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What would you do if you heard someone breaking into your house when home alone?

by Finy (follow)
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What would you do if you were home alone, and heard someone breaking into your house?

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Top Answers
Thsi is something I have thought about a few times.
My first reaction is to think I am hearing things, and my second, if the noise went on, would be to press my panic alarm which is part of my burglar alarm system with a "pad" by my bed. I think i would then take my phone and lock myself in the en suite though by then my dogs would be going beserk I would hope!
by Finy
This happened to me when I was a young women living alone. My advice is as follows:

1. If it is at night, turn on the lights - let the would be burglar know you are awake.
2. Call loudly, "I can hear you and I'm calling the police." Most would be burglars will flee rather than be caught.
3. If they persist, call loudly again, "I have rung the police they are on their way."
3. If you think they are already in the house and you can safely leave by another door, leave and run to your neighbour for assistance.

This is a frightening thing to happen particularly if the would be burglar is drug affected as they can be irrational and unpredictable.

I would never recommend confronting them.

I truly do not know WHAT I would do,I use a cane to walk and do not walk very fast at all,so I think I would give him what he was after,and then phone the police a.s.a.p. I do not wish to be a hero,and my life is worth more than anything material which I own. I would hope that my dogs would sense it was not a friend,and all attack!!!
I would jump out of bed and run to the front door (if they were at the back)...or at the back door if they were at the front. Get out
by Fran
I would probably try to get out of the house first and go to the neighbors and call for help. If I could turn on all the lights and yell "the police are on their way" before they actually got in my house, I would do that and call the police. If that was not possible, I would try to hide/lock myself up and hope that I was able to get to my phone to call for help! If none of those, I have no idea what I would do...probably freak out.
I have no idea! I would like to think that I would remain fairly calm and manage to call the police but really? I would probably panic and do something stupid.....
Funny you should ask.

I did at my side door to my house back 15 years, have a man trying to get into my house late one night.My son was about 7 or 8.

He was my main concern.
I picked up the phone, and told the Police to get over quickly.

I have no idea to this day 'how' they got there within just minutes.

Guns drawn, they got the guy.....I saw him, lost my temper and wanted to smack him in the head.

That was quite a shock that my reaction was as it was.

The Police had to send me inside the house, and calm down.

I remember feeling this incredible rage at this man, and that my son's safety had to come first.
You never know how you will react, until it happens.
Good heavens, that would be terrifying. We have a pretty big, boisterous dog, so it's a pretty unlikely scenario. If it did happen I would either climb out a window - if I was alone - or I would find the kids, do my best to get them out, and just hope like crazy that everything was going to be ok.
I don't know what I would do - I would hope I would have my phone close by so I could call the police. Then I would maybe try to escape
by AJ
I have had this happen. I immediately jumped up, grabbed a heavy fry pan and started yelling. Not necessarily the best plan but it was effective. They ran.
Have always thought of this happening to me , but if it ever happens i will just make sure the person trying to break in will also be a broken person by the time they leave, am very prepared.
000 - "police, emergency, unknown breakin, very concerned, address" Always keep mobile phone beside the bed, bully charged. Luckily my bedroom has an external door.

Dial 111 and then start turning on lights and radio super loud, then find some thing heavy to defend yourself and start yelling help, help, intruder to alert neighbours.
If you can jamb a chair against the door or use a lock if you have one on the room.
I have nightmares about this all the time! Perhaps I am paranoid. My main concern is my son. I imagine that I would freeze, like in all my dreams. I like Gayle's idea. I think I'm going to be sick just thinking about this.
by Vee
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