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What does this picture signify to you?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Wikipedia

What does this picture signify to you, or what is the story behind the picture?

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Top Answers
I think they are arguing about who cooked the dinner and several of them do not feel well, and they are lining up to taste the food and see if anyone else gets sick proving it was the cooking!
by Finy
I wouldn't eat there for quids, Finy . . . LOL
by Rice
Jonaj got there before me. I remember studying this picture when I was at school for history class.
Oh really Bryony - I had never seen it before - stumbled upon it by accident while looking for something else!
by Finy
Maybe because it is an English cartoon. I think I was 13 or 14 at the time and we were studying the history of medicine.

From a modern point of view the picture actually reminds me of the mad cow disiease pandemic in the 1990s.
That's the first thing that came to my mind Bryony . . .Mad Cow! LOL. Great minds ;-))
by Rice
To me, it looks like a big, happy family, which is expanding !! The lady in the front with the ripped apron, looks to be expecting a baby. Her husband looks very proud !
Oh yes, it is making sense now. There was so much going on in the picture, hard to make sense of it all
by Lluxi
You're not wrong . . . . probably why I thought what i thought. oooops. LOL
by Rice
Thanks Rice. I cant see it very clearly !!
by Lluxi
Holy cows!! They are popping out like boils!!! She is even vomitting one. . . i WAS going to say it looked like an Edwardian knock shop and they were all arguing the price . . . ! However, given that the man standing is injecting something into the woman's arm . . . perhaps it is an artist's impression of Bedlam, the asylum. I am going to say it represents the Wickedness of Man.
by Rice
Ahhhh, maybe the physician is Edmund Jenner who invented the smallpox vaccine.
by Rice
It is....him.
by jonaja
by Rice
Caricature of vaccination scene at the Smallpox and Inoculation Hospital at St. Pancreas.
Dr. Jenner vaccinating frightened young woman, and cows emerging from different parts of people's bodies. in 1802

Looks just awful!! hellish like.
Yes indeedy!!! Euwwwww. Stuff of nightmares. NOT a happy family scene methinks. . . . or a brothel as I at first thought. HAHA.
by Rice
by jonaja
Jonaj - you read the writing below - forgot to chop that off!!!
by Finy
Ermahgerd! I didn't see the writing. Hahahahahahaha.
by Rice
Or: I know art, and know how to find resources?
by jonaja
Yes, I laughed to myself and thought "jonaj will know this" :-))
by Rice
you know it! lol
by jonaja
I have seen this before when in High School.It is to do with vaccinations, I believe. From the title though, it could refer to all sorts on new discoveries and inventions!! At first glance it looks like a hideous ward in a very old asylum for mad people!!! But on closer inspection, the reality of it is more obvious!! Vaccinations were certainly the 'new inoculation' mentioned in the title!! Hideous image and enough to frighten anyone away from trying it!!!
I forgot to mention, when I was at school, we all were fascinated at the thought of all those little cows being expelled from the bodies of the patients after having their vaccinations against what they called TheCow Pock!!! It's like something out of a science fiction movie!!!!
Oooh. Let's play cow pockey! I'll get the bent sticks. LOL. On second thought . .
by Rice
Oh no!!!! I'd hate to hurt those tiny cows!!!! Hee hee hee hee!!!
by Jules
Yes, they are kind of cute . . . . I'll get a puck instead then.
by Rice
It is a STRANGE drawing! Animals/Cows popping out of weird places? Is it supposed to be humorous? Satire from that era? It is not pleasant to look at and I don't get it, sorry! Cows decease? the picture on the back wall has a cow in it?
People in this picture don't look particularly happy,it looks to me that they are lining up to have a serve of soup,maybe poor people.
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