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What was your favourite Fairy Tale?

by Finy (follow)
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Can you remember your favourite fairy tale?

Or if not, a few names of ones you liked?

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Top Answers
I used to love Hans Christian Andersen, plus there were others I liked.
Alice in Wonderland, and I now collect old books of this, Wizard of Oz.

I know there are more that I really liked but cannot think of them at the moment!

I have many of them in my antique book case!
by Finy
Oh Dear!!!!! How on Earth can a collector of antique and old illustrated Children's Books have ONE favourite Fairy Tale or Story? I have far too many to even begin to count or name. So...I shall share the latest I have been enjoying which were written in 1895 by the British Judge,Edward Abbott Parry.
The first in the pair is called 'Katawumpas:its Treatment and Cure' and the follow-up featuring the same main characters,a year older in age,is called 'Butterscotia....A Cheap Trip To Fairyland'. These stories centre around 3 little girls and their toddler age brother who end up having the most amazing and memorable adventures,all thanks to a very special main character named Krab,who is a Caveman-dwarf-goblin-type magical man of well over a thousand years of age!! In the first of the books,He takes the children away to his magical land where they are treated for a very bad case of 'Katawumpas' which to you and me is 'naughty behaviour involving the loss of good manners and throwing of tantrums' just for a start!! After they are cured of this condition,who Krab had treated their own father for in HIS childhood,they return home to enjoy the most wonderful Christmas in their Irish home. The second book,which takes place a year later is all about a most incredible trip in which Krab takes the children to the especially magical part of Fairyland called Butterscotia,where the children are transformed, by virtue of wearing Fancy Dress,into 2 princesses,a knight and trusty squire. Puck is the King and there are so many wonderful characters both reconisable and not,that I could go on FOREVER extolling the joys of these two books.
So....apart from all the well-known fairy tales which just about every body is familiar with,I am fonder by far of the more obscure titles which I have been discovering and adding to my irreplaceable Library of Book Treasures!!
I didn't like any :(

Non made any sense to me, even at a very young age.

My Mother I do know stopped telling me, and she would instead dance around my bedroom when I was very small, and that did the trick.
Like Finy, I love Alice in Wonderland, but I generally don't cal that a fairytale as such. My favourite is The Tin Soldier by Hans Christian Anderson.
I wondered about that also when I answered -but could not make my mind up so put it -I should have written story and not fairy tale!
by Finy
It is very fairytale like, and usually gets grouped with them, even if it is not officially a true fairytale.
I adore fairy tales, but there are too many to have a favourite. I enjoy the simple folklore type tales in addition to the grander ones like Hans Christian Andersen - Thumberlina is a very cute tale.
I have a 30 year old copy of Rumplestilskin (spelling???) and I adore the pictures in it, even though it is very worse for wear.

I think 'The Wizard of Oz' and...the one with Tinkerbell, can't remember what it was now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by fran
Peter Pan -forgot that one also. have some lovely old books of that.
by Finy
I loved roald Dahl books when I was growing up
by AJ
More mythology than fairy tales ... Anansi stories.
Just loved any of them being read to me. Had two treasured books, Mum, Nanna, Aunts' used to read from,to me.
Like ALL my beautiful things, which I looked after, they were given to my sister's four kids, who couldn't give a hoot about them & they were ripped, scribbled on etc. broke my heart!

I recently purchased a 'Gold' edition of Grimm Bros Tales. Yet to get a HC Anderson, & 'Tales from the Arabian Nights'. Just to have, hold & read again! I'm very saddened that my 100's of books collected since married, are now all packed-up, as current very small house, has no room to display them! I fear I shall never see them again, & I find that just so sad, & very hard to deal with. I loved sitting in my beautiful Lounge Room, just looking up at my 'Library'.
Such is life!
Didn't have a particular favourite but loved Hans Christian Anderson and the Grimm Brothers tales. Still have the books from childhood.
I was given a book by my father just before he passed away for my 6th birthday called Nib, Nab and Nob and The Fairies Lamplighter. I don't know what became of it and have never seen it anywhere since.
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