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What sort of milk do you drink?

by Vee (follow)
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Devondale milk
Devondale’s range of milk products

Do you remember this advert for milk?

A man walks into a milk bar and asks for a "Bottle of milk thanks."

In response, the woman behind the counter obliges the man and asks, "Low fat, No fat, Full cream, High calcium, High protein, Soy ... Light, Skim, Omega 3, High calcium with Vitamin D and Folate or Extra dollop?"

Utterly confused and overwhelmed, the man replies, "Ahh, I just want milk that tastes like real milk."

Buying milk is a bit like that today, isn’t it? What sort of milk do you drink and why?

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Top Answers
Only one kind & that is FULL CREAM WHOLE MILK. I can't stand those 'Skinny' milk veriety.
Shane LeRoy
Me either!
by Vee
Yes, might as well just drink water! An Industrial Chemist told me that!
by donjo
No way! I'll pass that along. Thanks donjo.
by Vee
I recall having 'skinny milk' at a school camp on cereal, and it was watery, grey colour.
by amanda
We can only drink this one.
It is very nice...I must say can't tell much difference, and it is easy to keep.
I'm with you, jonaj. Just returned from a brief stay in Melbourne. Being a penny pincher, bought only light for my husband and I to share. Did I pay for it with stomach cramps after each use. Home now and back on the lac free with no problems.I think that proves that I have a lactose intolerance.
by grann
It's becoming a real problem for a lot of people now, and really! hardly any difference in the taste...so win-win :)
by jonaja
I've just had to go lactose free too after a friend's advice, though have noticed that low fat milk doesn't upset me as much.
by amanda
I use full cream milk for my entire household. No fuss over it. Everyone are happy and have a great start to a day with simple full cream milk.
None, now that I am on a dairy free diet. Before I used to drink soy milk, and sometimes almond and/or rice milk. Loved the sweetness in the almond milk.
I drink raw milk - unpasteurised, unhomogenised. Not pumped with hormones, just the organic, 100% natural cows milk. You can only get it in a few places in the UK, mostly down South.

I buy mine from Hook & Son who sell it fresh from the cows they've milked that evening (and sell it at market in the morning).
In Australia, it's illegal to sell. A child died a couple of months' ago, when stupid mother fed her 'bath(raw) milk'.
by donjo
I drink both full cream as well asd reduced fat milk.
I used to drink lactose free however don't quite know why.

I have been told that the reduced fat does not have all the health properties that full cream does, so I alternate with them both as I need the calcium.
But it is a viscous circle as if you get calcium, it also is not good for high cholesterol -so, I cannot decide so alternate!.
by Finy
That certainly seems like a catch-22. I drink full cream milk, but in moderation, and on the whole am not too worried about my cholesterol - certainly not as worried as health organisation say I should be.
by Vee
Cow milk is for a calf.
Human milk is for babies.
With that said, I sometimes have boring old full cream dairy on my cereal. But I tend to avoid milk as a drink (I understand dairy is mixed into foods and I consume those foods).
I know. I have some reservations about drinking (cow's) milk. Like you said, it is intended for calves. But I love full cream milk.
by Vee
We buy full cream milk for my kid, but for us we buy low fat milk.
I am not bound to buy any specific brand and type of milk. Each type has its pros and cons, so I like to select different brands and types, like a shift roster system.......
Full cream organic milk. We've been drinking it for 2 years now and I can't stand the taste of the other stuff anymore.
We drink only full cream A2 milk. Low fat is full of sugar.
Harvey fresh long life
I do not drink much milk so it has to last
I changed to Soy Milk about 3 years ago. The original formula had added fibre (6g), however it's equivalent in new packaging only contains 2g but still tastes lovely. Whilst I will still drink the occasional full fat or light white milk varieties, I find that soy milk gives me more feeling of fullness and a lovely nutty taste. I have tried rice and almond milks but find them too 'watery'...
Mostly lite milk.But I am considering switching to full cream or A2.
Not a fan of milk I am afraid. In my protein shakes I will use Almond milk or rice milk.
I drink almond milk and my family drinks lactose-free milk.
I love the taste of full cream milk but the purer and richer it is, the faster it takes for me to have to run to the loo :( Wish it wasn't so.
Raw milk direct from the farm - just don't tell the government.
I think you just did! Hahaha.
by Vee
full cream milk even if dieting. its a whole food and as many many doctors and medical experts have advised the population it is far better to drink or eat moderate amounts of whole foods than it is to fuss about with low or no this or that. A bit like the whole butter or margerine debate. if you are doing to have it at least have the whole food variety. its not bad for you only in unhealthy quantity which is where the focus should be
Well said. :)
by Vee
Never drink milk. Don't like the taste. Used to love Milo but now I'm GF can't have it anymore. Used to use milk in smoothies all the time but haven't done in ages. We use A2 in the house for use in cooking and stuff.
I drink low fat high fibre soy milk these days, have done so for about 5 years now. Although I still prefer my iced coffees and cappuccinos with everyday full fat milk (as it absorbs more vitamins), I prefer the soy in my museli. Drinking full fat milk used to give me a coating across my tongue which I didn't enjoy....
I use UHT skim milk. I find it convenient to have UHT in the cupboard so I don't run out of milk. It is usually cheaper than fresh milk too. I use skim because I have to watch my cholesterol.
Marie, I used to buy UHT milk as well, but one of the girls on here told me that it's head-treated to the point that it loses all its nutrients. I don't buy it anymore, which is a shame really, because I used to buy it for the convenience too.
by Vee
I will have to look into that because there's not much point drinking it if it has no nutritional value. Thanks for this information.
All good Marie. Did you end up looking into it?
by Vee
I did some research on nutritional loss due to heating. Yes, it appears there is some nutritional loss, perhaps as much as 10%. Different sources came up with different figures. As with so many things there are varying opinions.
Full cream milk
Cannot drink full cream , don't like the taste of it.
Skimmed or rice milk is great.

