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What do you think of the work Cher, now 68 years old, has had done?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: en.wikipedia.org

What do you think of Cher at age 68?

Do you think the work she admits she has had done to her body, looks good?

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Top Answers
I really adore Cher -i think she LOOKS fabulous, and sings fabulous.

There is something about her that is so unique -cannot quite explain it.

I personally would never go to the lengths she has done, even if I had her money, as I would rather age gracefully, however I have to say she looks fabulous.

She looks at least 20 years younger and although you can see she has had work done on her face, I think it is done very tastefully -good on her!
by Finy
As long as she's happy with it that's the most important thing! I will never have unnecessary surgery, so it's definitely not my thing, but good luck to her!
I think that it's nobody's business but hers. I hate the hypocrisy of the entertainment industry expecting women to look young and beautiful all the time then turning around and criticising them when they have surgery to try and stay that way.
Cher is a Top performer.
She has been around since I was a kid! so that's saying something.
She was in her younger days nothing short of Stunning!
Even half naked dresses she would wear, to me looked like 'art'.

There is only one Cher.

So if she can pull it off, I say go for it.
You have to also remember, she is 68.
She is what entertainment is all about, and would have to work extremely
She is part native American, and has amazing genes.
We just always have had here around, so when the days comes she is Not,
she will be very much missed you believe me.

I must admit my favorite outfit she has ever worn is the one I have left.
Totally stunning.

I like Cher's music, and, despite my personal aversion to plastic surgery, I have to admit she doesn't look as bad as most who've had it done.
by Vee
I always thought she looked so gorgeous - striking and unique, I have to say I was disappointed when she had work done. I mean, it was really great work but I miss the old Cher. I always find it sad that people can't live with their god given faces :(
by Rice
So do I, Rice Paper.
by Vee
I am so glad that Cher has had very tasteful work done by the cleverest of surgeons who obviously respect her wishes. I admire this woman so much as a singer,entertainer and sublimely fabulous actress! I think that with the exceptional Native American Indian genes she is so fortunate to have,the surgeons have had a gorgeous palette to begin with,so she looks VERY beautiful and is rightly proud of the work which she has had done. I saw an inyterview recently and she is a witty,clever and compassionate person who appreciates all she has in life while still retaining a natural 'something' which is so hard to define. And her voice!!! Oh my goodness,if anything,it is even better than it used to be when she was younger.So many singers do not sing so beautifully as they get older as their voices change with age. Cher obviously knows her voice is a tool which she needs to look after if it is to retain its magnificent timbre and tone.She has CERTAINLY done this all of her working life! Her voice if anything,is even more well-rounded and easy to enjoy than it used to be!
I have always liked Cher, I believe most of the well known actresses have to conform and keep up with each other in the looks department...think it is a bit sad they this situation actually exists but it seems to be a fact of life, these women are judged to a large extent on their ohysical looks (think things are improving in this regard but still a long way to go). She certainly looks better with the work she has done that a lot of others..
by fran
I think she looks really well in that picture.
I don't have an opinion either way, so long as SHE is happy with herself that's all that matters.
She looks amazing for someone going on 70!
I think he plastic surgery has turned out well - unfortunately it doesn't always turn out so well for people
by AJ
She look like a beauty .
wish i could afford to get work done !!
I llke Cher and her songs.
We all have different interpretations of beauty and if plastic surgery, tattoos, nose rings or skin implants are your thing then go for it. Enjoy celebrating your uniqueness!. Cher is fortunate that, as well as being a natural beauty, her plastic surgery is outstanding. The important thing is knowing where to draw the line and I'm sure she'll do that.
look good feel good.. thats all its really about.. but no matter what .. she still is 68... you can turn back the real living years ... don't we wish we really could..
Good for her, i would never attempt surgery on any body parts of mine, i do not trust the result.
All a person need to do is put on a little weight, do exercise, and eat healthy foods.
A person saves money, does it naturally, and ends up living and looking good longer, naturally.
I don't know or care she is a great entertainer.
She looks great so good luck to her.
She can do no wrong in my book,I love every thing she does........
She can do no wrong in my book,I love every thing she does........
I actually like the colour and the look, it;s just so different and it ads something, afterall you have to dare to be different, and good on ya Cher.
I like her as a singer bought stop wearing underwear, wear a dress as the underwear thing makes her look cheap.
The same for all these singers who dress the same way.
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