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What is the worst tasting food you have ever eaten?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

What is the worst tasting food you have ever eaten, whether it be home cooked or eating out?

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Top Answers
I think that would have to be the picture -brains -it is probably one of the only foods I do not eat.

I eat most foods and hate it when people say "yuk" to a food.

I just could not like brains and I hardly tasted much but it is the only food apart from Kohl Rabi that I would not eat. Kohl Rabi is from my childhood when I was forced to eat it and now i still feel sick if I see it.
by Finy
i would not eat brains, until I someone said crumb them, very yummy,
in my book, this is the way to eat them.
by flaga
Some food I don't like............gerkins, offal, figs, rollmops, squid, choritzo, anchovies, porridge, not really a soup person....there are more that I can't think of at present ...
by Fran
Maybe shorter list would be what you DO like! Lol!
by donjo
Well I don't like any kind of offal, Brussels sprouts are disgusting and seafood makes me want to vomit! Chicken feet are foul but surprisingly given how bad the small of durians is, they didn't taste too bad.

But the all-time worst tasting food I have eaten is 100 Year Old Eggs, a Chinese delicacy. I don't know how old they actually were but they bury eggs in something that apparently preserves them then leave them for a very very long time then eat them. They are then black and smell oh so oh so bad..............
Yaaaaahhhhh, someone else that likes chook feet!!!!!!
Often I feel that the thought of a food can be so much worse than the actual taste of it!!! But something which I ate which was truly dreadful was badly made JUNKET when I was a child in hospital!
I don't think I have tasted anything that has been truly awful but there are certain things that I don't like the taste of - like coriander and radicchio
by AJ
Oh yes, coriander. How could I have forgotten?! That is by far the most disgusting food I have ever tasted. It makes me physically sick.
by Vee
how can a herb be disgusting----no food is disgusting! And YOU vee-do u not have Italian blood or did i imagine this? European?
by Finy
Coriander is one of my favourite herbs. I love fresh coriander chopped and used to garnish soup or on a crispy pork Vietnamese roll. Am so happy I have a few plants flourishing in my garden at the moment.
by Vee
I really hate the stuff, big time.
Eggplant. - can't stand it!
Muscles - I've tried to like them, but just can't.
'Mussels' would you believe? Lol!
by donjo
Tripe, havent seen it around for years,but the memory of it makes me reach, especialy when people say "ah but you havent tasted it the way I make it." yuk
Ah, would you believe 'retch'? Lol!
by donjo
You really have a good sense of humor. I honestly don't remember and I wouldn't want to remember either what's the worst tasting food. All I know is that I didn't cook it.
That pic is truly disgusting though
Not if you like to eat tbe brains! Crumbed.....yum! Lol!
by donjo
Hate peas!
My Grandmother cooked Tripe the best, but I just couldn't eat it. But I enjoy 'haggis' once in a blue moon!
My Mother was a brilliant cook & how she cooked 'Lamb's
Fry & Bacon' & 'Crumbed Brains' is still used by me today & still love it. The former MUST have plenty of mashed spud & gravy, & the latter, lemon juice or Worcestershire Sauce!

Excellent nutrition. Eat them now & again, not every week!
I love all offal, other than heart, which is very tough. Crumbed brains, brains in white sauce with a LOT of parsley, devilled kidneys I absolutely love, lambs fry with or without bacon. Steak and kidney pudding or pie, with a good amount of kidneys in there, scrummy.
by fran.
Oh! Fran......I forgot about kidneys! Love them! Went on a work course, & hotel I was staying, had a marvellous Grill Restaurant. Had grilled kidneys, every morning on hot buttered toast, grilled Tomato. Was quite 'set' in my 'routine', when having a 'work' breakfast away!
Cold Tomato juice with W/Shire sauce in it, Hot Chocolate, made on milk, not water, toast with Vegemite or jam, cereal was rice bubbles with various fruit avail, & warm milk. Hot food, whatever suited me at the time. Much the same as Room Service Brekky, actually!
Used to love it all, 'cos very relaxing, no stress, except to be on Company's bus to work, by 8am! Lol! Cheers!
by donjo
The worst, such a wide range comes to mind, byt to name the worst one ever. There are 'tastes' that I do not like, so many dishes with 'that' taste or flavour come to mind, but that is not just one food. But after breaking it down to be perzact, anything with more than a hint of garlic kills me. There are more I don;t like too much of, ginger, salt, chilli, but if there is only a hint and the main ingredient is where the flavour is so biggie. But garlic, that healthy little gem from the beginning of time, the beastie that cooks/chefs use to enhance the flavours and give the aroma European kitchens are famous for, is poison to my taste buds. I hate buting it, seeing it in the pantry, on the bench and in the pan. if a hint is and I mean a hint, it can be covered by other flavours, but most people seem to want it to be the only flavour after all the cooking is done, and therefor I go hungry many times when out and about. How could anyone destroy the natural flavour of a prawns and crab with garlic is beyond me. Each to their own, sorta obviously, it depends on how 'stuff' is prepared and cooked. That is such a variable, the choice can only come down to a single flavour or ingredient. But then again I eat bugs and bats in Asia........
It would have to be tripe, brains, chokos, brussel sprouts and peas. I now only eat Chinese at my local restaurant because they don't use peas at all. If I forget to ask for no peas when dining out, I pick all the peas out first before I start eating and the smell of pure olive oil makes me want to heave, yet I cook with light olive oil..
Ou! helga, I'm with you, totally!

I hate PEAS to the max. If I have a Soup out, I, too, pick out all the peas firstly! Think my hate comes from juiced peas my Mother gave me as a child. I just threw up. Couldn't stomach them at all! Got round it by mixing with either Carrots or Apples, but less peas content! This I could drink!

Have you tried steaming chokoes, then serve with butter, which melts, sop each piece in it? This is the only way I can eat them, & also sprinkled with Pepper.
by donjo
Hi Donjo. No I haven't had the chokos steamed and eaten as you described but that is exactly how mum used to cook and eat them. They just make my stomach heave. Maybe it had something to do with my uncle. When I was really tiny (read not walking) my uncle used to sit me at one end of the verandah ramp and bowl the prickly chokos down between my legs. He's in his late 80's now and I reminded him recently that he was the cause of me not liking chokos.
by helga
macaroni cheese top of the list. this was served up at boarding school for lunch and I was made to eat it, have never eaten it since.

re brains they are very tasty if you crump them.
can be nice also as a sandwich filling.
When I was 18 had to have my appendix out and the first 'solid' meal of those times was brains - and you guessed it have not it eaten it since and I am nearly 70. Think there was mashed potato with it and I only ate that. My stomach still churns when I pass a butcher and see brains in the window.
by Liz
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