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What do/did you call your mother and father in law?

by Finy (follow)
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Were/are you able to call your in laws Mum and Dad?

How do you address them?

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Top Answers
Darn it. Would've voted for your answer fran. had I seen it first!
by Vee
LOL...LOL...LOL......Very funny! :) love it.
by jonaja
My mother in law with my first husband, wanted me to call her "Mum" but I just could not do it.

My mum was a lovely, funny, generous person and my mil was none of these and I just found it impossible to call her this.

I think i called her nothing as she did not approve of being called by her first name, so "er-um" was probably the term I used!
by Finy
With both my Mother in laws I called them 'Mum'.
With both my Father in laws I called them 'Dad'.

Even with my second one's......who were Black American.
I got on very well with them.Even after I did divorce their sons.
Their sons, jonaj?
by Vee
Yep! I married twice, and had to divorce twice..second one I was lucky to be alive! lol.
by jonaja
By their names. I'm very fond of them, but there's no reason to call them mum or dad, that would be weird!
I called them by their Christian names. It was the only thing I felt comfortable with,after all,My mum died when I was 17,and my dad is still alive at 84.I could never imagine calling anyone else Mum or Dad,not even my beloved Step Mum who I also call by her Christian name.
I call them by their first names - I couldn't call them Mum and Dad
by AJ
Mr and Mrs x
Oh! chris, luv ya thinking! I was going to say 'idiotic morons', & am SO pleased they're no longer in my life!
by donjo
Only had one son who is now 43! He has only been married 3 years and I have never been close to her parents...I call them by their first names...if I ever see them
by fran
I call them by their first names. When I was a teenager (I've known my husband and his family for a long time) I used to call them Mr and Mrs.
I call my MIL grandma, because that's what the kids call her. And my FIL was Grandad. Before the kids were born I was never really sure what I should call them, but Mum and Dad were never options.
Same as what My husband calls them - Mum & Dad in our language - Amma & Appachchi.
I call my mother-in-law by her first name. Just seems right.
by Vee
I couldn't imagine calling my MIL mum, it just seemed too weird so I call her by her christian name. My husband does the same for my mother. My mum had a row with me about it though .... asked what was wrong with me and why did I always have to be different to other people. She was stuck in the 1960's :)

Our surname is Harding and both of our daughter in laws call us Mr H and Mrs H. They have been in our lives for many years before marrying our boys. Grandkids are a new addition, will be interesting if the girls call us the name the Grandkids choose.
I call them by their first names. My husband calls my parents by their first names. Just logical to me.
Definitely not! They weren't MY parents! Just by their first names.
P.S. I even had a great deal of problems doing that. Would've preferred to call them nothing, actually. The problems they caused, with the way they were, to our marriage, was beyond belief!

If I'd had the aged head that I now possess, when I was 19, there's NO way I would've gotten involved with that family!

But as a human, we all make mistakes, & that was my worst, EVER!

by donjo
Is that UK actor, Ralph '(Rafe) Fiennes, in that picture?

Yum. I mean, yes.
by Rice
Ha ha ha ha! Lol!
by donjo
I call them by their first names. They are not my parents, so I couldn't call them mum and dad. When I first met them I called them Mr and Mrs L. After we got engaged, they said it would be ok to call them by their first names and that has suited us after all these years
Mum and Dad. I love them like my own. (who are both long gone.)
by Rice
Sadly, only a few short days after writing my reply, here I am planning dear father in law's funeral as he passed away two days ago. I never would have imagined when I replied to this question that he would be gone so quickly. I am going to miss him so much :((
by Rice
By their christian names, & that's what my husband called my parents also by their christian names. Our daughters call their inlaws by their christian names as well.1 sister-in-law called my in-laws mum & dad, after her parents died.
by Miro
Only ten months later and we have just buried dear m-in-law too. Very sad to have lost them both in quick succession. Both over 90 but still sad.
by Rice
I called my mothers-in-law by their christian names & my fathers-in-law by their christian names. But had a 'pet' affectionate name for my last father-in-law & used that sometimes.
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