by Zen
Woolies 'Select' Full Cream Milk, 3litre.
I've a couple of Woolies UHT packs in 'fridge as 'back-up'!
I've always believed FCM is best for healthy, strong BONES.
Had Bone Density Test a few years' ago & radiographer(?) was very impressed by how 'dense' were my bones! Good, if I fall over hopefully won't break hip!
'normal' milk ONLY! That is, full cream milk. I crave milk in the morning like coffee drinkers crave their first cup. Cannot function without it. Not interested in watery skim milk - just doesn't taste right. Neither does UHT. And don't get me started on soy milk, OMG that stuff is GROSS! AND it shouldn't even be allowed to be called 'milk'! Liquid cardboard - I'm gagging just thinking about it. Ugh!
poppy, I really enjoyed your response, so tried voting for it. Unfortunately, I was reminded that I had already voted. :|
by Vee
We drink A2 milk. Not A2 and A1 milk , just A2. We also have it in low fat.

I just drink low fat milk because it is healthy and it is what my dietitian recommends. I do like soy milk and I used to drink it all the time. I only stopped because it was almost impossible to get soy in my drinks when out, in those days. Now, of course, it is everywhere. As to additives like vitamin D and calcium and the like, if you have a healthy diet, you don't need additives in your milk.
Full creammmmmm mmmmmmilk. *slurp*
by Rice
sniff* my little cow did not appear :(
by Rice
We use Devondale long life full cream milk as we really aren't milk drinkers or users. If we had to use the watery milk sold as "cows" milk, there wouldn't be any in our household. I've tried soy but as we use milk mainly in cooking, it tasted horrible.
I drink full cream milk thats what they call it. not at all like the milk of yesteryears.
I know, even it tastes watered down nowdays.
by Vee
full cream milk we do not drink or use any other version of milk.

I use normal milk for mashed potatoes, rice pudding etc and for coffee, granola I use almond milk.
Full cream milk for me. Cholesterol lowering rubbish for hubby
My favourite cow's milk is unhomogenised full cream milk. It feels a lot more "real" than the homogenised stuff.
However I am not drinking dairy at the moment and I've found the best alternative is the blended of almond and coconut milk that comes in a tetra pack.
I find almond milk too watery and coconut too creamy, so this is a good compromise.
Cow's milk still tastes best though!
Wellness in Words, take a look at the ingredients just in case. I looked at the ingredients for ordinary almond milk, and I was horrified to learn that it's full of vegetable oil!
by Vee
I drink Zymil milk when I do have milk. Mostly though it is not my first preference to have milk at all.
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