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When did you last go on a diet, if ever?

by Finy (follow)
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When did you last go on a diet to lose to try to put on weight?

Was it successful?

Did you put the weight back on/off?

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Top Answers
I don't actually diet, just watch what I eat as I can have a bit of a sweet tooth.

A group of friends and I all have birthdays round about the same time. We always go out for coffee and cake on each birthday.

I do eat plenty of veg and fruit though and exercise every day (walk 6-10 km), my cholesterol level is excellent, and my bone density is that of a young woman my GP says. I'm 72 - so, fingers crossed, it will remain that way. I'm 5'2"' and 59 kgs and hope to stay at that weight.

I have actually been on a "diet" if you call it that to put on weight several times in my life. After I had a bad accident and lost about 7 kg in hospital, however now I am the opposite.
I find as I get older, I put on more weight and I also eat more so perhaps that is why!
I WAS on the 5/2 diet but lost too much weight and I was on it to lower blood pressure and not to lose weight.

I am now on a 6/1 diet -made up by myself -it just means that one day a week I do not eat anything sweet apart from fruit.

I do need to lose a few kilos and stop eating sweets however will not go back to the 5/2 diet as love my food too much and think I am old anyway -what is the point!
by Finy
I have been trying to lose weight my whole life.
Been very successful, and lost heaps.
Only to have it creep back on somewhat, over years.
I watch everything I eat of course now even more, as I get older.
Have not had any chocolate for 5 months now.
Pretty happy with that, and I just miss lunch when I feel I need too.That really is a good help for me, personally.

