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What is the best baby name?

by Matteo Lor (follow)
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By Kenny Louie from Vancouver, Canada (258/365 - Benjamin  Uploaded by russavia) , via Wikimedia Commons

What do you think is a good baby name? What would you name your baby? Are there some great names that you've seen for family and friends?

Celebrities like to name their children some pretty wild names (eg Apple, Romeo and Harper). Would you choose something similar or a name perhaps more traditional?

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Top Answers
I like grand, royal-sounding names and I love names like Alexander, Alexandra and Alexis. No fruit names like Apple and Cherrie for me, that's for sure. Some of my family friends name their children with the same initials (Melissa and Michelle).
I like the names you picked thumbs up! :)
by jonaja
Great names - I like them too!
Yay thanks :) It's probably an anchoring effect because my parents named us after royalty too - (Queen) Elizabeth, Antoinette and Ignatius.
I like names that are old-school and traditional. I like Henry, George, Charlotte etc even though they're quite common. With a common last name as well they can have some anonymity if they want it. It's the middle name that can be a little quirky and there are no issues!
I also like 'royal' names. George, William, James, Elizabeth, and Victoria are my favourite, but I probably wouldn't give them to a child because they are so commonly used.
I like the idea of throwing in a quirky middle name so that the kid can have some individuality. I know my grandfather was called by his middle name so maybe that can be an option too?
I did it the other way around. Unusual Christian names and plain middle names. It worked well at school. At school there was only 1 Skye and 1 BrieAnna so finding lost items was a breeze.
by lynne
That's so true Lynne! Very practical.
Whatever baby I am holding at the time has the best name in the universe.
After all it is less about the name and more about the miracle of life.
That's true - although some names can take a little bit away from the moment. Imagine you're holding a kid with the name "Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii".
One that you like the sound of and means a lot to you, whether that's for personal sentimental, spiritual or family reasons. While I'm all for creativity and non-conformity with name-giving, I also think that it's important that children aren't given a name that they'll get bullied for. Kids can be cruel and bullies always love to pick on someone who is a little different.
That's true, you don't want to give bullies any more of an incentive to target your child.
My son's name is Akshaj. My favourite names are Shreya, Aryan
Beautiful names, Radhika. Thanks for sharing!
I think the best baby name is the one you choose for your child. I quite like the sound of names based on things from nature like Aurora, Willow, Summer, Reed and Ocean. However my own children have traditional old fashioned names.
Great ideas for names. I must admit that I don't usually go for the natural sounding names but the examples you provided are quite nice!
Wow, yeah the nature names are nice!
I would call a boy Sebastian Kyle and a girl Gracie Ruth or India Grace.

I don't like silly celebrity names. What poor kid is going to want to be called Apple? It is unfair to give a child a name that is so open to bullying.
That's true, but I guess you can't protect the kid all the time. If you like a name I think you should give it to the kid. Provided it's not completely ridiculous like "Blip". Google it!
I love India!
by Vee
India is a lovely name!
Apple is pretty out there but I don't think Romeo or Harper are especially wild. Romeo is just an Italian name which has been in use for centuries. Harper's a surname that's become a first name, but less odd sounding than some of them, like say MacKenzie (which means "son of Kenzie" so using it as a girl's name seems really weird to me).

My own name is very common which annoyed me when I was at school and there were always multiple Jenny's in any class I was in, so I wanted my kids to have something a bit more unusual, though still fairly easy to pronounce and spell. We gave them both somewhat old fashioned names you don't hear much any more. I save crazy names for pets (eg. one of my hens is called Princess Layer).

