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When buying shoes or a handbag, do you look for leather ones?

by Finy (follow)
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When buying shoes and handbags, do you prefer to buy leather ones?

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Top Answers
I do often prefer leather as I think it wears better and also is not as hot.

However sometimes I find plastic stretches more and is therefore better for corns and bunions.

Given the choice though, I would probably always buy leather as it last longer.

Nowadays especially in handbags, I have trouble telling the difference by just looking or feeling.
by Finy
Yes on both occasions!

Always leather, it is nicer and easy to wear for shoes.I can only wear leather on most days.
isnt my photo nice?
by Finy
I just put mine....as I always leave a pic :)

by jonaja
I used to a do have a good black leather bag and another, however these days I hve noticed..you can[t tell the difference
by Fran
I'd rather buy something nice without too many animals getting killed for the sake of fashion.
I am not very picky , plus I do not think I am very good at recognizing pure leather anyways.
by BK
In handbags, I go in very much the opposite direction - I find the price of leather bags extortionate and as I don't want a bag that will last a lifetime, it's really not justifiable. Also I like my bags to be brightly coloured and highly patterned and leather ones are usually plain.
Shoes, on the other hand or rather foot, I always prefer to be leather. It allows feet to breathe which reduces odour and increases foot health. And I do want my shoes to last a long time, so hard wearing and repairable leather is ideal!
I always have enjoyed quality leather for my shoes thanks to parents who insisted that our shoes were always well fitted leather from as early in my memory as I can possibly recall. As I got older,I continued to always wear good leather shoes no matter the cost,and I can happily say I have never developed corns or bunions in all of my life! Handbags have not always been leather,but usually they have !!
I look for what I like rather than looking at the material
by AJ
I definitely prefer leather but that can be expensive so I don't care so much for shoes anymore.

My handbag is leather and I am picky about that. I spend a lot on handbags but they usually last me 10 years. I just have one bag at a time. Always black.
Yes, I prefer leather, i think most women prefer leather
Have already my 'quota' of various types of shoes, usually leather.

With handbags, have only been buying leather for years'. I love the look & feel of it. They don't date, & by using 'leather care' on them, they always look clean. Can't stand dirty handbags!
I usually buy large tote size, as like most ladies, carry heaps of 'stuff' in my bags!
I look for non-leather. I don't support killing animals for fashion. :(
To Aleiha.....the hides used for leather products come from animals who've ALREADY BEEN KILLED FOR MEAT!

THOSE animals haven't been SPECIFICALLY killed for fashion items!
Your comment, in regard to this question, is misplaced!
by donjo
Yes. My response is not so much displaced as it is referring to a deeper issue and bigger picture.

Big industry’s main goal is to make a profit at the expense of anything else. Here we are referring to the fashion and food industries. They use marketing to increase the demand to increase their profits. Fashion industry markets leather products, increases the demand and need more supply. Food industry answers by marketing more meat products, increases that demand and needs more supply, thereby having more supply for the fashion industry. This continues back and forth. Marketing for increased profits = kill more animals. It is well documented that the animals for these industries are treated abhorrently throughout their lives and at the time of their death. I do not think that this type of fashion is an innocent by-product of the food industry.

I could go on, but I gather from your type shouting that you are passionate about leather accessories and have probably had this conversation before, so there is no point in my going on. I will just respectfully disagree with you and leave it at that.

Oh dear! You do have some deep seated issues, don't you? Don't think your skewed point of view is going to make one jot of difference to big business, in this field.
But carry on, if it makes you happy!
by donjo
Please lets not get nasty or personal...
by jonaja
Agreed. I apologize for my part in that.
every time! NEVER wear plastic footwear (apart from on the beach-in the sea!) no matter how elegant etc ... wouldn't buy exotic leather, ever - good old cowhide does every time with the faint occasional blemishes on handbags - and I refuse to buy from "C***a" as well; discovered a super stall at London's St.James, Piccadilly where terrific bags reasonably priced with loads of sections, assorted colours and an over the body strap (GR8 for my arthritis!) come from bella italia ... I'd NEVER buy "branded" either - unless, of course they pay me - advertising being such a gazillionaire business why should we pay too much for an item with a "label" spoiling it - Yes! I'm a card-carrying leather loving misery - yippee!!
Rubber thongs in public shower!
by donjo
Yes. When I purchase something, I expect it to last, so I buy something that is well made and good quality.
Yes, I'd much rather buy leather, than anything else, but these days I live in my Sketchers, black & white ones which match all the dresses I wear! Our daughter, who is vegetarian, has her expensive black long boots 'hand made' for her from a non leather material, & they last for year & years. She wears them every day!
by Miro
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