. . . GOLD STAR FOR JONAJ....!!!
by Rice
yaaaaa Thank you Rice :)
by jonaja
I haven't been on a diet as such probably since before I was married, when I was young and foolish regarding healthy eating. Since educating myself about diet, exercise, and healthy eating, I have not been on a diet. I did try Lite and Easy and Weight Watchers at one time there, and Jenny Craig. I tried all the shakes and meal replacements too. Since then, I am seeing a dietitian to do it the healthy and SCIENTIFIC way. Starving yourself, or having rigid calorie restriction in certain VLCD is not healthy, and you always put the weight back on in spades. My dietitian has given me a great education about food, and all the tools necessary to help myself. She says there is absolutely nothing wrong with my diet. It is very healthy. Everything in moderation is a good rule of thumb. I would recommend a good dietitian to those wanting to lose weight or just to become healthy. I wasted so much money on all those weight loss methods and they didn't work. The scientific knowledge I have now will help me for the rest of my life.
I put some pure cream (pouring cream, not the thickened stuff) into a large jar and left it out on the bench for 24 hours. Then I sloshed it around whilst I was watching tv and when I had a ball of butter and a lot of buttermilk, I separated them and washed the butter with iced water in the kitchen whizz a couple of times. Then I squeezed out the excess water using a spoon ( I don't have any wooden butter pats). I used the buttermilk for pancakes for my breakfast too. I do it from time to time when I feel the urge. The urge this time came because Himself bought two large cartons of cream that were two days off the use by date and I didn't get to use them. I reckon the old ways are the best. . . less to wash up! I was being a little lazy washing it in the whizz but my hands can't take the cold :-))
by Rice
You are welcome . . it's great to share the fun! ^_^
by Rice
I call a "diet" a thing where you try really, really hard not to eat desserts, sweets and chocolate and you try to eat lovely fresh healthy food. Have tried many times. Usually fail. Now my choice is . . .try harder or die earlier. Yippee.
by Rice
what is the Yippee for? I started eating fruit last night instead of chocolate but fruit is also high in sugar etc?? If I want to lower sugar levels
by Finy
The yippee was definitely a downward sounding yip-eeee. Yes, fruit is not so good either but you can eat all the strawberries you want, which is better than nothing. Diabetes is a trade off. If you eat enough of the good stuff, you can have a little of the bad stuff. Plus they have now finally realised what our grandparents always knew . . .butter, lard, dripping and other full fats are better for the body. They feed our brain and protect the blood vessels. I made some lovely butter on Sunday night.
by Rice
You MADE butter !! How does one go about doing that? Curious.......
by Lluxi
Thanks for letting me know that Rice. Very educational you are.
by Lluxi
Rice -what other fruits can you eat a lot of - I HAD strawberries last night - dipped in thickened cream - is that ok -asks Finy innocently -my mother always said cream was good for me...
by Finy
Well . . . all fruits are good . . .but within strict limits. Yes, trawberries are on the "free" list for diabetics and so are other things like cranberries and dates for snacking. The thing is you can have about half a cup of cranberries spread over a day or it is too much at once. Three Medjool dates maximum or eight grapes. Sooo exciting. You can have half an orange or apple etc. It is all about sugar and carbs and the length of time it takes to burn it off. If it does not burn off, it deposits in BAD places like our liver, kidneys, eyes etc. which is why diabetes causes blindness and also why we get muscle pain, spasms and cramps and all things nice :( As we are both on glaucoma drops we have to be careful. Unless we make the effort, we are galloping faster and faster towards being insulin dependent Type 1 diabetics. This is why sometimes I think to hell with it . . eat it all and die happy. The truth of that comment is that I might eat it all and die happy but I might just have blindness and amputations or a stroke well before my body gives up and dies. My family is horrified - nobody has ever had diabetes and they can't figure out why I do. Personally, I think our mother was an undiagnosed diabetic. Anyway, sorry to go on so long, finy, it's all about the discipline in the end and I fear you are a little like me - we like all the things that we shouldn't have.
by Rice
It is in my family -type 2 -both parents had it and mytest was just too high but have to do another one before he will do anything as I don't think it was terribly high -just on the border. Ah dear, there is almost nothing you can eat -you said as many strawberries as you like?
I thought similar for rock melon, and apples?
by Finy
To my knowledge only strawberries are as many as you want. Other things are singles - one apple etc. Rockmelon would be a slice . . maybe one melon cut into quarters. Fasting is good and you can substitute clear broths so that you can eat a little more fruit. My son in law is dieabetic and he is doing fabulously well on veges, stocks, butter, cream etc and NO sugar. None. He is fit as a fiddle now and lean as a whippet.
by Rice
The only 'diet' which I can say I have been on,was after having my allergy tests re-done in my early 20's. Finding out that I was very allergic to, and highly sensitive to, so many foods,I basically eliminated ALL of these items and lived on almost nothing to get rid of anything still in my system. Gradually I started to introduce small amounts of the 'sensitive' group of foods back into my diet,one at a time and maybe once a week,just so my body could learn to tolerate them again. The 'allergic' group,I avoid totally,or I end up in hospital. As I have gotten older,ad due to illness, I have gained weight,but I am certainly not anywhere near obese,thank heavens!! I eat sensibly,and am fortunate that I CAN enjoy chocolate,and many of the so-called 'treats' which others tell me that they must avoid to lose weight. I am happy in myself and thus do not worry constantly about my weight. My heart and blood pressure are both in very good order,and I have never had a problem with cholesterol or blood sugar levels,thank heavens.I feel this is due to eating what for ME is a healthy mix of foods. which includes a large amount of fruit and vegies.I do use a lot of common sense and moderation with so-called treat type foods,and I avoid the items which I know will cause me grief. I d not consider this to being on a diet at all,just my own way to fed my body what it needs.
Lead the way, sister!!!!!!!!!
by Rice
Thanks for that comment,Rice!!! Common sense and moderation in all things.... seems to work for other life lessons than food too!!! I guess that our body is the vehicle which takes us on our journey through life, so it makes sense to look after it as well as possible!
by Jules
That's what my dietitian says too Jules
by Lluxi
Oh,Lluxi!,How lovely it is that so many of us are all able to benefit from each other on this site. Finy's questions in particular seem to lead many of us into very worthwhile discussions,which we otherwise would most likely not be involved in!! I was lucky,(or not,depending on which way you see your cup: half Full is MY option rather than half empty!!)in that my lifelong illnesses caused my parents and myself to change the way I ate many foods,even when I was young.Unfortunately it was not till my 20's that I discovered much of my illness was due to an allergy to Eggs,which everyone thought were so good for us! I ate so many as a child,so little wonder I was down at the hospital so often!!!! However....on the good side,I loved to eat my vegies, apart from Potatoes,RAW which now is the seemingly best way to go!! I loved fruit of all types and I still do eat masses of fresh fruit. And we never used Margarine in place of delicious butter!! I am ever so glad that I was raised in a practical,common sense environment,where we certainly had enough to eat without ever feeling tempted to be greedy.We only had fizzy drinks on birthdays,and we drank LOTS of lovely victorian water.I now drink and enjoy delicious North Qld water,though occasionally I might cut a lime from the tree next door and plunge it into the jug,which gives a truly fresh and zingy dimension to it! I do enjoy chocolate,and other sweet nibbles,but I also love savoury treats such as cheese and olives,so even my snack-time is balanced from day to day!I do not 'pig out' on any of these special little items, just enjoy a small amount,and then I thus feel that these ARE indeed a treat! So.... Yes! Common Sense and Moderation in all things seems to be MY best path to follow,and it is nice to hear that your dietitian seems to feel the same way! Thank you so much, Lluxi.
by Jules
I've only gone on them for medical reasons, never for weight loss. I don't like the idea (for me, don't mind what other people do).
Im sick of diets..when I want to lose weight I just move more. I would like to lose weight now but I have severe arthritis and im older. I eat good things but don't seem to lose weight.
Never, I've never really been on a serious diet. I've chosen not to eat some things at some times, but I certainly wouldn't call that a diet.
I cant even remember :)
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