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What gets on your nerves most about your partner?

by Finy (follow)
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What one thing above all, gets on your nerves about your spouse or partner?

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Top Answers
LOL -many things used to get on my nerves about my last partner of 18 years, however, thankfully I am now rid of him and his nasty ways, and anyway there are too many to list!

I hate "nasty" people" and he sure was that.
by Finy
Well my last partner stalked me dreadfully after we broke up, I nearly had a nervous breakdown....previous husband/partners...I would say the main thing that stands out is 'words rather than action'....give me 'action rather than words' in doing tasks etc anyday....
by Fran
I'm really sorry to hear about your experience of stalking. I hope you have found peace and safety now xxx
by meggf
What a lovely response thank you Meg....yes I have put it behind me pretty well now, every now and then I think I see his car etc but are just flashes and they are gone...best wishes to you...
by Fran
Not keeping his word but I try to be understanding because I'm sure I have my faults too
by Gia
At the moment - his bloody snoring!
I am now without a partner so I am blissfully happy without having to put up with annoying behaviour.
The worst thing I think,was the way he would start many little (and some big) jobs,but never finish a single one! Everyone who knew him would joke that being in the Artillery regiment in the Army,he waas certainly living up to the job description of Gunner: Gonna do this, and Gonna do that!!!!
I think he came to live with me.
by Rice
Oh You POOR poor thing!!!!! There is NOTHING quite as frustrating as this sort of thing!!I finally had my dwnstairs room totally gutted and re-built.It had only been 25 years since the ex started to strip ONE of the walls!!! At least,the entire job has now been done and to a VERY high standard,and needing absolutely NOTHING else at all doing! My son took over the mortgage when I became too ill to work,and he paid for this wonderful job to be done.Thank heavens he has not inherited his father's behaviour patterns!!!
by Jules
by AJ
Come on AJ, there has to be something.
by Vee
Honestly nothing - it's one of the reasons I married him!
by AJ
I have to say, that photo is absolutely hilarious! Good find.

My partner and I get along incredibly well. The two issues that make us fight are roses - he says we have enough, I say you can't get enough - and shelves - he's forever building them and they're UGLY!!! At least roses are pretty!

I'd rather fight over roses and shelves than money though.
How unusual, LOL. And right on about your closing remark.
by Vee
He tells his mum things I've said to him in confidence: "Vee said your pita was bad yesterday." Vee stares at husband. "What? Why are you looking at me like that?" Oh man does that get my blood boiling! He doesn't do it often and he doesn't do it out of spite, he just doesn't think!
by Vee
Silly Vee. You can't use men & thinking in the same sentence. ☼.☼
by Rice
Even if it's preceded by "doesn't"? LOL!
by Vee
His poor time management
Holding remote and switching tv channels a lot...
Oh where do I start? Mostly him not listening. Just recently we went out for dinner with another couple. The other female ordered the same steak as me but with vegetables, where I requested salad. My order came back a with completely different steak. Also this couple were staying overnight. I told my partner which milk to get and he got the opposite!
Predictability. Inevitable so a shame. Probably same feelings held by him too.
When I phoned him to collect me from work function, I waited. Waited. Waited.
After 30 minutes' I hailed a cab.
His excuse? He was in the middle of doing 'something' important.
So his wife, standing on a street, late at night wasn't important?
He also was never punctual. Hated it.
He'd many other really annoying traits.
I don't have to worry anymore, as now independent!
Not listening. Asking the same question several times and being answered. Can't see leaves and other garden refuse needs to be swept up and not traipsed through the house. Not wiping down and cleaning kitchen sink. Not putting dirty cutlery in sink or dishwasher to be washed. Not wiping away crumbs on the bread board....and the list goes on, plus "close enough is good enough".
With my 1st one he was ''Passive-Aggressive'' 11 years later, I walked.

With my 2nd one....he pretended to be a nice guy.
Until I found out he had a ''dreadful temper.''
I Ran, with injuries....and a 4 month old baby 5 years later.

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