I love the name Princess Layer! Very original.
We had gang of chooks and guinea pigs with the weird names ( Madonna and Shaun Penn, Punky Rooster, Cinnamon, Milo, Dandelion, Nutmeg)
by lynne
Shaun Penn is another good one!
My guinea pigs were like kids to me too!!! I am soooooo glad others think enough of their Fur(and Feather!) Babies to name them.
by Jules
Something short and sweet. Easy to pronounce. I like the name Kiara, sounds very regal
Great name - short and sweet but sounds like a princess!
Oh Smita....your're far too young to remember soup brand here 'Kia-Ora'......
so hence I wouldn't name child that, but probably 1000's mums' like you, too young to even know about it!
by donjo
A friend of mine has named her daughter 'Mira' as she is a 'mira'cle :) I think that is so cute.
Very cute! It's a nice name to say as well.
That's really cute. Did you know - in Hindu mythology - Meera (Mira) was a mystic poet and devotee of Lord Krishna.
by Manny
Thanks for teaching us Manny! You learn something new every day :)
Art, Mir(a) in my 'mother tongue' means 'peace'. Just thought that would be nice to share.
by Vee
I like Ole -(Swedish) he'd be a mate. I like Juha (he'd be adventurous) & Didier but my partner liked neither so our boys are named something else.
I particularly like Ole! Sounds like a good guy. He could be everyone's mate!
I sat opposite a guy called Ole (he was a Swede in a Delegation and had a name tag on) on the train to the Sydney Olympics - and even though he looked like a middle aged accountant, he was laughing and joking around - which made me think, if you had that name, you would sort of be a good guy to be around...
I totally agree!
Winston (Churchill). At least it will be easy to remember that way - take one look at a newborn and what does it remind you of?

But seriously, each to their own. I have my own views/preferences (like everyone) but choose not to express those because I don't think it's so important as to risk offending someone. Whatever I may think of a given name, if the people who apply it, and the person who receives it are happy, who am I to judge?
by kimp
My friend once said: "All names are beautiful but no name is beautiful enough for your own child". I thought her comment reflected a mother's infinite love for her child.
I like names that are modern, short, easy to pronounce and the ones that cannot be made fun of.
I too like shorter names. Otherwise names that can be shortened to make life just that little bit easier.
Hopefully something that flows with the surname.

As long as it doesn't rhyme? Not sure about Donald McDonald.
We used to work with a Donald Duckworth!!

by fifi.
fifi, LOL! That is all. Did he get teased?
by Vee
Oh! What about 'Dr Donald MALLARD', nicknamed 'Ducky', on NCIS, played by David McCallum?

There was a quip in one of Series I episodes, where Jethro was asked who was 'Ducky' beforehand, & he replied 'Ilya Kuryakin'. I had to stop my VHS tape, I was laughing so much! Of course, the questioner didn't have a clue who Ilya was, but it was a nice nod to that fabulous old series, 'The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
by donjo
Just about any name is good as long it's something that he/she will not be mocked about. I've known some names (given and surnames) that would've really made them feel ashamed amidst their peers.

It matters a lot to kids that they shouldn't be mocked for anything, especially not their names because it sticks with them throughout their life or at least until they're 18, when they can legally change name. Some of these examples may mean good / holy things in their religion but amongst a crowd, they do bring up jeers e.g. Hardik, Dikshit, Dick, Badcock (yes, google Mark Badcock if you don't believe me), Longbottom, Gaylord, Osama (notorious, eh?)

For this reason alone, I think parents should do some level of research before bestowing their kids with beautiful names or punishment-for-life!
A little bit of research can go a long way!
I think most people find ways to invent/mock names for other people. Don't think any name is 'safe'. If you have a safe name someone will invent a nickname for you.
Just after posting my comment, happened to read this:
There is a Zulu tradition to name children after events that occur near their birth - fair enough. However, Will and Guy pity these poor children who have been given these unfortunate names following the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Coach Sibise, Stadium Gumbi, Tickets Ngubane, Kick-off Shabalala Red-card Mbatha and Park n Ride Khumalo. We also wonder about the father of Offside Mchunu and the mother of Substitute Shandu!

** And a lady named Ima Hogg!

Source: http://www.guy-sports.com/months/jokes_names_children.htm#Weird_Childrens_Names
That's terrible for those kids - but quite funny for everyone else!

