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What do you wear to bed?

by annep (follow)
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Photo: rachel CALAMUSA - wikimedia commons

Sleeping takes up a large portion of our life. Therefore, it shouldn't be much of a surprise that some people decide to invest in some comfortable nightwear. However, each person's choice of bedtime clothing is different. Many enjoy the warmth of cotton pyjamas, others prefer the luxurious feel of silk negligees. A few even choose to put on bras and bed socks to keep warm while to some people, sleeping naked is most comfortable.

What about you? What do you wear to bed?

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Top Answers
Nothing - let your body breath! Nothing is more comfortable and I feel that we rarely get a chance to be naked in our society so why not in the privacy of our own bed?
Damn right, sister, comfort to the end. I simply cannot sleep in anything due to my Fibromyalgia. (Except my red bed socks . . . now THERE'S a look.) I am like the Princess and the Pea, curse it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
by Rice
My nightwear is a cotton pyjama. While it doesn't look very sexy, it serves the purpose for me, which is warm and comfortable.
I like cotton singlets with pyjama bottoms. They are really comfy and cotton is more breathable than some of the sexier fabrics.
Anything that's comfy ... nighties or loose t-shirts
I love to look good even when going to bed! I buy victoria's Secret nightwear. They have a great range Pjs, Nighties and night shirts that make you look sexy and nice as well as give that comfortable feel.
Peter Alexander Pyjamas
I just wear a T-Shirt and long cotton P.J. Pants.
So if I need to answer the door, I look o.k.
Very comfy, and practical.
I like nightwears
I'm with mandi, there is nothing better to wear to bed than your birthday suit - especially in the summer heat.
by Vee
Nothing, usually. Cotton pajama if it is very cold. I have a nasty habit of throwing the blanket out of the bed no matter how hot or cold it is in the room. So, I sometimes have to wear something during cold winter nights. However, I live in a hot country, where these nights are so rare.
Cotton pj bottoms and a t-shirt. When living in the tropics not much but always needed a sheet or blanket over me, even if it was boiling hot. just a safety thing when asleep I think. I've been known to go to bed with a jumper or sweat shirt on when cold but usually peel it off once warmed up. Cant wear socks even though they keep the body warm. Too claustrophobic
Nothing. Although if I stay with friends or at a hotel I do take night attire with me (just in case)! It is much more comfortable lying in bed with nothing on and, as Mandi, says lets your skin breathe.
At home, usually, it's just 'L'Air du Temps'! (a Nina Ricci Perfume).

When staying at an Hotel, I always wear my very loose & extremely comfy Purple Top, with Green Pants, both made of silk. Can't stand tight PJ's, & 'nighties' are only for Hospital wear. I watch way TOO many crime shows to 'wear' same as home!
I love that you conjugated "an Hotel" correctly and perfectly. Kudos :-))
by Rice
Oh! Rice Paper, thank you!
I absolutely abhor incorrect Grammar, & Spelling!
Nowadays, there's just SO much laziness in writing, & slovenly speaking, it annoys me to the nth degree.
School curriculum doesn't help either, getting away from the 'core' subjects, & having 'wishy-washy' subjects that will be useless in real life. Even Universities' complain students' come to them uneducated, especially can't write or spell correctly! Cheers!
by donjo
Strictly speaking, words where the "h" is pronounced are prefixed with "a". Words where the "h" is silent are prefixed with "an".See OED.
by norma
..........and strictly SPEAKING, 'hotel' is pronounced 'oh-tell', so prefix 'an' is used.
by donjo
Must be Australian grammar because, in the UK, we say hotel - pronouncing the "H".
by norma
Well, I'm NOT in the UK!
AND I was taught in Australia, so I go by what I was taught, not by what you say.........

by donjo
Pretty touchy donjo. You obviously don't like being corrected.
by norma
.......and you get a distinct 'pleasure' in correcting people, & most of the time, you're very wrong!
If all was so 'good' about the UK, why did you leave?
You continuously 'rabbit on' about it, to the point of annoyance.
It's plainly obvious by your various comments' you don't like being here, or the people who were born here.
by donjo
Really - your comments are so ridiculous and xenophobic they don't warrant a serious answer.The ire you show is quite amusing though. Lighten up donjo!
by norma
You answered, none the less!

I could say more, but choose not to, as it would be way too truthful!
by donjo
naked, all seasons
naked, all seasons
Just my undies.
I always wear mamas as I am so frightened that I might get murdered and be found naked. I mean you just never know, do you ?
Meant Jamas but I guess my Jamas could be called Mamas……they are really sexy, striped flannelette in winter and sensible floral cotton in summer
by fran.
Oh! fran......we obviously both been watching too many CSI &/or good UK drama a la DCI Banks, MM's, Morse, Lewis et al..............lol!
by donjo
Spot on donjo. Just finished reading a book title was Blood Stain- Scone NSW about Katherine Knight. Good God. Not only very particular about nightwear anymore, but also air conditioning, abattoirs inter alia.
You just…….Never Know
by fran.
by Finy
Pink winter pj's in winter, & a nighty or short cotton summer pjs in summer.
by Miro
I usually wear nothing. I totally agree with Mandi. Our skin needs to breathe and we need some naked time. I would spend more time naked if I could.
Somewhere along the line our society got the wrong idea about nudity. Instead of being seen as natural it is viewed as rude or sexual.
I don't wish to impose my nudity on anyone accidentally so I keep a robe handy, in case.
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