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What does feminism look like to you?

by lizzi (follow)
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Does feminism look like this? Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

What does feminism look like to you? Are YOU a feminist?

#Gender equality
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Top Answers
Am I a feminist? You better believe I am! As the great Maya Angelou said:

"I'm a feminist. I've been female for a long time now. I'd be stupid not to be on my own side."

What does feminism look like to me? it looks like equal rights, no discrimination, and recognition for the things I do that are solely the dominion of women. Namely birth and breastfeeding, but there are others.
I know what it use to look like when I was young.

I know what it looks like now when much much older.
Me thinks! I like it.
Being treated like a human being is what it looks like to me.
In other words, that women have rights, should NOT be discriminated against, as we were 40 years ago!
It had a profound effect on me as a young woman, and all my life I have walked with my head down.
I just don't like the word now for 2014-15.
We need a better word than 'Feminist' I feel.
The word feminist has been smeared back and forth across the globe by those who seek to keep women subservient. We need to reclaim the word, not find a new one in my opinion. Have you ever seen any of the early cartoons that were against women being allowed to vote? They very clearly highlight the concerted efforts against feminism, and why we need to educate people about the nature and purpose of feminism, not find a way to appease those who feel they are not served by women having equal rights :-)
by meggf
When a word has been badly treated, from lack of education it would be nice to re-educate.
With some words, that can be a far bigger task because it started out on a bad footing.
Pressing the 're-start' button on this one word is not enough.
A new one would not bring up old memories, of a time when (and maybe even now) the lack of understanding and education about such an important issue.People like to return to ideas of the past....and that word brings wrong ideas.Women deserve to be represented for the very best reasons :)
by jonaja
I am proud to be a feminist. I think feminism comes in so many shapes and forms - I know that my expression of feminism has changed as I've grown and matured and had children. These days my focus is on feminism in terms of birth and parenting, because that's where I am at in my own life.
I don't think there is such a thing a feminists/feminism anymore. I think everything that was "fought" for in the early 70s has ben "thrown away" by modern girls of 2014. Girls these days seem so desperate for a bloke, any bloke, that they seem (to me) to go to any lengths to please them and their fantasies. Like the brazilian waxing, breast enlargement, labioplasty etc. etc. and the magazines telling young women how to get a man, keep a man, maintain his interest.
Girls these days have so many opportunities in life compared to the Women Liberationists of the 70s and yet they still seem unable to throw off those old yearnings like marriage (marrying anyone as long as you are married), children, and the thinking that if you have a child or children, then a bloke is going to stick with you.
i don't know how it happened, when and why did the change take place.
No such thing? So what about all the women actively campaigning about sexism in the media, politics, sport, religion, etc. Are they not feminists? Is Malala Yousafzai, who campaigns to make education available to young girls not a feminist? How about Melinda Tankhard Reist, anti-porn campaigner who was just instrumental in getting Julien Blanc, the pickup artist who advocates assaulting women, out of the country? Or the editorial team of the Whole Woman Hub? Last month I attended an International Women's Liberation Summit in Brisbane, with speakers from all over the world talking about feminism. Trust me, we're still out there.
No bloody chance does it look like that!

For me, feminism looks like respect and dignity for men and women alike; it means equal rights for both sexes in both the private and public spheres; it means working against pornography and every other industry and violent act that seeks to objectify, commodify and demean the dignity of the human person and the worth of our sexuality as men and women; it means working towards a world where girls don't have to fear being targeted and used by their peers because they have breasts and a vagina, and a world where boys grow to become men who respect and safeguard the dignity of the women in their lives - not men who contribute to their dehumanisation.
by Vee
Great answer :)

by jonaja
Thanks jonaj. :)
by Vee
To my mind choice is an important component of feminism, so I suppose the above women might be feminists, if that's hw they want to dress. I'm not sure what exactly is going on in that photo so I couldn't say. Feminism looks different in different contexts. As for myself, yes, I am definitely a feminist. I believe that men and women should have equal rights. Hopefully one day that will just go without saying but sadly it doesn't yet.
As a woman, I'd say feminism looks like whaterver I want it to look like - working, staying at home, whatever I choose.

It also looks like women being valued for what they can do, and not how they look. It means no more rape or other abuse, including murder, not only in my country, but in the entire world.

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