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When did you last bake a cake?

by Finy (follow)
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When did you last bake a cake?

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Top Answers
Well, about 5 months ago a blood test came back as pre diabetic. I used to make a cake every few weeks before that and since then have only made one, a Pavlova, and this was for a friend who had been sick.

I no longer am able to eat sweets like I used to so I now avoid making, or even buying cakes/biscuits.

Very sad, as I am a sweet tooth and have virtually had to give it all up as do not want to have to take more pills for diabetes!
So far it has worked...
by Finy
They have diabetic recipes for cakes and things. I tried one cake which was sugar free and was sweet because the dates made it sweet. I dont know if you can eat dates though so good luck.
by nat_c
Now that's a big ask trying to remember that ! I think I made an orange cake last year or the year before for an afternoon tea we were hosting ( its okay to make it, but you let the guests eat it. I don't like cake much anyway.) Before that, it would have been years and years ago.
About 1990?

I think?

But would not be any sooner.
The last time I baked a cake (which were actually birthday muffins) was on the 17 July 2016 in preparation for the 18 July.. I haven't posted this recipe deliberately and will wait until 18 July 2017 for the reveal.

My baking is limited to savoury meals such as baking fish or roasting vegetables and even then I tend to use our BBQ more extensively.

Baking is such a precise skill and I tend to improvise and experiment with recipes so more often than not, my tries over the years at baking cakes has met with failure. Luckily I'm not a sweet tooth !!
Well, yesterday I was very naughty and had a cake in a cup but making a real live cake . . . it would have been donkeys' years ago; certainly not in the ten years at this house. I have not ever been a big cake eater, which is lucky, in view of the diabetes.
by Rice
Ha ha ha ha!!!! I had already submitted my reply, BEFORE reading your answer, and once again, I see we are on the same wavelength!!! Though, I admit that I dressed MY cake in a Cup up somewhat with luscious fresh cherries!!!! Hope you get a giggle when you see my answer,Rice!!!
by Jules
About 2005. I had to be on the phone with someone step by step. And it turned out great , nah it was bad. I have since exited that building, probably one day I'll go back.
A few weeks ago, for my Mum's birthday. I normally don't bake them unless it's a special occasion because we don't eat a lot of sweet things and cake goes stale fairly quickly. I tend to make things like biscuits that keep longer for the kids.
I love cake so do not bake them often. I would not be able to resist. It has been two or three years since I last baked a cake. It was a great success! It was gluten free Persian Orange and Almond Cake with orange blossum syrup. One of my guests aked so many questions I am sure she thought I had bought it. Yummy. I might make it again for my birthday in March.
The last thing I baked was a pavlova, which was around 3 weeks ago. It was a request from my husband. I rarely ever bake
by AJ
did it turn out OK?

by Finy
It turned out really well. I use my mother's receipe and instructions and it works everytime!
by AJ
Oh Gosh!!! I have not made a cake for absolutely AGES!!! I put this down to living by myself, apart from my 3 dogs who share my house! There is no point in baking a full sized cake just for me.It would be so unhealthy! HOWEVER.... I do know it is cheating and not like a REAL cake, but I tried the White Wings Cake in a Cup recently, and rather than just make it as directed, I chopped lots of fresh dark cherries into the chocolate mix before baking in the microwave, and I added an extra 14 seconds to the cooking time!! As a quick and very cheap treat, I have to say, I really did enjoy this super easy single serve of moist freshly cooked cake!! Eaten warm, it was like a delicious pudding and I can imagine how nice it would be with a bit of ice cream added!!
jules, these are so easy to make without the chemicals etc from a packet! Look it up on internet....or I may have done one on recipe yum - cake in a cup or dessert in a cup! most of the ingredients are staples. LOL no, not staples, you know what I mean?
by Finy
Thanks, Finy!!! WOW!!! I can use the egg substitute with that type which would be far better for me. I do like the fact that all I need to add is the tiny bit of milk, or Vitasoy if I am being really vigilant about the dairy!!! And with these CIAC's there is VERY little egg powder in the mix at all. I know because otherwise, I would have been extremely ill!! I LOVE your suggestion far more though and shall definitely be looking this up! Yum!
by Jules
Funnily enough I baked 2 banana bread loaves this morning. I would bake at least 2 per week as my husband is a golfer and eats bananas going around the course so there is alway over-ripe bananas in the fruit bowl and I don't waste anything if I can help it. I do bake other cakes but it's on a preference basis from the family and for some reason they prefer banana bread over allothers.
Before summer. I dont like cooking when its hot. I experimented and cooked a cake in a non stick saucepan with the lid on. It turned out good except for a few burnt ends
Like, years ago, when our oven last worked! I also made a 15 second cooked microwave chocolate cake in a cup for my other 1/2's birthday a couple of years ago, & stuck a candle on top. He loved it.
by Miro
I made a chocolate brownie just last week! Is that counted as cake? Seeing this question/post makes me feel like baking right now!
by Miro
Probably just before our oven packed it in! I can't remember now many years ago that would be now!
by Miro
Sorry, I thought I hadn't answered this Question.
by Miro
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