
by Miro
We bought a house of our own. Exciting reason to move!
Oh! Finy, the above photo just had me just ROFL!
Talk about 'literal'! Cheers!
Ten years ago because I left and got divorced.
by Rice
but you have re married?
by Finy
No, Finy, I would have to think long and hard about that one. It's the horrid (grand)children that make me want to run for the hills and I may yet!
by Rice
I moved from an "unsafe" neighborhood in a one bedroom apartment to a beautiful little house on a lake a few months ago. I moved because I always dreamed of living on a lake and I'm not getting any younger:) I also love fishing and swimming.
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