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What is the longest you have ever waited in your doctor's surgery, and would you ever walk out?

by Finy (follow)
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Time is valuable to most people.

What is the longest time you have waited at your doctor's surgery?

Would you ever walk out after a long time as the doctor was running so late.

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Top Answers
I have probably waited about 2 hours at an Eye Clinic.

I have twice walked out as the doctor was running more than an hour late and I had something else to do -I told the receptionist once to tell the doctor that my time is just as important as his and if I make an appointment, I do not expect to have to wait more than an hour.

I understand if there are emergencies, however over an hour is too long.
by Finy
JOLLY GOOD ON YOU!!!! Too many people do not stand up for their own rights! And yes!! our time IS as important as anyone else's!!!
by Jules
Probably around an hour but I would never walk out. I once took my husband to the doctor when he was critically ill and he had their undivided attenti until the ambulance arrived. It is easy to be critical of waiting times but we should always remeber the doctor's day may have got behind because he was saving someone's life.
I think an hour at the rheumatoloy clinic would be the very most! My drs are always pretty aware of time ,and will allow more if it is necessary,but usually I ring up half an hour before my appointment to see if I should go in later .Because I use taxis to travel,my doctors and specialists seem to make a special effort not to keep me waiting! I am extremely lucky to have a very empathetic and compassionate medical team!
P.S . NO,I have not ever walked out.Once there,I will see the person I have made the journey for!!! And because they ave often fit me in on a full sheet,I am happy to wait my turn if necessary.
by Jules
It wasn't at my doctor's but a pre-op anaesthesia clinic but I waited two hours then walked out as I had to go and collect my son from kindergarten. Before leaving the hospital I went to the surgical dept and told them I was cancelling the operation due to the inefficiency of the anaesthetists and they exploded.... big loss of income for them! So I was brought back with a surgical secretary who swept me right into the anaesthetist's office and demanded that I was seem right away. I then got 5 star VIP treatment for the operation from both the surgical and anaesthetist teams, as they realised that I would and could stand up for myself and wasn't going to put up with shoddy treatment.

A lesson to us all! Doctors and nurses often pay no attention to their patients time so we need to make them aware that we don't always have all day to sit around waiting for them.
Very well done Verity! If we all did a bit of this, perhaps they wouldnt double book so many.
by Finy
I have waited over an hour and shown my disapproval for sure...but never actually walked out.

by fran
I have walked out, because the receptionist is a pain.She tell's me to be there say 3:30pm.

She must think my time is for wasting, because 1 hr later!!! still he has others to go before me.

She makes me 'crazy'?*#!?

She books people tooooo close together.

I once waited over 4 hours for my son, who was having a procedure, in the doctors...for 4 hours.
Never again. That was real painful.
They do it because they CAN. Simply put -if people walked out or complained they would stop it. My doctor will not book 10 minute appts like others in the clinic but insists on 15 minutes. He will not be rushed and apologises profusely if he keeps me, or others waiting, longer than about 10 minutes.....some doctors obviously think their time is more valuable than ours......I blame the Dr and not the receptionist as she has instructions from him
by Finy
I'll ask her next time I am in, and then I will tell my doctor...I'm not happy.
by jonaja
I HATE waiting, and now that I have a small child, I always call ahead and see how the doctor is running for time. The longest I have waited was about 2 hours, perhaps a little longer. I don't think I've ever walked out.
by Vee
you waited 2 hours with a child?? or before you had children?
by Finy
Sorry, I should have been clear about that. The two hour wait was before child.
by Vee
I have definitely been left waiting for around an hour or so. I have never walked out though
by AJ
An hour or so. I only really go when I need to, so no.
An hour last week and people got in front of me
I walked out
They rang 30 mins later asking where I was
Never again to that surgery
One of my clinics has an hourly bus service in the small Victorian 'suburb', on the Mornington peninsula, so there are times when my appt. time means I have to wait 40 mins later for the next bus and can't help that. Then get in trouble from the shopkeepers for loitering as I often have no money to go to a cafe to kill the time.

I do let both receptionist/my Dr know when the appt. time is pushing it fine, and more than once I've run down the street to the bus with 5 mins to spare!
I've waited nearly an hour for my 5pm appt was rushing to get there at 5 but the the Dr had a very complicated cust so i had to wait 40 minutes, no will never walk out on Dr's appt
2 hours. Then the receptionist told me that doctors time is precious. I told her that no, my time is precious because I am the one in pain - not doctor.
Most of the time it is the receptionist that is calling the shots - don't put up with it. If there is a nurse that is in charge of the bookings - your situation can become worse. Nurses have this misconception of POWER. Don't put up with it. Tell them that in the next street or the next suburb, there is a doctor that can organise better than they can, that the patient doesn't have to put up with someone surfing the power wave. Tell them that you know a doctor or organisation that "functions better than you do". Just don't be silent.
yes, I have walked out, cannot wait 2hrs plus
NINETY minutes' post Appointment time! Was caused by a patient having a seizure at their home.
This is why I ALWAYS have a book, headphones with audio-cassette or CD player (yes, I'm a Luddite) & now, have an ITablet as well.

No, would not leave as I'm there for a reason, & that's NOT going to change, no matter how long I have to wait!
Probably about 15 minutes on a couple of occasions. I don't mind waiting though because my GP is excellent, always listens to you and never hurries you out of his surgery.
Almost 2 hours, yes I have considered walking out, but after a 2 hour wait decide to stay and be seen and make the doctor aware how long I have been waiting to be seen.
It does make you wonder why have an appointment time when kept waiting so for so long.

I have had to wait well over 1 hour and 15 minutes waiting to see my doctor.
I have felt like walking out but haven't as I think it is better to say what I think to my doctor (and have done so on several occasions).
I get really annoyed as the doctor's visit is to renew a script for restricted medicines.
I often wonder why I cannot simply pick up the script rather than require an appointment simply to renew a medicine by having to attend an appointment.
Because if you simply "pick up the script" then the doctor isn't making any money. Easy !
by fran.
One of my regular clinics does a lunchtime script repeat session, for just 30 mins, and people don't need an appt.
But you have to be stable with your condition and not need anything else as this session may not even be with your regular Dr, it's just someone on rotation each day.
by amanda
I waited over an hour at my specialist, on the other side of town. I had an appt., he only works one day a week in the clinic so times are made months in advance but each patient's issues are usually complicated so may take longer.
Then he may be called for emergency surgery that could push times back.
My cardiologist keeps me waiting for more than two hours most visits,one time I did complain to him and he got angry with me.
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