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What do you think of the new Wedding Dress Trend?

by jonaja (follow)
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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

What are your thoughts on the new trend of wedding dress, as per picture.

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Top Answers
I have not ever heard of this fashion before!

At first I thought it looked rather attractive.

However on looking at it again, it detracts from the all white image of a new bride.

Perhaps it would be a good idea for a second or third marriage but I think I would still prefer all white for a first marriage when people are generally young, hopeful, and in love.
by Finy
Me too.
by jonaja
......and chaste? Not too many, these days, who should be wearing a white wedding dress, with nearly all living with each other BEFORE Marriage!
by donjo
Is the trend using colour in wedding dresses? I quite like it. I got married in blue. Apparently that was the norm a couple of hundred years ago. These things come and go. I just didn't see the point of wearing white when I could wear my favourite colour which suits me better. It wasn't a church wedding so I could do what I liked.
It's nice to wear also what you love, and Blue is a nice colour .
by jonaja
I think the dress in the picture looks beautiful. Every bride should wear whatever makes her feel special and happy. The "tradition" of wearing white is a very modern one, until really recently, brides just wore their best dress to get married in, regardless of what colour it was. It is only in modern times that we have the money and fabric options to buy a dress for one specific occasion and such an impractical dress as bridal dresses are now!
by jonaja
Its rather interesting. Everything in life seem to change so I think wedding dresses should also undergo some change or modernization of some sort. Not too much though.

I like the one in the picture.
Food for thought.
by jonaja
I have seen it around now for a while, and I am trying to get my head around it.
Maybe?....it's for Brides who feel wearing all white is not correct, if they have been living with their intended, before marriage.
I have seen Bides gowns with trims of every colour, Red - Purple - Green and yes! even Black.
I have to get a new keyboard, this one has had it loosing 'letters'...LOL.
by jonaja
I recently bought a new one that the keys light up when the room is a bit dark -brilliant! well worth the money...i dont like lights in the day
by Finy
I'm like you Finy! I will have a look for that one, what is it called and how much was it and where did you get it.
by jonaja
Not a fan at all. I like wedding dresses that are either white or ivory coloured. Besides, you can wear coloured dresses to other occasions. Where else could you wear a beautiful white gown?
by Vee
Well that's true too. :)
by jonaja
You've got a point about people feeling 'not right' about wearing all white if they've been living with their partners before marriage, jonaj. My solution to that problem was not wearing a veil.
by Vee
Ah! yes good one.
by jonaja
I like it. I had a blue band on my wedding dress similar to this.
On a note of history, all white was meant to symbolize virginity.
by Gia
Blue sounds nice :)
by jonaja
If I ever got married I just couldn't see myself wearing all white. It's just not "me".
by jonaja
It's nice. I think waring white is relatively new idea. If looking back years ago on the Royal weddinga (UK) I don't know that they were into white, like post Elizabeth II. The dress in the photo looks very nice. But, I hope the red streak is not symbolic
by jonaja
Bad colours she chose, especially WHERE the 'red' is!
Not much thought went into that!
I agree..
by jonaja
My Wedding Dress was White Thai Silk, with Military-style collar, as my husband-to-be was in the Army, so our outfits 'matched'. The rest of my gown flowed to ground, with inverted pleat down one side. Had my long hair all curled up at back & sides, & flat-back in front, as a Tiara of flowers, matching my Bouquet, was my headpiece. I had no veil, as I just not a veil sort of person. I'm very biased, of course, but all looked beautiful!
I scrubbed up pretty well, too!

I had to go to Hong Kong, for work, so took some of gown-material with me, & had Wedding shoes & bag made there.

Very happy with my choice.
That sounds wonderful :)
by jonaja
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