Thanks for sharing Manny.
I do have a little thing for girls names that start was A.
I also like names that aren't really popular and aren't really simple/plain.
Here is my list:


Tyler (my sons name)
Thanks for sharing, Belle. They are definitely uncommon names, but nice too.
As in Braxton-Hicks contractions? Rethink maybe needed on that one!
by donjo
Ha! I'm with you, donjo.
by Vee
A good baby name is one that is spelled correctly. None of this Will-oh or Tae-lar business.....
I totally agree! Sometimes it's too hard to spell some names. Just the standard stuff for me, thank you!
Ann...ha...well it has lasted many generations and centuries and works in all situations, and has lovely alternatives in different cultures. It means grace and I think that's about perfect.
Nice name! Short and sweet - you lucky devil!
I think it's important to focus on this in a responsible way. Give the question time so the name comes to you rather than getting carried away being creative or unique. We are all unique and no one needs a weird name just to prove it. Also, names can tend to have certain characteristics, just ask a school teacher.
Totally agree that this is one thing that is worth taking time and getting right. I also think it's interesting some names seem to encourage certain characteristics from kids.
I named my boys very traditional names, Mark and David. I like unusual names for girls but less so for boys. And I really hate it when 40 year old men have little boys names, like Jamie or Timmy.
So true, Tracie!
Yes, Tracie, & it's even worse if they a CEO or 90yo!
by donjo
Yes I think Tim or Tristan are names that don't suit elderly men.
But then Cindy and Skye and a few others I think would sound queer for elderly women too.
by fran.
Yes, all the 'made-up' & 'out there' names, will come home to roost in about 30-50 years' time.
The above can be psychologically damaging, but many of those who've do so to their children, will be able to afford Psych. fees, as they very wealthy!

Poor, poor kids! You've got to feel for them!
by donjo
It is useful to look up a website that lists names bogans call their babies and avoid MOST of them like the plague. Unfortunately some ignoramuses have hijacked thelist by adding some traditional names or ones from other countries through sheer lack of general knowledge.
It has to be something that will suit them as an adult, the initials don't end up spelling something rude or just weird and won't sound ridiculous when they say their wedding vows !

I personally like normal names, traditional ones but none of these ridiculous made up ones
I like old-school names. I dont like names of continents, fruits, spices, prostitutes, pop-star names and such. They often seem like fads that feel outdated after a while.
by Gia
Totally agree, Gia. I feel it's because some people have great insecurity complexes, & feel ' safer, more confident' with way-out names for their kids.
It's well known persons of both stage & screen are some of the least confident persons' around!
by donjo
What a lot of interesting comments.
In choosing a first name the surname and initials are important too ...i.e I. PULHAM (a dentist ...first name Ian.)
S.O.D ...Suzie Olivier Denham
We were going to name a son Lawrence but call him Laurie until my two year old daughter touching my large bump said ..." Whens my brother van coming". So we thought again and he's christened James but called Jamie whilst a child.
My 3 girs all have uncommon names (at least they were very uncommon when named) and enen now not heard that often. I was toying with calling any more girls I had Fern or Skye but you really need to look at the child to see if the name suits them once born. For example, my last one was almost 12lbs so Fern just wouldn't have suited.
Chose 'good, strong' English, & Irish names, for my children.
Names that could NOT be shortened!

Names which meant much to us both, in tradition, over a long time.

Made sure initials didn't spell a 'word', or 'stand' for anything.

A relie of mine had 4 children, & their names' are some of the best combos' I've ever heard........

Susan Louise
Paul Francis
Christopher John
Kathy Anne

All easy to spell, & pronounce.

I want Francis if we have another boy or Frances if we have a girl. My husband won't have it. >.>
by Vee
Oh! Vee, why on earth not? Francis or Frances is a lovely name. I love it because my Father's middle name was 'Franklyn', so my sister's middle name was 'Frances', after Dad.

Also St Francis of Assisi is the Patron Saint of Animals, & as I love animals', I love his name via association.
by donjo
At the moment, I really like Cora because of Alexandrea Owens-Sarno who played Cora on the Titanic. Not sure about the spelling though. Perhaps we'd have to Greek it up and spell it 'Khora', though I'm not keen on the meanings of this one.
by Vee
I can't say that, everyone has different ideas, however some of the recent names I'm not keen on like Maddison, Lachlan, Harrison, Hudson, not keen on those names at all.
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