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What wildlife lives in your backyard?

by ShawnaR (follow)
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wildlife, bighorn sheep, mountains
The town I used to live in has a large bighorn sheep population. There was often a herd of them hanging around our house

A recent question I posted on Family Pet News got me thinking. I live in an area where wildlife and humans live in very close proximity to each other and I absolutely love it! What animals live near you and do you love them or hate them? I'd love to see some of your photos here too!

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Top Answers
We have a lot of foxes in our area. I know a lot of people hate urban foxes, but I'm not one of them. We've encroached on their land, not the other way around, and I am happy for them to be here.
I love foxes. I don't think we have too many here though. I wish we did :)
Here in Australia we actually brought them here in the first place. It's not their fault but they don't belong and they can do a fair bit of damage to native animals. Of course, arguably most of the humans here don't belong either.
I'm with you Jennifer...they can cause a lot of problems, and they are very sneaky.
by jonaja
The only wildlife in our backyard are blue tongue lizards and birds.
I had never heard of blue tongued lizards before! I just looked up some photos of them. They're pretty cool looking. Do they make good neighbors?
Yes they are harmless Shawna. It's pretty cool to see them though when they come out to enjoy the sun.
I grew up on Prince Edward Island, on the eastern coast of Canada. It's a small island, where one might drive to all four corners in a day. Being such a small place, there isn't much room for wildlife. We have foxes and rabbits. I've also been told that there are bald eagles as well, but I have never seen one.

It was a huge wildlife culture shock when I moved to the western end of Canada. I had never seen a deer prior to leaving the island but they are everywhere in the mountains, along with black and grizzly bears, cougars, coyotes, osprey, bald eagles, hawks, vultures, the list goes on and on. Every time I see a deer or eagle out our window I can't help but think about how amazing a planet we live on.
Good question! Here in Brisbane we see reptiles and birds mostly. We get a lot of snakes (mostly harmless ones, I'm sure there are venomous ones around but we don't usually see them) and lizards (blue tongues, water dragons, geckoes). As far as birds we see butcher birds and kookaburras all the time because one of our neighbours feeds them. Then there are some beautiful parrots (rosellas and lorikeets) and the incredibly annoying scrub turkeys which constantly dig up the garden.

The only native mammals we normally see are possums, which get on (and annoyingly into) the roof, but if you get up really early and go down to the local creek you might catch a glimpse of a platypus.

They're not native but apparently there are foxes in the area, which have been known to prey on the neighbours' chickens.
Birds in my area. I'm only about 20 minutes from the city centre, and the birds wake me up as if I am living in the bush. Otherwise on the family farm, there are an abundance of sheep and cows.
There is a possum lives in a tree behind my house...Cute little thing!
In Greensborough, our house backs onto the the river. Since this is a wildlife corridor, we see kookaburras, large white cockatoos, smaller white cockatoos, black cockatoos with red heads, lorikeets, rosellas, magpies and many more. We have a large bird bath in the yard and it's great just watching all the groups of birds 'take turns' using it. It's not unusual to see ducks waddling on our grass and our dog lazily watching them. Sometimes, they swim in our pool. At night we have bats and possums. I know there are foxes as well because I've seen a dead one. There's also little bunnies. The only thing I don't like is the tiger snakes that must be around, but I don't see them. Only once in 10 years, did we have our dog bitten by a tiger snake - thank goodness we saved him in time. I also hate the redbacks that hide in our closed umbrellas in the pool area over the winter. That reminds me, I've got to go now and get that pool area ready for the summer............
Oh, rub it in! We just got our first snowfall here yesterday. I'd much rather be getting a pool ready for summer than putting on winter tires and stocking up on fire wood lol.
I am fortunate to live close to a wildlife corridor in the form of a creek leading from a nature reserve. Unfortunately the only koala discovered in my backyard was deceased, but lizards and reptiles are often around as are a myriad of birds including the garden destroying scrub turkeys. What the turkeys don't dig up, the possums nibble to ground level, but as they all tell me, we were here first!
Cicadas are going wild at the moment in our backyard - and the noise level is INSANE. I am having to shut the door or I get a headache (or we can't hear the tv). It's never been so loud before!! And the are really big ones too.
I know what you mean,this year we went slightly bush, and the NOISE!!!! was unbelievable like I have never, heard it so loud.Never ever.

by jonaja
We are swamped with wabbits!
Baby ones...mummy ones...daddy ones....
Wabbits all over the place. Little wascels!
Ducks and chickens. Chickens and ducks.
by Vee
Possums and pidgeons. And I dislike them all!
We live in the suburbia so only native birds and a few lizards!
My Siamese cat!
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