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What would you do if your handbag was snatched?

by Finy (follow)
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What would you do if your handbag was snatched?

Would you try to hang on to it; would you chase the thief; would you scream? What would be your first reaction to this happening?

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Top Answers
I have always had a 'messenger bag(small one) for a handbag.
It comes with a very long strap, that go's across the body at the front.
Good Luck to anyone trying to take it from me, for a start!
I am menopausal so I am ready to strike...Ahhhhh Ya!!! Bam he is on the floor.
In most cases, the person who snatches a bag is lightning fast and is way out of reach before you know what's happened. It's a pretty cowardly thing to do, but most petty thieves are desperate for money.
The way I carry my bag would automatically cause me to turn to the culprit. I think I would knock his/her socks off. I think it would be the last time they ever considered doing that!
Chipp-you are very brave -I think i would throw it at him to get him away from me -now WHY am I saying "him" and not "her"?
by Finy
That is actually what you are meant to do - keep the bag between you and the perp, throw it to them so they stay as far physically from you as you can arrange - and then you are meant to high tail it out of there. I did a judo course and the best fights are always the ones you run away from...
I'd let them take it. It's not worth possibly getting injured over maybe $20 in cash and some cards they can't use (though it would be annoying for me to have to get them replaced). I'd probably yell though.
I think I would probably scream and try to hit them with my bag or anything else I might be holding at the time. Probably not the best reaction, but probably what I would actually do.
My handbag is slung over my head, so if someone tried to snatch it, they would end up dragging me along with them. At that point someone else would have noticed the incident and the thief would probably run off for a quick get away, without the bag. If they did manage to take it, however, I'd probably call out for help for someone to stope them.
Me too, use a sling bag. So if someone tries to snatch, will drag me. I would scream, try to run behind the person, atleast someone in the crowd should be able to catch
I would scream. I like to think I'd just let them have it (nothing in my bag is worth anything really, and I don't think it's worth risking your life for) however, I think reflexes might kick in and you might fight to hold on to it or run after them (and then what would you do if you caught them? And they had a knife or gun, or were just bigger than you)?
I guess if they were just bigger than you, reflexes would stop you doing anything? or rather self preservation.
by Finy
I think you may not register that - it would be that instant of 'how dare you!' reaction...and then you might find yourself in a bad situation by the time your brain caught up with you.

I have had this happen to me and they are so fast there is nothing that you can do Mine was cut from my body.
oh, how frightening that must have been.
I guess if it is quick, it is better though.
by Finy
That must be a very worrying situation to be in. I have never heard of that before.
by nat_c
having had security training in a number of contexts, let them take the bag everytime, struggling or thinking you can bop them one while they are in the process of snatching potentially puts you in the very real position of being hurt or worse.....rule therefore, to not keep anything in your bag that you are not prepared to loose. Or better still go out with your phone in one internal pocket and a little bit of cash in the other, hands free and no bag to attract a potentially attacker. As our security adviser used to say "its the bag everything time"
Do what the guy in 'White Chicks' did. Chase the bastard and reclaim my handbag. Not really. If I was strong and could defend myself, like the guy in 'White Chicks', then I would chase them down. Otherwise, yelling and then calling the police would have to suffice. Assuming my phone was in my pocket and not in my bag.
by Vee
The way I hang onto my shoulder tote, the robber would have to drag me along the floor as well! Good luck with that!

I did have my handbag stolen in early '70's. Very little cash, but lots of CC's!

Right P i A having to write letters to multiple Companies' Accounts Depts. & Banks'. Had to send all letters' Registered Mail, so expensive!

Nowadays, can just tap an App on IPhone to stop card being used! what a helluva big difference!

Cops found my bag in a Dept. Store Ladies' toilet, but NOTHING inside! Took the lot! Even my hankies', which my Grandmother had crocheted for me!
I think I would just watch someone run off with it -am not brave!
by Finy
I would probably be in shock for a second but would try to stop the thief with twisting his or her arm. Snatching of a handbag can be done by both male or female. It is awful that some people think that the world owes them and they owe the world nothing therefore they will do anything to get what they want including murder. People have been murdered for a pittance.
Stunned and yell out to stop him or her.
Let them take it. Breaks in shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist are all difficult to heal, particularly as one gets older. Just not worth the injury.
Good idea would be wear a money belt AND carry a handbag/tote or shoulder bag. Not so much worry then
Id tackle them. But its a habit Ive got since childhood. Mum always told me to hang on tight to my purse and handbag which I unconsciously do. I had a purse in my hand one day at the supermarket and a youth tried to remove it very quickly and couldnt because of my tight grip. I think it was an opportunic moment for him.
Like jonaj, I have a messenger bag. It has steel cable in the strap and is designed for travel. If somebody tried to snatch it they would get me too. I would use the momentum to swing around and make sure somebody had very sore b0LL0cks.
by Rice
My daughter had her bag stolen with a lot of banking money in it which didn't belong to her. The thief came up behind her on a bicycle and snatched it. It was so quick she couldn't do anything and the police never found the bag so she was responsible for the theft in their eyes.
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