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What is your least favourite thing to do, and why?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

What is your least favourite thing to do, that you have to do, and why is it your least favourite?

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Top Answers
I hate cleaning, but then again I do little of it!

But if I had to pick the least favourite, that would be it.
by Finy
No Finy that's not me in the picture....lol.
But! it may have well been, except that she is younger.

My Boss would have a pce of me, all the time and in front of other people in the office.It went on and on and on.
by jonaja
Cleaning is my least favourite thing to do...I have an ageing villa and needs a lot more tlc than new ones to look halfway decent! I do the best I can and just figure the personality in it with my nick naks and plants etc makes it 'me' and home sweet home...
by Fran
Exercise. I just don't enjoy it. I can think of plenty of things I would rather be doing. Everyone says that exercise makes you feel good and releases happy endorphins. Well, I can tell you that it doesn't in my case. When exercising all I can think about is all the things I must do when I get home.. No fun at all.
Amen to that!
by Rice
Visiting people's houses for condolences. I never know what to say to console someone at the passing of a near and dear one.
Going to work.
I have had some very bad bosses.
But have to make the money, so I can stay in ministry...simple.
This picture was me 18 months ago....he never let up.Sad thing was he had no idea as a new boss, what my job was and he was a dreadful person to work for.
by jonaja
you are joking with me about the picture!!
by Finy
It's not me...lol.
But that is how my life was every day.
by jonaja
I'm right with you on that one Jonaj and empathise with your situation. I'm currently on stress leave as my boss was yelling & swearing at me last week, right after he emailed me to say it was fine to go in for a chat with him to discuss a few issues. Plus many of the people I work with are just plain odd. I don't mind having a job and working hard but I hate going to this place. When my 20 yrs service is up in 9 months it will be time to try something new (unless my lotto numbers come up in the meantime hahaha). Unfortunately jobs for someone over 50 don't grow on trees.
Therese.......I hate to tell you this, but I have heard of Bosses doing really bad things to their workers, close to 15 and 20 and even 25 yrs of service...BEFORE! the time comes.

It is nothing new, and they do it so the person will leave before the big pay out.My advice, TRY really hard to stick with it, knowing this very well could be his agenda!!!

You're not the 1st person and you will NOT be the last.

If it gets really really bad, seek professional advice....but don't lose that payout of 20 yrs service.
by jonaja
Housework - thankless job and there are so many more enjoyable things to do with my time.
Honestly, getting out of bed because sometimes it can be difficult.
by Vee
Changing the bed sheets and covers
by AJ
Yep, a difficult job……….bloody hard work
by fran.
Putting out the garbage. We have a tiny wheelie bin for the number of people in the house, and as much as I recycle everything possible, and compost, some things just have to go in the bin, and it just isn't big enough.
I don't know about the other states of Au, but our council in NSW, gives us a free new bin, anytime we ask for 1. Or could you drop your overflow rubbish into someone else's bin? There's only 2 people in our house, so we only have 1 nearly full bag a rubbish a week, after recycling & composting.
by Miro
That's a VERY young Jackie Cooper in the photo!

Hate housework, because I was made to do it EVERY Saturday morning, when at home.
Once married, got a cleaner in regularly.
I always did washing & Elna-pressing of clothes though, as enjoyed it, & still do!

I think without a doubt it is cleaning the oven. I have never had my own brand new oven which I could keep lovely and clean :((
by Rice
Oven cleaning is a horrible job. I managed to talk my husband into doing it last time, however it's well overdue for another good clean. Hmmm, how can I convince him this time...........
Apart from housework,(my idea of housework is sweeping the room with a glance!!!) I just absolutely HATE saying goodbye,or farewell to loved ones, whether in person or on the phone!Nearly all of my loved ones live so very far away from me now,so this really is my least favourite thing to have to do!
Work on photographs I have taken, using my computer.
Outdoors I enjoy pruning shrubs and making them compact and more pleasing to view.
Least favourite drying up, don't mind washing dishes though.
Housework in general, but like the photo - doing dishes. Just hate it.
I'm glad there's others out there who hate cleaning as much as I do. Was born (very) lazy! And being a hoarder of paper, doesn't help! Any other husband would have left me years ago, but 1 & only, has put up with me & my 'bad habits for 47 years, 4 months & 13 days! Re washing up by hand? I don't mind that, & I've read that it is more hygienic to leave the washing up in a rack & not use a tea towel, so I've always done it this way, as I've never owned a dishwasher. The oven: We bought a self cleaning 1, years ago. 1 of the best kitchen appliances ever invented, I reckon!!

by Miro
It would have to ve vacuuming. It's no so much pushing a heavy Dyson around as it is getting it out of the broom cupboard and finding the extension cord so I can do the hallways without having to go plugging in from room to room. Also having to lift it to manoevure around limited turning space. I did buy another brand which is lighter but I find my husband stashing it outside in the bar so I often don't make the effort of going outside to bring it in.
vacuuming. does my back in. I seem unable to make the machine work on its own - I have to push so hard that I am exhausted at the end of a clean. Don't know why I can't just let the machine do its own thing.
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