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What is your favourite animal?

by Jennifer Muirhead (follow)
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A three-toed sloth. Photo by Stefan Laube

Do you have a favourite animal? What kind of creature do you think is the cutest, the most beautiful, or the most interesting?

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Top Answers
The human being, some really special ones in particular.
I'll pay that one! lol
by jonaja
I am in love with sea otters. They are intelligent, they use tools, and they hold hands! What's not to love? They're super-cute too.
They certainly are!
I find snakes fascinating because they can sense heat, effectively see in infra red and smell with their tongues. The way they move is also beautiful. I know a lot of people don't like them/are scared of them though so I chose a cute sloth for the picture. I do love their squashed little faces and the fact that there is a type of lichen that lives only on sloths. They've got their own little mini ecosystem going on.

Some Aussie animals are incredible too. Kangaroos have the most amazing reproductive system, being able to stay pregnant until it's convenient to have their baby (I really wish humans could do that! ).
Snakes are amazing, aren't they? I do have a reaction to them - I don't know whether it's thousands of years of them being the "bad guys" but there is a slight repulsion thing there, and underneath that fascination and admiration. There's something more than a little sexual about them. No wonder patriarchal system Christianity so enjoyed linking women with snakes :)
by susie
Tigers! Such incredible animals.
My favourite animal is a rabbit; that most likely stem from the fact that my mum's favourite animal is a rabbit. After falling back in love with the Lion King, lions were my favourite for many years, but that changed when my rabbit, Josh passed away four years ago. He had been part of the family for 11 years, and over that time, my fondness for rabbits grew and grew.
A tricky one. I love Tigers and Lions :)
Definitely dolphins.
Wombat - amazing animals and super cute! (Though fond of snakes, pigs and penguins too!)
Aww, what a beautiful pic of a sloth! I saw a show about them last week; they are rather darling creatures.

Horses are one of the most beautiful creatures to me, and I'm in love with the king parrots, kookaburras, rainbow lorikeets and crimson rosellas that I share my environment with, my favourite animals are always going to be dogs. Amazing companions, beautiful souls. Dogs rock :)
Who can resist a the big eyes of a young deer or giraffe? All creatures are beautiful in their own way. As far as pets go, I'm partial to dogs. I have grown up with them and with I could rescue more of them. Not really into reptiles or spiders though....

Meerkats for sure! I love them to death! Ever since I watched Meerkat Manor I"ve been obsessed with them. I love the insurance ad with the meerkat as well. I wish I could have one as a pet like they can in the UK. I also love birds of prey like eagles, falcons and hawks. They are so beautiful to watch.
Mandy E.
I liked meerkats UNTIL I saw the insurance ad!
by Vee
With you on that one, Vee!
by donjo
Can't decide between South African Wild Dogs or Cheetah's.
Golden retrievers - they're just gorgeous!
I agree with you there Sarah. I have 2 Golden Retrievers myself and love them to death! They're one of the best breeds of dog for families. They're very approachable and friendly and love human company (sometimes too much!). Mandy E.
by steve
Butterflies and ladybugs have fascinated me when I was a child and the fascination continues on.
My favourite animal is kangaroo because all the female kangaroo have front opening pouche that contains four teats. This is where the joey is raised until it can survive outside the pouch. It shows love between child and mother
I love birds, for their beautiful colours and beautiful singing. Looking at pretty birds is always a source of relaxing and praising The Supreme Being for me.
I love lots of animals but my cat is, of necessity, my favourite.
I love rabbits
I reckon all the Australian animals are amazing for their uniqueness and unusual adaptability to our harsh environment - our family especially love the endangered Aussie BILBY.
by Lucy
Well, I have two. The dolphin and the wolf. Both such amazing creatures.
I love tigers , as soon as you walk into my house , you know . Have tigers everywhere . i've been behind the scenes with the Melbourne zoo male tigers which enjoyed a lot. At the end of the year i'll be at Dreamworld which i'm getting my photo taken with a tiger sitting in front of me , with my hand on his back :) can't wait !!
For some strange reason I really like ducks. They are bizarre animals, but their waddle is just superb!
Dog, but I have a deep respect for our Australian native animals and think we should be doing a great deal as an Australian society to safeguard their survival. Australia is truly unique and often these delicate, amazing animals are taken for granted.
I really like giraffes their tall unlike me.
Absolutely! My favourite is the most majestic animal of all ... the tiger!! Followed closely by ALL the big bears ... Brown, Black, Polar, Sun, etc., etc.. Not sure about the cutest? Possibly meerkats? They certainly are cute!
I probably like 90% of animals, but my favourites are horses, cats, have a SP Siamese currently, & one breed of dog, Welsh Pembroke Corgi!
I was always fascinated by the sea mammals, the blue whale and orcas in particular.
Well I don't like sloths. I have worked with such a lot of them over the years.
I think owls are absolutely amazing creatures, I could never feed one though so that's one bird that is never going to be an option for a pet,.
Ever since I was walking along the quays in Paris, France, in '68 & I bought a pc of a monkey, monkeys have been my favourite animal! I have about 110 miniature ones, but not out on display, as I have no space for them! I've also been collecting pictures of them since then as well, which I'll put into scrap books...One day...One day!
by Miro
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