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What is the MAIN function you use your mobile phone for?

by Finy (follow)
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What is the main function you use your mobile or cell phone for?

Is it texting, making phone calls, receiving phone calls, social media, Internet, camera or something else?

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Top Answers
I do not often use my mobile phone as still think a land line is far clearer than a mobile.

Also I get free calls on my land line (and also $140 of free ones on mobile), so I do not really use my mobile much at all.

However, I don't like to leave home without it as it is a "security thing" with me, in case I ever needed help of any kind.

I do sometimes use it for social media and internet, but not often as I usually do this at home on my I pad.
by Finy
Texting. I don't use it for calls much at all and I certainly don't have internet and social media. It is a tool, not a lifestyle, for me.
by Rice
exactly :)
by jonaja
Yep, me too Rice.
by norma
I mainly use it for calls.

That is my main concern and use, nothing else.

To calling my son's, or the N.R.M.A.

It gives me a great deal of comfort to now I have a link to people I may need.

It is really good to know that we can venture out with a degree of comfort knowing we can call someone at any time. I think the "ICE" feature on a mobile (or any phone) is a good idea too - for anyone that needs to call somebody for us.
by Rice
by jonaja
In Case of Emergency. If you have your hubby, sister, brother etc under "ICE" the paramedics and Police look for it on your phone.
by Rice
o.k. :)
by jonaja
I bought mine purely to have in emergencies, eg car broken down.
I make normal calls from it, when suits me.
It takes Missed Calls & SMS for me.
That's all I use it for.
I use it for all of the above. The main thing I use it for is making calls but through viber.
by AJ
Texting and for emergencies. I also use it daily to track my exercise (running and walking games, a pedometer ap) and use the camera often. I don't use it for social media stuff because I waste enough time with that when I'm at my computer, I don't want to make it any easier.
I stopped using a mobile phone when I had to give up working due to illness. Even then,I I used is as a camera more than anything else!!! It was a security item while out for me,and nothing more!
Being at home more often than not, I do have a pre-paid Talk and Text model for when I am out having doctors appointments and such.But I use it so very rarely,that I don't even know the number!!! Again,it is only for emergencies if I happen to have any.Thankfully these are extremely rare,but it is nice to know the ability to make contact with the necessary people is at my fingertips.Or,I should say,at the bottom of my bag!!!!
I use mine mainly after 6.00 p.m. as all calls and texts are free on my pre paid plan. The unused credit is rolled over and it's my security as I'm often out on my own.
I use mine for making phone calls or surfing the Web. I text quite a lot, probably more than making phone calls.
I use mine for making phone calls or surfing the Web. I text quite a lot, probably more than making phone calls.
I am old school, and I need all the help I can get, but my mobile, my 10 year old Nokia, not quite a brick, but solid and reliable, is only ever used for the occassional call out, a TXT or two where talking is not the best option, and that is it.

It is for my emergency use, (older = shorter battery life) so it it off unless I need it or I check it, usually every day or 2.

It has colour screen, WAP/Internet and other junk, who cares - I have a PC at home for that, a real proper camera for pics and a dedicated GPS and a street directory in the car.

Old fashion maybe. but my phone works perfectly as a phone, my camera works perfectly, my PC works perfectly, and they do their inteded job better than most M/Phones do, because that is what they were designed for...only.
Love the image of the 'progress' of the mobile phone and mankind!
I thought it was funny too, but on a darker side, research shows, the better the internet access has become, the more porn became available on mobile phones and the screen sizes are becoming larger is direct proportion.
I shall be keeping my mini brick for a while yet.
I use mine mostly for sending and receiving text messages. People sometimes ring me on my mobile but I usually use my landline to make calls.
in my purse , only for emergency
by Vee
Making phone calls oddly enough
I use it primarily for communication. The secondary function is for music.
My mobile device is no longer just a phone, but a portable computer to me. I mainly use it for social media and checking emails, as well saw texting, messaging and making calls. I recently bought a new printer, which I can only work from my phone! lol, so now its a device for printing too!!!
The main thing I use my phone for is texting.
Talking to my son who lives in Alberta, and here I am in Ontario, so the least expensive way is to send messages and pictures back and forth. We can also talk while looking at each other. It is also good as a calculator, I use that one a lot, and then there are games, when I am very board witing at the hospital or something.
My mobile phone's main function seems to be to annoy me with calls from people who don't leave a message. It is on a bisiness plan and I believe I cannot be on the do not call register because of that.If someone calls twice and doesn't leave a message I block them- so this is one of the things I do mostly with my phone.

I guess to answer the question correctly - my primary function is as a phone although in reality I use it more for texting. I carry my iPad for camera etc.
For connecting with people :)
I have a modern mobile, (2nd hand 1,) but i don't use it! I sometimes take it with me, when I leave the house. We have at landline at home. When i'm out & I'm asked for my phone No's, I can never remember them.
by Miro
So really my mobile phone is mostly used to hold my Opal & Myki cards in it's leather holder! I always miss my phone calls, because I don't hear them, I don't know how to text, I don't use the camera for taking photos, as I have a real camera that I'd rather use. I can't read anything on my camera in fact, as I'm waiting to have my contacts removed, then I'll be able to order new reading glasses!
by Miro
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