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What would be the very worst name you could give a child?

by Finy (follow)
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What would be the worst name you could possibly name a child?

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Top Answers
Perhaps Marmaduke - I think this is an awful name and would hate to name a child this.
Or Mergetroid - however that is spellt?

They are possibly the worst two I can think of -one for a boy and one for a girl!
by Finy
Sarah Palin's son . . . . Track. Why, just why?!
by Rice
Adolf or Jesus. Or a fruit - like Gwyneth Paltrow did with her daughter Apple! (& her poor son Moses too). Seriously, some people shouldn't be allowed to have children if that's what they're going to do to them!
Hmmmm . . .well, Adolf, Jesus and Moses are very common names in a lot of cultures but I'm right with you on Apple. In Victorian times some children were named Toilet, Princess Cheese, Brained, Abishag, Despair and even Murder!! OMG . . thank heaven for ordinary names. For me, Candida would be totally off limits.
by Rice
lol rice, who would call a child Candida though!
by Finy
A family of thrushes?????
by Rice
OMG Rice! LOL your answer to that. Very good.
Merry Christmas all.
by helya
Lydia oh Lydia the girl with Clam---
and Charlotte
The girl was a
by fran.
LOL fran!!! Merry Christmas folks :-)
by Rice
Poppy, Very unfortunately, my grandfather on my father's side, who was German was named Adolf. I've always been embarrassed by that, even though my grandfather was born BEFORE that other 1! My grandfather was only 39 when he died of cancer, in 1913, when my dad was only 4 years old.
by Miro
My husband had a man called Gay working for him. The man used his fairly ordinary middle name and no one else new his real name -until his funeral. I think gay is a beautiful word, but would be very hard to grow up with, especially for a male.
I think names grow to fit the person and what may initially seem really odd just becomes the name.
Some names border on Child abuse. My son named his second daughter- Francis (spelt the male way) Frankenstein. I thought he was saying that was her name to stir me, but it is true. I think it is cruel and if she wants to change it when she gets older I would gladly pay for her. I shake my head and wonder where I went wrong.

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and New Year.
Oh. My. Giddy. Godfather. That's awful. :(
by Rice
I wasn't sure which part of my answer you were horrified most by. Poor Gay. At least his secret went with him to the grave.
My son's argument is that Frankenstein was a brilliant scientist- but when most of us hear Frankenstein we think of his monster.
by annfi
But surely, even with that logic, you wouldn't give the name Frakenstein to a girl?
I fear she will not be happy about it later on :( . . . (and she'll get called the talking mule for Francis . . . unless Donald O'Connor gets well and truly forgotten by then) Actually, I think the teachers will be an immediate problem.
by Rice
LOL I see that one of my "Ns" in Frankenstein went missing. I have a new keyboard and it is a bit different. I came back because I just remembered that his monster's name was Adam. Also . . does your son realise that Victor Frankenstein is a literary character and not a real scientist? I would also like to say that you clearly did not "go wrong" and your son may well come to regret his decision to gift his daughter such a peculiar name. What a world we live in. (and what was his wife thinking?) x x x
by Rice
Well, don't get me started. My aunt on my husbands side is called Voila (pronounced Vo-la). I thought that was pretty weird when I first met her, but have gotten used to it over time. It is not the worst, but she may have copped a ribbing at school. My father in law has the very feminine sounding 'Liddell ' as his middle name, but that is because we are related to CS Lewis. I would imagine some of the worst names are the biblical names. Names like Melchior and Ham come to mind.
Heck. Did they mean to call her Viola, perhaps? I have a cousin Viola. Oprah Winfrey was meant to be Orpah after a biblical name. . . but the registrar got it wrong. I have known a few people with wrong names due to spelling errors. Perhaps there should be "cooling off" period for baby names . . . so that the spelling can be checked ;-))
by Rice
my father who was at the pictures whenb I was born, and they flashed on the screen for him to go to managers office, spellt my name wrong-----hence FINY
by Finy
What was it supposed to be Finy? That was nice of them to put it on the screen for your brother
by Lluxi
Finny not Finy which is pronounced Fine-y! the name is bad enough, let alone to spell it wrong
by Finy
Never heard of that name before. Is it short for something?
by Lluxi
I found this . . . . .
Related names
Like Finny?
What about:
Fiona, Vienna, Yvonne, Vania, Finn, Vianna, Vani, Vanna, Vianney, Fionna, Vaani, Viana

by Rice
Finny is a German name
by Finy
I worked with a girl whose father's name was Beverly. Never knew how he got it.
that IS unfortunate!!
by Finy
John Wayne's real name was Marion. Ooops.
by Rice
Consepta. I actually don't know how to spell it so I have spelt it how it sounds. Its a girls name
by AJ
It's a bit like Consumpta . . . which to me sounds a bit like an illness :(
I imagine they are Spanish or Latin Amrican names . . . . . ?
by Rice
danged keyboard . . . American.
by Rice
Concepta…..don't know the origin but I know it is a very Catholic name (maybe comes from the Immaculate Conception).
by fran.
Old Spanish names maybe. For instance, naming your child Fernando or Hermana would be really cringe-worthy. In these modern times, they'd feel weird having such names.
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