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What is the most satisfying breakfast?

by Vanessa M (follow)
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I could never skip breakfast. It's arguably the most important meal of the day and needs to give us the energy we need to get going. The first thing I do when I wake up every morning is head to the kitchen.

What food do you find makes the most satisfying breakfast? Do you stick with toast or take the time to make something more adventurous? Or perhaps you enjoy everything and have something different every day.

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Top Answers
I like to mix it up and it often depends on how long I feel like waiting till everything's ready. Often I'll have some toast, whether it be with avocado, tomato, cashew spread, banana or whatever else I feel like. I make scrambled eggs a lot too, and sometimes I'll have porridge with some bits of apple chopped up and mixed through it. If I have pancakes from the day before I might have those, but I usually don't have the patience to actually make them in the morning.
I'm often torn between struggling to eat in the morning, and feeling sick if I don't eat soon enough. I usually make my choices depending on the weather. On colder days I prefer things like porridge, or I have toast with sliced cucumber, tomato, salt flakes, pepper and chili flakes.

On hot days I'm more likely to have a good serving of fruit with some yoghurt, or some kind of smoothie.
Unless I'm eating a late breakfast, I tend to skimp in what I know is the most important meal of the day. I'm either time poor or just get sick or too full from eating first thing. When its cold I love porridge but on a sunny day I'd normally just grab some fruit.
If I'm eating out then I'd be opting for scrambled eggs and crispy bacon, but it would need to be after 10am so I've worked up an appetite.
Weekdays we have porridge containing chopped almonds & walnuts & cinnamon with a spoon of coconut oil. Sprinkle with chia seeds and top with stewed apple & peaches in natural juice. It is really filling & tasty. If you want to add a little fibre, sprinkle with slippery elm (it is nice & creamy) before you sprinkle the seeds and put the fruit on top.

I can't eat anything too heavy first thing in the morning, so my favourite breakfast is a croissant with jam.
A breakfast with sausage, eggs and bacon. A sit down brunch.
I'm absolutely with you on the breakfast need, and can't function properly without something in my belly to start the day. An ideal breakfast would be toast, avocado, hash browns and egg, but usually I'll reserve that for the weekend, and stick with cereal during the week. Hmmm, breakfast, yum!
I love variety and never have the same breakfast two days in a row - my favourites include porridge (semolina, oat or quinoa), buckwheat pancakes, smoothies, muesli with fresh fruit and natural yoghurt. And on Sundays or with a hangover, I love a big hot breakfast with eggs, mushies, avocado, fried tomato and hash browns.
My ideal healthy, filling and tasty breakfast is a mixture of rice puffs/muesli, greek style yoghurt, one tablespoon of honey, one mashed banana and occasionally some grapes and strawberries. Yum.
I love pancakes in the morning with bacon and eggs -sunny side up.
by WSW
Some hearty cereal or oats or porridge, with delicious berries and/or banana with it.
I find eggs keep me going for a long time. Scrambled on toast or in an omelette. I don't have them every day though because most mornings I'm a bit too sleepy to get it together to actually cook so I just have cereal and a cup of tea.
Weekdays it is oats porridge with cornflakes or wheat flakes. Weekends it is either a veggie or egg or chicken sandwich. Sometimes pan cakes. I need a good and quick breakfast. I am always hungry when I wake up in the morning.
My breakfast usually contains some sort of protein as I feel that it would keep me fuller for longer. During the weekday, I hardly ever have the time to have a full English breakfast so I normally have that as a treat on a Sunday morning. Being a busy full time working mum, I normally make something that requires less cooking but is still protein packed like fat free Greek Yoghurt with granola. However, I have to say that my favourite is a sliced of toasted wholemeal bread with fresh mozzarella, sliced tomatoes and drizzled with Olive oil and lots of pepper.

You can't beat poached eggs on toast!
Oh, I would love to have cooked breakfast like in the photo. But during the week, I can't be bothered to cook, so I stick with coffee and a slice of bread with butter.
I agree and would never skip breakfast. No sugar pancakes and scrambled eggs are popular around my place so I try to make a cooked breakfast when I have time as it is so much more healthy than most pre-packaged breakfast foods that are full of sugar.
I love a hearty breakfast. Bacon, eggs, toast and hashbrowns. Greasy and satisfying. Obviously, I can't do this meal all the time or I'd have a heart attack before 40, but every once and while is okay.
I love plain old bacon and eggs on toast, with coffee.
However due to the bacon being unhealthy, and because I have high cholesterol, I only eat this once a week.
by Finy
Enjoy warm oats, cinnamon , nuts, and dates in this wintery weather.
In summer cereal with some fruit.

by Zen
I would just about kill for some regular toast and vegemite, but since my diagnosis of Coeliac disease that is never going to happen again. Since being gluten free I have really struggled with finding good things for breakfast. I do like bacon and it seems lately I prefer a cooked breaky.
Totally agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I go all out for breakfast - I love my carb, bacon, cheese, egg... the whole works!

This pancake dish has everything - fresh fluffy pancakes served with bacon and grilled bananas. Maple syrup by the side :)

Yes, pile them high. I eat like a king at breakfast!

I simply cannot eat first thing of a morning! Even the thought of it, turns my stomach!
Strangely enough, after a long, overnight flight, which I did often, I looked forward to, & enjoyed breakfast, as seeing Sunrise from 40000'! It must've been the smell of the brewing Coffee coming from the Galley, that got me going!

About 11.30am is the first I can 'face'' food, & then it's light, a piece of Toast, with a cuppa!

After that, can go the 'whole slather'. Have gone off Bacon these last few years', so prefer a little, thin BBQ Pork Snag, grilled, ywith Tomato, soft poached Egg & a cuppa.

If at a S/C, will enjoy Toasted Sandwich of some description, with a large, very cold, Juice.
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