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What is you favourite breed of dog and why?

by Spiceup (follow)
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I'm a massive dog lover and have had many breeds of dogs, from American Staffy's, border collies, kelpies to shih tzu. All the breeds have features specific to their breed and different intelligence levels. It is so hard to pick a favourite breed. What is everyone's favourite breed and why?

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Top Answers
My three favourite breeds are, the Rough Collie, Miniature Black Pug, Miniature Long-haired Daschund.

The collie because that was the breed my parents owned when I was a baby, and the other two because I like small breeds that can sit on you lap. I prefer guinea pigs and rabbits to dogs, so something of a similar size is more appealing to me. I also find big dogs can be over powering, while little dogs don't need as much exercise.

I'm torn between Jack Russell Terrier and Pugs!
JRTs are so active and always want to play, cuddle, go on walks and make you happy.
Pugs generally make you happy with their confused expressions.
I love Irish wolf hounds, great danes and mastiffs because they're huge and gentle. Never would own one though because they're expensive to feed and you need a decent amount of space and the kids might get knocked over or sat on by such a big animal when playing. Greyhounds are also lovely. So are staffies, which have such a lovely nature. None of my dogs so far have been purebred though. They were all rescue animals.
Kudos to you for rescuing :-) I have had several giant breeds and you would be quite surprised at what they eat . . . only marginally more than a Lab or a Boxer. I feed fresh meat, so they get all the benefits without the empty calories. I have always had to restrain myself from overfeeding . . . . . my vet wags her finger at me. *blush*
by Rice
I love Boxers, because we had one growing up and he was the best dog I've ever come across. His name was Rusty, and he was extremely friendly, affectionate and very obedient right up until his last days. He also loved to play soccer in the backyard, which was great fun.
I love all dogs from the RSPCA and similar adoption facilites. I find the dogs are so grateful. Every one that my parents and myself have owned over 50 years have been wonderful pals.
Fifi, I couldn't agree more. I have had several rescue dogs and nobody will ever convince me that they are not grateful. The love and faithfulness they give is amazing. ^.^
by Rice
My favourite breeds are Golden Retrievers (I have two myself), terriers and mixed breeds. Golden Retrievers are one of the best family dogs and love being with their owners and people in general. You can't feel threatened by a dog which is so happy want to please everyone. Terriers are cute as well with their fiesty attitudes and big characters and bitzers are just great in general. Mandy E.
Terriers and shitzu poodles. Both got lots of personality and love company. My 7 year old shitzu poodle loves to sit on your lap or just lean against you.
I have a 4 year old and 23 month old who he he has always been good with.
There are so many good breeds. I like dalmatians - they're energetic and fun. I also like collies. Despite their long hair, they're beautiful and friendly dogs.
Only recently did I get a Mareema Sheepdog that someone was giving away and I must say that she is the best and my new favourite breed. She is smart beyond words and acts like she is human which makes me laugh every time.

Lucky you!! :-)))))))) They are so beautiful.
by Rice
A Great Dane.

They are big, clean, smart and take up a lot of room....if your going to have a dog, go for a small horse, I say.
Love them.

Golden retriever. They are such a happy, active breed. I just love big happy dogs.
I want a Dobermann Pinscher! Short haired coats are great as I have experienced with my late Jack Russel and Beagle.
Oooooh. I love those gorgeous chocolate coloured ones. So stunning.
by Rice
D'oh . . ! What a dunce . . . of course I really mean the red ones . . . . . they just don't look "red" to me, they look like drinking chocolate.
by Rice
I've always had bitzers. Generally speaking they are sturdier than pure breeds. I currently have a Staffy cross, often attributed with nasty behaviours, and although I would never leave a child alone with her, she has been as gentle as a lamb for her almost 14 years. She loves company and seems to anticipate a gathering by waiting at the front door for hours on end. Everyone is greeted with a bark and wagging tail. Fortunately not so welcome visitors only seem to take note of the bark.
Australian Shepherd
I'm a dog lover, always have been, always will be. My first purebred dog, purchased in 1987 was a standard schnauzer. I and my husband took her to dog shows and bred puppies with her, and we were hooked. We still have a schnauzer now, plus three pharaoh hounds.
I have a long haired chihuahua and he is a very loving dog ever. A friend also had one and we used to take our dogs out for walks together at the beach. My friend says, 'Love is a long haired chihuahua, ' and I agree. There are other nice breeds too.
Female Welsh Pembroke Corgi.

Nothing wrong with makes, though!
Having owned & bred for 25 years', wouldn't have any other breed!

Their nature & personality are just beautiful.
Exceptionally loyal dogs to their humans'.
They're the ideal size for a smaller block of land.
Marvellous watchdogs.
Excellent around children.
Are fun loving & REALLY are part of family, & they love being involved in what's happening!
They 'understand' every word spoken to them!
And love 'telling' you what they've done during the day, when you get home!
Live between 10-15 years'.

No wonder HM the Queen loves them!
I am a dog groomer so have the most enviable position of not having to pick one favourite, i get to spend one on one time with so many breeds and there are so many different things that i love about each of them.

I simply can't have a favourite, as I love them ALL. I have had many and varied breeds over the years and am always in awe of how funny, smart and accepting they are.
by Rice
I have 3 Australian Shepherds (Aussies) and 2 Italian Greyhounds now, but I also had 2 Border Collies, a Scottish Greyhound and Alaskan Malamutes in the past. When I was a child, I had a Toy Pomeranian.

I have two whippets -are IG nervous?
by Finy
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