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What in this day and age breaks your heart?

by Finy (follow)
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What "breaks your heart" in life?

#Broken heart
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Top Answers
There are actually many things that break my heart nowadays.

I seem to get upset more easily and so cannot always watch the news on television.
Perhaps the worst for me, having lost two children, is to see sick children and have brave and innocent they are -this truly breaks my heart when there are so many older, nasty people around.
by Finy
I can not even get my head around your loss dear Finy.
It brings tears to my eyes, as I'm a mum.
BIG Hugs xoxo wish I could hug you right now :(
by jonaja
thanks -i shouldnt keep bringing it up but it just seems to be connected to a lot of answers! sorry.....life is cruel but beats the alternative.
by Finy
never say sorry Finy.
Yours is a heavy burden in life, and no one has a right to say a thing!
Only You. :)
by jonaja
I am sincerely sorry for your loss.

by Zen
Can't imagine losing my kids, Finy - my heart goes out to you!
thanks to all of you !! as I said it IS the pits...
by Finy
I can be quite an emotional person and a lot of things tend to bother me. The plight of third world countries really upsets me, that people have to live in those appalling conditions.
So sorry for your loss. I can't watch the news also for this reason.
I feel heartbroken by all the pain and suffering in the world....for humans, animals and our natural environment. Human trafficking makes me especially sad...how people (sometimes even family members) can exploit another human being in such a degraded way simply for lust and their own financial gain. The war in Iraq is also very upsetting...how the Yazidi people are being so brutally persecuted, as well as many other innocent people.
Children or animals being mistreated. Also cannot watch most of the news like you Finy!
by Fran
Dear Lord, yello. I once recieved an email from PETA entitled 'Have you ever heard a rabbit scream?' I can't unsee or unhear what followed. People can be monsters. Evil, evil monsters.
by Vee
I love this. Given that so many find themselves questioning the existence of God, or any deity, because of the terrible things that go on in the world, I thought I'd include it.
by Vee
Crap, I should've included it in my first post. Sorry. Also sorry that you can't actually read it.
by Vee
Mindless cruelty of any kind. I just don't get it.

That's why I went into Ministry, because I wanted to bring some hope.
Wanted to love people right where they are.,
I sometimes can't get my head around the pain this world has, and it has too much.....way too much.
we agree again Jonaj!!
by Finy
yes indeed Finy :)
by jonaja
The amount of hardship that people go through. It's something that has always happened throughout the years - but it still is so hard to go through and to see
by AJ
children in detention
The hardships of life - just an ongoing struggle for so many people all over the world,that have to go with out their basic needs being met.
Loss of life is extremely heart breaking but The loss of a child is the greatest and worst heartbreak. My thoughts are with all those who have lost a child.
Watching and listening to all the heartbreak around gives me a greater appreciation of life.
by Zen
zen -and the sad part is there are MANY parents who have lost children -you just dont read about it mostly.
by Finy
Sick and abused children and animals always touch my heart in a huge way,This never lessens,but rather upsets me more with each occurrence! I am another one who dislikes watching the News on most occasions! There is just SO much sadness in the world that I make it a point every single day when I wake up,to go outside for an hour during the quiet of the almost perfect early hours and enjoy the sound of the birds as they start to stir,and the sight of the dew on my precious beautiful plants which I nurture with the same love I give to my family and pets.If I can begin my day with a smile, then I find I can give a smile to others when they need one! I am truly blessed to be personally happy (NOT wealthy!) and I really do enjoy the simple pleasures life has to offer me.
My heart does ache for those who are not as fortunate as I am.
Where to start! As I get older I find I get upset much more easily. Abused children and animals and the plight of homeless people really make me sad.
I'm with jonaj. Seems that most things get to me. Seeing families torn apart by war, the elderly and disabled neglected and forgotten, children and animals abused, young guys and girls feeling out of place and inadequate and families ripped apart by pornography and infidelity.
by Vee
Humanity! So much potential, so many possibilities for good but so preoccupied with self. Equipped with immense innate logic but overpopulates for ego or religion. Destroys its only home in the pursuit of wealth and luxury. Denies resources to its own future generations by permitting capitalism to become the over-arching principle. A species which could have been a bright light for millennia is going to decimate itself in a super-nova like flash of short-lived glory.
Neglected children. The working poor. Gullible women. Lack of care by nurses in nursing homes for the aged.
Children when so innocent, genuine and pure having their feelings hurt or their hearts broken. Wrenches the heart write out of my chest.
Having lived in countries where it is very real for the last 14 years - abject and deep seated poverty and the arrogance of some who don't see it and all its manifestations for what it is.
The inhumanity of humanity! Breaks my heart on a daily basis. how can we claim to be "civilized" and "evolved"? We are still crude and heartless as a specie. Look at the condition of this planet. Look at how we have cause extinction of certain species. look at the wars and conflicts around the world. Breaks my heart.
Muslim extremists beheading innocent people just doing their job. Muslim extremist killing women children and men
I feel for abused animals and children because they are innocent.
Abused & murdered children. Can't watch anything with hurt baby/child since I had my own children.
Cruelty to animals really upsets me.
IF I won multi-millions in Lotto, would buy huge tract of land to build refuges for Horses, Dogs & Cats. Would also give to Children's Hospitals.
Poverty and child cruelty.
All the awful & sad stuff that happens in our world.
Why can't people be nicer to each other? Life is so short. Another things is, my husband having nothing to do with our eldest daughter, due to her partner. This would have been going on for 3 years, next month.
by Miro
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