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What kind of Christmas tree do you have?

by Bryony Harrison (follow)
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christmas tree

The tree is the most important Christmas decoration; it is the centrepiece of the house, where all the presents are put. There are all types of trees available: big, small, real, artificial, pre-decorated. What kind of tree do you have?

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Top Answers
I have a ceiling high artificial tree which we decorate to go with the colour scheme of our interior deco.
So colour co-ordinated!
Fro 66 years I have enjoyed the pleasureof decorating a real tree. At first it was a fresh smelling cut pine tree, but now I go with a potted native plant. I have several to choose from, and the one which shows the most promise in December is chosen. Sounds like the basis for a lovely children's story, doesn't it? Oh, that's right, Charles Schulz has beaten me to it.
We bought a real tree on Sunday. My kids are just little so it was really exciting for them to go and choose one. Now we just need to decorate it. I used to always have a 'designer' look with matching and tasteful decorations. Now I've got kids I think it will be a little different for a few years to come. My son has made a paper plate angel to go on top.
When I was a child we used to drive into the bush (we live in Australia) and cut a large, very leafy branch from a gum-tree (we just took a branch so a whole tree wouldn't have to die), which we'd take home, place in a special stand that my Dad had made, and decorate. They definitely weren't traditional Xmas trees like we see on all the Christmas cards, but they were very beautiful and uniquely Australian.
Love buying a real tree from the markets to plant outside. It is rather high too.
We just have a fairly regular artificial tree. We used to have a really lovely one, but unfortunately it got damaged by my sister's dog.

My other sister had a real tree last year, and it was lovely, but I just think it's a lot easier having an artificial one. When I end up buying my own I'd like to get a slightly fancier one.
Artificial ones are much better. They last for years, so save a lot of money, and then you don't have to pick up all the pine needles afterwards.
We have an artificial one. The kids love to help decorate it so we have a medium sized one so they can reach. I do love the smell of the pine ones, but we have one out the front of our house already and it's higher than the house, so wouldn't want to plant another one.
You can see the kind of tree we have in the picture. It is artificial, and about 6ft. It is also twenty-one years old.
Fro 66 years I have enjoyed the pleasureof decorating a real tree. At first it was a fresh smelling cut pine tree, but now I go with a potted native plant. I have several to choose from, and the one which shows the most promise in December is chosen. Sounds like the basis for a lovely children's story, doesn't it? Oh, that's right, Charles Schulz has beaten me to it.
Don't like them....for many reasons.....
Unfortunately, we have an artificial one this year. I will be working Christmas in the Aged Care facility. I don't see my family so it's pretty basic this year. However I hope to catch up with my cousins on the Friday, so they can take all their presents with them and then I'll be able to see the floor again. Happy Christmas and Peace
to all of you
This year we will be going out into the forest with other members of our community and cutting down our own tree. Normally I would be opposed to deforestation, but we are doing this on Nature Conservancy land as a fire prevention strategy. It's win/win. We get a nice, fresh tree and we help protect a conservation area from forest fires :)
We have an artificial tree. The decorations have changed over the years, but the tree has lasted for as long as I can remember.
We have a big tree around 6 feet tall and it's a plastic one.. I love to put flashing lights for decorations and other bits and pieces..
I don't have a tree, or ornaments. I gave up putting the wreath or similar on my front door when the vandals opposite stole them.
Christmas is ruined for many who are alone, without family of any kind, and by the Americanization, commercialisation and screaming GREED displayed by the pushing shoving crowds. Better for all to donate clothing, food or toys to charity for those in need - rather than spending heaps on the spoilt and thankless and buying gifts for family we do not like! re-discover Christmas by giving - not shopping!
Usually we have a real tree but this year we decided to make our own, inspired by a post on Pinterest. It was challenging but great fun.
Now that is just lovely! :)

by jonaja
My family has a plastic Christmas tree - although sometimes we cut down a little bit of a pine tree from the train tracks. Nice and smelly pine trees are the best!
We have a different one each year and sometimes the idea of a Christmas 'tree' has been stretched. One year we decorated a favourite sculptural lamp with all our favourite decorations. Another time we decorated the double glass doors of our house with colourful cut outs, another the spiral stair case became the Christmas tree with all the presents at the bottom of the stairs. We had a real tree once in a pot but after that Christmas it got placed in the garden, put down roots and could not be brought inside again. The children call her Amelia Bedelia and she's remained in the garden until this day leaving our to our creative Christmas tree projects each year.
Large artificial fibre optic
My tree this yr was representing my kids and myself every one admired it

Growing up we always had a standard size plastic xmas tree. I love the idea of the real tree but my fear of huntsman's surpasses the need to have one! This last year though I managed to get a really large white tree ( my dream tree) in the January sales and my 2 year old and other half put it up at xmas in turquoise and silver and it looked amazing and took pride of place in the corner of our lounge room.
I have a 6' very bushy green artificial tree which looks really great when decorated. However, in the New Year I am re-decorating my lounge room in art deco style and wanted to get a Christmas tree for next Christmas which would suit the style of the room. Went to the after-Christmas sales and bought a 6' black artificial tree which looks pretty "cool" as the young guy in the shop said. I'll have to wait and see how it pans out come next Christmas - who knows I might have made a big mistake! Will hold on to the other one just in case.
Good for you! When our Xmas tree died many years ago, I sprayed the little branches with black spray. Every year we've had a 2 colour Christmas theme.
I have the list of our Christmas colours from 1980-2025, I think it goes up to, but this year I was too tired to worry about the 2 colours, so we just used ordinary Christmas paper. The tree decorations were the same 2 colours at the wrapping papers of cause, & NO sticky tape, only matching ribbons.This year was supposed to have been purple/yellow, & next year it's black/white. Other years I've had green/purple, orange/pink, silver/gold, etc...etc! But now we usually go to our younger daughter & her partner's house, in Melbourne for Christmas, & she likes to use her vintage decorations! It's their house...so that's ok with me! Thats a lot easier for us to, because it means we don't have to take all our 2 of coloured bags of Christmas decorations, & all those sheets of matching papers & ribbons!
Enough said!
by Miro
Miro - the new black tree was erected this year and decorated lavishly with all new ornaments. I gave away a lot of the old ornaments, except for those with sentimental value. The new tree looked fabulous - I used lots of silver, black and red. I also used a lot of glass. I did cheat a bit with the glass and bought stacks of Murano glass pendants from China, and used them as decor for the tree. These pendants, which I bought in bulk lots, came with their own ribbons which meant I didn't have to add cords to hang them on the tree. It was very successful and garnered a lot of admiring comments from friends and family. It also cost me a fraction of what it would have buying individual glass ornaments in the shops here in Australia.
by norma
You are assuming again!
by Finy
Here is my old school tree. Bubble lights, Shiny Brites, German Kugels, light up santa bears from the 50's.
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