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When did you last buy a new fridge?

by Finy (follow)
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When did you last buy a new fridge?

Did you have problems deciding which one to buy?

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Top Answers
I bought my last fridge a day ago!
I did not have a problem deciding as I got the same one I had bought about 15 years ago, and which is still working fine!

It is a Fisher and Paykel, and the door opens the right way this time, however I am having problems getting used to this.

The choice is not quite so big when you have a certain space it has to fit into and a double door one is too wide for my space.
by Finy
Have you stocked it yet, Finy?
by Vee
Yes I have but I dont want to take the plastic off the front and friends are laughing at me -I have this thing that I leave plastic on!!!
I have stocked it but am so careful as the last one looked clean but when I emptied it, it was filthy! so now, i dont want to make it dirty so washing and dry e3verything before putting in!!
by Finy
Oh Finy, you make me laugh. Relax. If it gets 'gross' just give it a clean out. I have to do this one or twice every couple of months as I can't be bothered giving everything I put in the fridge a wipe down.

My husband is sitting next to me now telling me to tell you that his grandparents use to cover their couch in plastic. "In summer, it was like a swimming pool"! Oh my gosh, I'm in stitches.
by Vee
About eighteen months ago, when I moved house and had to leave the fridge I'd been using behind. I can't remember what kind it is, an LG maybe. It does the job. My only complaint would be I wish it had more slots in the egg storage part since when our hens are laying well we sometimes have too many to store.
You lucky thing Jenny -that is something I miss -not having my own eggs -I used to have ducks....I read that leaving eggs in the carton keeps them fresher and that is what I always do now -also would help with your problem?
by Finy
I bought a new fridge after the disaster known as Cyclone Yasi!! I used the special funding allowed for being without power for an extended period.The inspectors came to check out all damage and allowed a certain amount for loss of food and damage to the fridge and freezer. I was extremely lucky as the big half yearly sales were just ending so I got a REALLY brilliant price for the exact Fisher and Paykel 2 door fridge I wanted to buy!! I have always loved this brand and am very pleased with my latest fridge which is now 4 years old!!
I wonder if we have the same one -freezer on the bottom 512 l frost free?
by Finy
Mine has its freezer on the top,but with my bad health issues this suited me better than being on the bottom! I think the overall size is a bit smaller than your new one Finy. I also have always liked the F & P because these allow for the doors to open to suit the spot in the kitchen where they have to be! Mine opens from Left to Right which is brilliant.I must admit that some other brands are also allowing for the option to open either way these days.,Not before time!!
I do also have an F & P upright freezer which is very easy for me to access and allows for me to purchase items on special to save me some money. This freezer was 2nd hand when I bought it well over 15 years ago.I truly do love this brand of white goods!!!
As for keeping the plastic protection sheet on,I know where you are coming from,oh so well!!! I am notorious for doing the same especially with my laptop!!! Too Funny!!
by Jules
I bought one when I moved towns about 9 years ago. It was just me on my own so I just got a really small one and I think I just got the cheapest that was the size I wanted. When my partner and I moved in together we used his fridge as it is big. We are probably due to buy a new fridge soon as his would have to be around 12-14 years old.
I have never bought a fridge. I imagine, like you said, Finy, that once you've got a set space in which to fit it, the choice isn't as vast. I don't like fridges with double doors. They look to be too small on the inside. So I prefer standard one-door fridges with the freezer at the top.
by Vee
Yes I agree though I meant two door side by side -they always look small....shame we cannot buy a Tardis!!!
by Finy
Oh my, what an idea! I love it!
by Vee
Don't get me started.

About 10 years ago, I bought a new-you-bute-fridge.

So I thought!

Paid a lot of money for a top of the line, well known brand.
I also always pay for the extra warranty, and it paid off big time.

After 12 months, this so called new fridge...needed a new motor?

I was told by the repair guy, 'just bad luck'.

18 months after that... Once again a new motor.

A year after that... yep a new motor.

Never will I buy that brand again....6 months after I sold my house, I totally left the fridge (working) to the new owners.

I was not talking it anywhere.
LOL though that is really odd -I would have looked at the electrics in the house as doesnt seem possible...was it a cheap brand?
by Finy
No it was not a cheap one, and the electrics were fine in the house.

I don't buy cheap washers or fridges....I also am glad to always pay the $130 extra for more warranty, in this case that paid off big time.

Things are not made as well as they were 25 years ago.
by jonaja
I have never bought a fridge. I have always lived in rented accommodation
by AJ
So you've a fridge supplied with your accommodation?
That doesn't happen here!
by donjo
No, just bought the largest volume Westinghouse available at the time.
It's still 'the fridge', & it's named 'Freddie'!
Last July
I have only bought fridges when the previous one had broken down. This meant a very quick decision making process, revolving around size, price bracket and delivery date. It has always turned out ok, although it would be nice not to have to rush the decision next time : -)
A long time ago. Current one still working fine but am readying myself for when it conks out. Will then go to "appliances on line" who do great deals with electrical items and install your new fridge/washer and take away the old one! My only problem is making sure fridge fits into the allocated space in the kitchen so have to make sure my measurements are spot on.
Update on that comment - have just bought a new Samsung stainless steel fridge from "appliances on line" - they were $300 cheaper than any of their rivals. They also deliver and install free! Great deal from these guys.
by norma
in 1972. A Thorn 160ltr. It is still my only fridge, but its third motor is not doing well. I find modern fridges very disappointing and 'tinny'. The small ones do not even FREEZE ice-cream, They only chill = that's useless to me, as I do not like sloppy ice-cream.
I bought my westinghouse fridge 22 years ago. It was my very first brand new anything and I bought it with my first tax return with the help of my lovely ex father inlaw who got me a great discount so could afford the bigger model. It still runs perfectly and I have not even replaced the seals. I think I got my moneys worth.
Yes, Westinghouse is an excellent brand; upstairs one is now 26 yo!
2nd one is an ALL Refrigerator, no freezer, & is 33 yo!
by donjo
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