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What is your favourite type of cat?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Pixabay.com

What is your favourite type of cat?

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Top Answers
I love Russian Blue cats - they have such a sleek look and they are like wild animals and such fun to watch, but destructive as they tear around and tear things!

Though I like the ordinary cat also, but would rather have dogs, as I do!
by Finy
Cats are quite amazing when domesticated and looked after properly in a home with humans and even with other animals. They do entertain anyone who wishes to be mesmerized by their antics, and generally speaking, I can honestly admit that all cats who have been a part of my life, have certainly never failed to be a huge part of my life!Blue Russians are that same colour as the kitten I was given early one morning(see my own response) and it is so special in itself!! Like you Finy, as much as I do love these sinuously gorgeous creatures, I am more content with my darling dogs!
by Jules
I like run of the mill, ordinary cats. Like grey ones most of all. Don't like any of the siamese etc. cats. Too skinny and ugly, and destructive. Just a muggy, with short fur.
I have a houseful of them.

They are more like a dog than a cat. They come when they are called and are super loving. They don't talk a lot (which I love - cant stand a whinger)
A bit clumsy which makes for a fun life with them.

These are two of mine
I've only had the common stray cat.
The Scottish Fold Cat.
3rd most smartest, and they have their ears bent.
Just very cute to watch, and lovely nature. :)

I have never had one, but I am thinking later I may get one...
Ooooh!! look at those little crossed paws and that expressive face!!!
by Jules
I know! they are a special kind of cat...very expressive :)
by jonaja
I love the siamese , tonlinese and burmese cats. They are so beautiful and quite slight, but muscular. Not like some of the really skinny breeds. We have had two tonkinese, and they arent cheap from the breeders; but they have a great nature. When my tonlinese cats died, i got a tabby cat, plus i have a domestic short haired black cat. They are so gorgeous. Back in June, my tabby cat ran away. I was devastated. Fortunately she came back again in July. She was injured and needed an operation, but hopefully she is back to stay now.
how is the holiday going???
by Finy
Oh hi Finy !!! Just left Germany after a long stay and going to Amsterdam today. Having a wonderful time.
by Lluxi
Siamese and Oriental's. So beautiful to look at and such personalities. They really want to be around you, know what's going on and be included. And absolute cuddle-monsters!
All of the Oriental breeds are so full of character and intelligence. I had a super Blue Burmese which was dumped at a friend's place and she brought it over to me at just a few weeks of age. Oh!!! What a cat! Her personality was more like that of a dog, and we were just the best mates for years. Cats do make me sneeze, but I would put up with anything for that dear little girl!! Now I just have dogs though and no sneezing! Birmans are another fabulous Oriental,and my parents had a brother and sister until last month when the male finally had to leave them at age 18. The girl has fretted so terribly for the first 2 weeks but she is coming good now. I think all cats seems to have something special about them.I only wish I could manage to share my space with them more comfortably!
omg Jules - a cat would last a minute in my household - even my blind dog would have fun, but my other dog who lived in a kennel for the first 6 years, chases cats, so guess she would kill them....and yet I see photos of whippets and used to have dogs and cats together!
by Finy
We had both dogs and cats when I was growing up, and so many of my friends also have both without any problems! I think it is definitely a case of what the animals are used to and how they have grown up I can just imagine the bedlam in your home at the moment with your darling fur babies and their issues, if you were to add a cat!! I also would not add a cat to the mix here, now that my girls are so content and well-settled. The allergies would be most uncomfortable for me at my age, so I will just remain happy with my darling dogs! It does not mean I do not like cats, it just is not a situation I need at present.
by Jules
My favourite type of cat would be a lion ofcourse, I love the male ones with their big hairy manes, they come across as fiery, and strength!
Oh! YES PLEASE!!! How utterly stupendous!! I loved to watch The (original) Addams Family tv show as a child and their 'Kitty Kat' always appealed to me so much!! Lions are so regal, yet they make such fabulous fathers from what I have seen on documentaries! And who can ever forget Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion in Daktari? He just begged to be cuddled and his soft mane was sooooo gorgeous that he also always made me want to own a lion as well!!
by Jules
Any cat who is affectionate. Mum had a seal point who was her "watchdog". Mum was partially deaf when she got her so Ling was her ears. She'd alert mum as soon as the front gate was opened so was a great asset and loved to wrap herself around mum's neck. She'd hide around the lounge room corner and playfully swipe me as I walked through. We had a part Persian who was my youngest daughters and loved being dressed up in dolls clothes and pushed around in a pram. She was also a fur collar for said daughter and would be enjoying roller skating with her as well. My other cats have been domestic ones and the latest loves warmth, sleeps on my bed or under the sheets when cold but is very timid and doesn't like sudden noise nor guests and loves to be near me whether outside or in the kitchen.
Our Tonlinese cats used to love wrapping itself around our necks too, and slept under the covers between our legs. Very very affectionate and love being around humans
by Lluxi
I don't really like cats. I'm definitely a dog person
by AJ
Any kitty with whiskers & fur - I love them all. We've always had rescue cats - little movies which were all delightful in their own way.
Oops - that should say "moggies" - not "movies". Spell check is not always our friend.
Best of all I love the common and garden variety of grey tabby.
Diifficult to choose but Abbysynnians are tops - the red ones best, all cats are wonderful pets, it is the way you bring them up. Orientals don't have to be skinny either. I currently have a ginger female (who makes Garfield look meak) but in the long past six cats and three dogs all happy together.
I'd SP Siamese as a child. Still love them.
Have had several RSPCA cats over the years', & they've been wonderful!
I'm a 'cat lady', but Welsh Pembroke Corgis' I had a few over 25 years'.
I prefer rescue cats, which I have had most of my life. Currently I have a large ginger male with long fur and a short-haired female brown tabby. Of course both are neutered. I love black cats but don't have one at the moment.
Ones that live in other people's homes? I can just look at a cat and sneeze!
by Gem
Yes, I like cats, any cat. We don't have 1 because we live in a bushy superb with no fencing around the house. When I was young we had a cat called
Orlando, (after the story books of 'Orlando the Marmalade Cat' Our daughter even bought us the book of Orlando's 25th wedding anniversary from Whales when she & a friend visited there for 3 days, for our 25th wedding anniversary! (We've since celebrated our 48th!) Sorry, I got VERY sidetracked on this question!!!
by Miro
My favourite type of cat is not a domestic cat, infact I love the male lions, with their beautiful big manes!
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