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What will you do when plastic bags are stopped?

by Finy (follow)
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On 31st July, 2018 single use plastic bags will be stopped at supermarkets throughout Australia.

Does this please you, and why?

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Top Answers
i think they will bring out ones that you pay for that you re-use however I am currently trying to remember to bring in the bags - not plastic - that I have.
Also saw a workshop that teaches you to crochet shopping bags and that would be a good idea, however it was full so couldnt do it!

Not sure ifi the ban applies to ALL shopping single bags or just supermarkets but guess it is all....i will need something to line rubbish bins with!
by Finy
Crotchet shopping bags? That sounds nice!
by Vee
Thanks Finy! :-D
by Vee
Same as I do now - take my reusable bags! ...and buy plastic bin liners!
by Vee
Vee - welcome back - or has someone already said that to you - missed your input! quieter here since Julie died.....
by Finy
Yes, dear Vee, it's lovely to have your sparkling wit back with us! x x x
by Rice
It's about time Miss Vee xxxxx

by jonaja
do what our parents used to do, they would wrap up kitchen waste in newspaper ,nowadays its shopping pamphlets , and local newspapers plenty of this unwanted paper arrives daily into our letter boxes,

That is one thing that would not have occurred to me - good idea!
by Finy
Currently, you can buy bin liner bags everywhere, and we use the ones with a fragrance. As for the single use plastic shopping bags, I am glad that they will be going, as it will be better for the environment. It will save the lives of countless marine life as well. We will get into the habit of using cloth bags. We will have to. Supermarkets will have them for sale at the registers for those who do forget. I'm sure it wont take long to remember, if it involves the cost of buying bags every time you shop. I use plastic bags, at present, to empty the cat litter trays into, so not sure what will happen there. I might just have to empty the litter directly into our green bin. Might get a bit smelly, but it can't be helped. I am sure that they will have the plastic bags FOR PURCHASE in the cleaning/ laundry/ pet aisles, if you need them specifically for those uses.
they will still sell plastic bags - aldi already do - just a different, thicker type which would be bio degradable
by Finy
That sounds great for me and the environment, Finy
by Lluxi
In the UK we've had to pay for plastic bags at shops for some time now. We can also buy' bags for life', which are ones to be reused again and again. We take our own shopping bags with us.
I think its a great thing. I always bring my cloth bags when I go shopping
by AJ
It's a bit of a merry go round. I suppose that until all bags are biodegradable we won't have cured the problem. I use any shopping bags as bin liners in the kitchen. Our council wants dog poop put loose in the general waste bin. ◔̯◔ I simply can't bring myself to do this so I buy degradable bags, collect it all in a bucket and on bin day I put it in the bin in the degradable bag. To cirumvent this I am in the middle of making a dog septic and I will let my neighbour put her dogs' poops in there too. As for bin liners for the future . . . well, I don't have very much waste but I am not quite sure what I will do. It's either a grubby kitchen bin or a grubby wheelie bin and I don't want to waste a great big bin liner on my paltry bit of waste. I suppose inspiration will come as needs must. As for shopping, I have plenty of cloth bags and cooler bags.
by Rice
(Sorry, I meant degradable, not bio degradable.)
by Rice
Thank you, Rice! I don't know about "sparkling", though - haha. I feel a bit dimmer these days.
by Vee
o m g what am i going 2 put my dog poo in only kidding we use the shoping bags anyway so know have 2 use dogs poo bag 4 scraps ha ha
LOL - dog septic, maybe . . ? I'm using a wheelie bin as it is for four dogs.
by Rice
nicof - the ones my council use are I believe, bio degradable so it should not affect that - but you need to walk them to get the bags...no, you could stop at a park!
by Finy
There goes my kitchen bin liners. I've now boughf 2 new kitchen bins, one for kitchen waste and the other for recyclables and bought appropriate plastic liners from the supermarket for them. I'm using my supply of the free checkout plastic bags to dispose of swept leaves from my driveway as they don't fit the new bins. I do keep my cloth shopping bags in the car boot but I had found that there were times I didn't take them all with me which necessitated in using the free plastic ones but I'm better at taking more into the shops with me now.
No. Tasmania has been plastic bag free for over 1year. Supermarkets now CHARGE for bio-dregradable bags!!!!!. While I’m sure most shoppers will forget to take their own bags with them, only supermarkets are winners..
yes, that seems to be the way always!
by Finy
I have been taking my own bags to the supermarkets for about 30 years. I still have some bags that are that old and going strong.
I stopped buying plastic bags for my bin. I get enough plastic wrapping on items that I can wrap it around anything that might leak in the bin. We line our bin with newspaper that my husband buys on weekends or the free local pape once a weekr. By the time my chooks or the compost bin gets scraps there isn't a lot that goes in our bin anyway.
Our local council may not be recycling our rubbish in the future so we will have to become more inventive with bottles etc.
PS- I wish all plastic bags would be stopped, not just single use bags. I fear we will just have thicker plastic bags and people will pay for them instead of developing plastic free strategies.
by annfi
Oh, for the good old days of brown paper grocery bags . . . how many uses they got when we were kids . . and then finally, into the bin filled with rubbish. YAY
(you know, when we all ate real food and two bags would carry your week's shopping.)
by Rice
I will take cloth bags, and also have to buy bin liners, too.
:-D xoxoxo
by Vee
my answer is we have allways take our bags 2 shop so on i would buy a bag if i had 2 not a problem
I always carry a folded up re-useable bag in my hand bag! Will definitely need to buy re-useable cooler bags and shopping bags for groceries once they phase out plastic bags at supermarkets
I've taken my own bags to the supermarket for about the last 10 years. I take 3/4 of the 'silk bags in my handbag, to match whatever dress I'm wearing on my shopping day, & have other non plastic bags of various colours on the back seat in the car.
by Miro
This AA arrived my inbox this morning, 51 weeks later I 1st answered these questions! I think we need a NEW lots of questions now, not the 'same old, same old'.
by Miro
How about, maybe, the supermarkets provide the "suitable" bags free of charge……like to attract customers to their store.
Maybe they could be slightly similar to Aldi where they are charging15 cents for their large plastic bags but the other supermarkets could charge only 5 cents.Would that be possible ?
I've been 'hoarding' my clean plastic grocery bags for years! I use them in many ways around the house.
Now, I've got a canvas bag full, about 40-50, which is in my car boot, permanently. It will just be replenished as required.

Another way to collect groceries would be just to use plastic washing baskets, or big buckets, whichever shape suits. I can fit three oval ones in my car boot.

Out of necessity, all will find some way to suit.

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