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What temperature do you set your air conditioner to in summer?

by Finy (follow)
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What temperature do you set your air conditioner to in summer?

If you don't have one in your home, what about your car?

What about winter?

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Top Answers
I, oddly enough, set my home one generally to 27°. It is fairly new, and i sit in the direct line of "fire" so to speak and often actually get cold.

On a really hot day I will have it at 26° and it cools beautifully!

I have my car always set on 22° and that is quite cold enough -also a very efficient air conditioner in a medium new car.
by Finy
(I never would have realised my car had no gauge, so thank you for asking the question Finy)
by Rice
27? Wow, Finy, that is warm.
by Vee
I set my newer one to 25,and very occasionally to 24.This cools right up through the hall to my bedroom!! Amazing really! I do have overhead fans though,which really help to circulate the cool air! The old one which is in my 3-steps-down tv room is only ever on Low,and 6-to-7 out of 10,as it is very efficient and I have to often turn it to Fan Only as I get way too cold otherwise! I don't tend to use the Air con at night unless we have been having a major heat wave(like last week when Townsville got up to 39!!!),and then I will leave it on if I am watching TV.... I cannot sleep in it at all,ever. Hence I am hopeless in hotels,and always requesting extra blankets!!!
My house is exceptionally well insulated;far more than other homes I know of.....so if I turn my Air Con on LOW at 10.30 or 11 a.m. it never needs to work itself to death trying to remove heat which has been building up in the house.By evening the house is deliciously cool and stays this way while I sleep,and for a few hours into the morning. I must admit that one thing I am very particular about is cleaning the filters! If these are kept clean,then the motors work SO very much better and also last longer before the units need to be replaced.
I don't drive,so I have no idea what temp my neighbour sets his a.c. in the car to when we go shopping!
sorry -didnt realise that not all cars have a set temperature -mine is like a proper air cond where you can set the temperature but I know they used to be just high, or low without a temperature.
I have to keep turning it off at night as my dogs dont like it!!!
by Finy
24 degrees. 23 if I am extremely hot. I have no idea what temp the car is as it has no visible gauge. In winter we seem to still have it at 24 but on the warm setting. (Ours has cool/warm/dry)
by Rice
If it is a very hot day, then 16 degrees on cool.
If a warm day then 19 degrees on cool.

If a cool day 24 degrees on heat.
If a freezing day in winter 28 on heat.

In the car on a hot day we put on the coldest on very high.
If winter and freezing we put on the hot setting on med.
jonaj, I have had professional air-conditioning people tell me that an air-con works best in the summer if you set it to 24. Otherwise, it can struggle and be worse-off in the long run - if you set it to a lower temp, 16 especially.
by Vee
by jonaja
Between 23-25 degrees depending on how hot I am
by AJ
Our air conditioner can be set to manual or auto. We usually have it on auto so it adjusts the temperature and the amount of cold, depending on the temperature in the house. We can override this by putting it on the manual setting, if we think it is too cold or not cold enough. Usually the air conditioner adjusts itself adequately and we don't have to use the manual setting. The same applies for our ducted heating.
Mine is set on Auto with the swing mode operation though it is rarely used except when really hot as all rooms have ceiling fans and they are used instead. When my second daughter was born she was an allergy child so doctor suggested ceiling fans and not air conditioning. The air conditioner was installed about 5 years ago because as we get older, we feel the heat more so it's used only when needed. My car temperature is set to 23 but either side can be adjusted up or down if wanted.
We set the air-conditioner at 24' C as this is regarded as the most economic temperature.
We close all windows and doors and find this is by far the best way to reduce the temp. quickly and effectively.


Us too, Farley. That's the rule at our place. No cooler than 24. It's just not necessary.
by Vee
As we use the AC for cooling and heating, and we are concerned for the environment and our power bill, we have a perfectly comfortable 27 for cooling, but 28 when heating.

Fans are always used first, clothing removed or added, windows/blinds open and closed as required, first, first and again - first.

It cycles away merrily and we are always cooler inside on hot days, and warmer inside on cold days.
Yes, agreed -I also do all those things -I hate it when people have short sleeves on and turn on the heating!
by Finy
Home, 17 degrees', all year around!
Only wish could go lower, especially when temp is high, & the bee humidity is 90-100 per cent!

Car aircon 'died' years' ago. Use down windows, & fan clipped to dashboard.
That'll be ok until I buy new car, when my current car turns 50!
We don't have car nor house air-con', so I guess where saving a lot of money!
by Miro
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