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What do you think of the word "lady"?

by Jennifer Muirhead (follow)
I am learning all the time. The tombstone will be my diploma ~ Eartha Kitt.
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lady of shalott, Waterhouse
The Lady of Shallott by John William Waterhouse.

Some modern women object to being called "ladies", as opposed to "women". How do you feel about it?

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Top Answers
I am happy about the term lady. I don't think its about frills and the colour pink, a 'lady' could equally be found in a paddock picking up a ewe. I think its a term of respect for the unique and diverse strengths of women. I also understand that some women are offended by the term.
It carries the connotations of being "ladylike" and I really don't like that idea, since I don't see why women should be obliged to mind their manners any more than men do, or put up with inconveniences (having to dress a certain way, sit a certain way, speak a certain way, not to mention even sillier old fashioned stuff like having to ride side saddle on horses) that men don't have to. That's sexism, pure and simple.

That being said I don't usually find it offensive if someone refers to me as a lady, as in when I was working in a shop and a mother told her child to "give the money to the lady." It's not meant to be offensive, just seen as more polite than "woman." Maybe that needs to change.
'give the woman the money'....naaaa I like what the Mum said.
A woman is a woman, a Lady is just that.No F words, closing ones legs when sitting, who rides side-saddle any-more.
Ladies are those who have manners, consideration and nice to be around.
I dislike women who sound like men, want to act like men, and over all....it looks crass.
by jonaja
Politeness and consideration have nothing to do with gender. That's not being a lady, it's just being a decent human being. But it's nobody's business how a woman wants to sit, walk, dress, speak etc. I've got no desire to be "a lady" if it means having to obey silly restrictions that men don't have to.
Men do have them.
by jonaja
No, not really. There is the term "gentleman" and "gentlemanly" but the kind of behaviour that refers to is just basic decency that should apply equally to both sexes. There is no equivalent for men of being looked down on for, for example, sitting with their legs apart if they feel like it.
I think what we could be looking at here, is one persons ideals...e.g. Not wanting to be seen as a 'typical lady'.If we were to ask a great deal of people....may be surprised, the majority would favour the latter.'.'Why'?...because it has mainly been seen, as it is.
For what it is.
One would be hard pressed for people to have the same ideas, given the larger majority.
It's just part of the make-up of how people have behaved, so if it is disliked, just do as you would feel is right for you.
by jonaja
I love the way you two bounce off each other. I think you should meet face to face one day. I'd love to be a fly on the wall. I think you would end up best mates despite what appears to be a generational difference from time to time.
by grann
LOL your funny grann.
We are total opposites...lol...lol...lol
by jonaja
Have you had the opportunity to ride sidesaddle?
It's not that difficult, actually, & quite comfy!
Then came 'split skirts', think Annie Oakley & Dale Evans.
Then best of all, great enlightenment, Jodhpurs! Hooray, & so smart & comfy, too! Loved wearing my 'Jodies' riding!
by donjo
To me it defines a woman who has maintained a sense of pride and self-respect.
I wish I could find a good one.
good answer..... :) (don't we all wish we could find that special person)LOL
by jonaja
It depends in what context.
The word lady refers to any female apart from a real rough person?
It is a hard question to define.
by Finy
What next?

p.s. You picked one of my most favourite painters, ''on ya'' loving your work :)
p.s....I know I didn't really answer the question did I....but really, I did.

by jonaja
I love Waterhouse too. :) And yes, you did answer the question really.
Jennifer have also a look on Google Images at
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema (love him).
by jonaja
I guess lady is one that is seen with grace and calmness. If that was the full extent of that word I don't think I fit into that. LOL
"Strength" ,"Elegance" ,"Beauty" and a 'Blssing'
"Strength" ,"Elegance" ,"Beauty" and a 'Blessing'
by Sasha
Yes indeed.
by jonaja
I alternate 'lady' with 'woman' and 'female'. All three words mean the same to me. I don't associate it with a particular class or type of woman.
I always find it a bit odd when people say "female" because it doesn't just mean humans.
LOL ''you see that human over there'' too funny! :)
by jonaja
Sorry I had a weak moment of humour, I know what you mean.
by jonaja
I wasn't suggesting saying "human" instead. It's just when I hear people in conversation referring to "females" when they mean women I think it sounds a bit dehumanising.
Unfortunately I have come across a couple of males who quite serously call their partner "Woman" as in "Get me a drink, Woman." I know I'm not answering the question, just indicating that it can be used in a derogatory way.
Depends on the context it's being used in. If you're using lady to mean woman then I'm fine with it - it's used this way quite a bit now and to me sounds nicer than woman, as in, "give the lady her tickets" instead of using "woman". I don't think many people under 40 would use lady in the sense of sweet natured, well breeded woman in her place in the way that people over 40 might.

I am a man and my wife is a lady, of refinement

Thought for a change to answer this one
It's much like calling a man a gentleman, I like the term and I sometimes use the work lady, it's a compliment accept it as such.
In Britain a title used by woman who are members of the nobility..In the Roman Catholic Church you Got the Lady of Lourdes.Inthe U.s you Got Ladies room,she is a tough lady.Some woman object to the Way lady is used.
Lady is O.K. Woman applies to 50%+ of the human race. I object to Male and Female toilets. These terms apply to Animals. Do cats, dogs, horses use the toilets.? The toilets themselves have no gender. Signs with Men or Women are simple to understand .
hmmm, now I refer to myself as an old lady...I have no issue with the term lady but I tend to only use it with the defining adjective old in front of it. So it doesn't have the connotations of 'ladylike' manners, just once you're old enough to not be anything else...
"Lady" is pretty much the same as "woman" or "female" for me, only in a more conservative sense. It's the same for "Gentleman" and "man" or "male" or "bloke". I see "Ladies & Gentlemen" as more conservative, not less or more valid, valuable, moral, or whatever. The terms might be perceived as more "old-fashioned" but the application of it doesn't have to be. It's more the manner in which we interact in the social context.
by kimp
And I tend to be more comfortable in a conservative setting, although not completely aversive to more relaxed styles either.
by kimp
I like it. It makes me think "pretty lady". Women is a great word too, though.
O what a fabulous song by the late, really great 'Big O', Roy Orbison.
by donjo
When I hear the word 'lady' I instantaneously think of the 'lady' in above painting, as had to learn poem, 'The Lady of Shallott' for a Grade X.
Those that object obviously are not ladies.
Lady is a charming title to be called.
I think it is a fantastic title.

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