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When buying food at a supermarket, do you buy products without artificial ingredients?

by Vee (follow)
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When buying food from the supermarket, do you try to buy products that don't have any artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives?

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Top Answers
Sometimes. We buy a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables. We do buy packaged foods with artificial flavours though. All natural means is that it's derived from a natural souce, that doesn't tell you anything about how it was made, what's in it or what effects it might have. Natural flavours or colours aren't necessarily safer or better for you either.

From Scientific American.

"So is there truly a difference between natural and artificial flavorings? Yes. Artificial flavorings are simpler in composition and potentially safer because only safety-tested components are utilized. Another difference between natural and artificial flavorings is cost. The search for "natural" sources of chemicals often requires that a manufacturer go to great lengths to obtain a given chemical. Natural coconut flavorings, for example, depend on a chemical called massoya lactone. Massoya lactone comes from the bark of the Massoya tree, which grows in Malaysia. Collecting this natural chemical kills the tree because harvesters must remove the bark and extract it to obtain the lactone. Furthermore, the process is costly. This pure natural chemical is identical to the version made in an organic chemist¿s laboratory, yet it is much more expensive than the synthetic alternative. Consumers pay a lot for natural flavorings. But these are in fact no better in quality, nor are they safer, than their cost-effective artificial counterparts. "

Thanks for that interesting information. It seems one may think one is doing the best for one's health and not necessarily be doing so, or not in all cases.

Yep. The dishonesty in the marketing of food makes me cranky at times. It rips off people who are just trying to do the right thing for their own and their family's health.
Well, that totally stinks!! We won't need wars to polish us off at this rate . . . . and those poor trees :((
by Rice
I really try very hard too.
It is a task, but we feel all the better for it.

I know that food which has 'artifical' is just not good!.......taste yuck too :( blaaaaaa
Me too. I have become much more virtuous these days . . . I try to exist on fresh meat, fruit and veges etc. My diabetes is improving and I have lost weight, so the proof of the pudding is in not eating it. LOL
by Rice
I totally agree :)
by jonaja
I try . I stay away from items more than 10% artificial ingredients.
by Gia
I don't specifically look for such items, but I find that of the items I do get are free from artificial flavours.
Just buy goods I need, artificial, or not.

Have bought nearly same groceries' for 40 years. Not going to change now, with exception of having to buy lesser quantity!
I think it would be a near impossible task to buy things without preservatives or artificial colours or flavours. The only things are fresh fruit and vegetables, but even then, I don't trust the suppliers who may have injected them with preservatives to make them last longer.
bread is one always try to buy without preservatives
meat from the deli. have not bought for years,

Bread is a funny one as they no longer have to tell you what's in it they just have to say bread flour or something similar rather than list the ingredients
by filli
Yes but the only reliable way to do it is to not buy anything that is processed I suppose.
I would find this almost impossible as so many foods have preservatives -however if given the choice I will always buy the one without.
by Finy
I try to buy mostly whole foods and/or organic foods, but still end up with many products containing artificial ingredients - I just really try to limit those as much as possible!
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