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What do you think of the new law in Taiwan banning children under 2 from using an I-Pad?

by Finy (follow)
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What do you think of the new law in Taiwan banning children under 2 from using an I-pad or tablet?

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Top Answers
I think it is one of the silliest laws to be brought out.

How on earth could they ever police it?

Parents can do what they want in their own home and no one would generally know the difference, and for Taiwan the fine is very high.

I do not feel the Government has a right to tell parents what they can and cannot do with their children as in moderation, I am sure tablets can teach very young children many things.

Those parents that let them sit on it and play all day, would not stop due to a law that cannot be policed.
by Finy
I LOVE it!

When I go to see my 2 grandchildren, they are 5 and 8 they are crazy for the iPad.
Not much interaction, unless one takes it off them.

Great Idea Taiwan.

Now if we can just get the rest of the world to leave well alone, and talk to each other....who know's?
Common sense may come back, and people not have that all important 'need'.

Maybe the child could do something like painting! or playing with toys like they use tooooo.
p.s.... I believe when a 'Law' is made ....It is something people with conscience, would not wish to break.They must have had good reason to do this.

by jonaja
Weird LOL

I wouldn't let my 2yr old use an ipad coz they might trash it anyway.
I hadn't heard of this law....my opinion is...it is inevitable in this day and age, you can't turn back the clock and anyway how would the Authorities know what parents do in their own homes
by fran
Silly ! I am with Finy on this.
by BK
It seems kind of odd to me that it's even necessary. But then I don't have an ipad myself, and would worry about my kids breaking it if I did.
Though I personally would never allow such a young child to spend more than 10 minutes per session on such a device,the law is rather stupid as it cannot possibly be policed!! I would prefer children to read a book or draw a picture,or just go and make mud pies in the garden,like I used to do!!!
A bit sad really. It might have been better to try an education campaign alerting parents to the possibility of internet addiction.
good idea gayle!
by Finy
I suspect the point of the law is really just an education campaign really.
by filli
I think this is a really tricky situation as we are really in an unknown area when it comes to the effects of technology on all of us, but especially young children.

I always think that moderation is the best way to go with things in life and that includes technology. Banning things rarely works and takes a lot of effort in enforcement. Education by providing people with enough information to make the best decisions they can is probably going to work better.
Seems like a plan
It's a strange law - I would like to understand why there was the need to make it
by AJ
Good luck policing it.

i don't understand how they will police it. I do now that kids should be banned from having anything to do with technology until they are able to read and write. As for my grandchildren, there is o communication, everything is a strain for them to even lift their head from ipads and anything technological. It is really sad for the poor little things.
by fran.
did not know about this law in Taiwan until I read it here.
1 How can they police this ? children are unseen in their own homes.
2 I do think that parents should not let their young children from using ipads etc
3 it is difficult when you have a whinging child to wants the ipad or suchlike device .
4 I do worry about their eyes after hours of looking at the moving images,
5 the answer to this is do not download the games for them to play,
I agree. Children are introduced to certain technologies far too early for their own good. It used to that TV was 'evil' for young children until busy frazzled parents discovered the 'baby-sitting' properties and convenience of certain children's TV. However, Ipods, mobiles etc - I'd rather a child play and develop a nature talent for imagination and games with other children.
thats a great idea apple products are bad for you
I haven't heard of this law,but kids today are all with computers, it's the way of the times.
I think it's a ridiculous law. I Sweden where my neices and nephews live, they start school at 2 years of age and to see my nephew who was under 2 when imet him use his father's phone was an eye opener. Educational software was loaded and he knew what he was doing. No ipads around at that time but my grandchildren nere have them and learn from them. Everything in moderation is the key.
Sounds good to me. If it placed a ban until kids were eighteen, it would be even better. I am totally over trying to communicate with grandkids, and adults were there is any technology in the room. Same goes for doctors…trying to communicate AND show where this or that has appeared, such as skin spots or rashes or whatever whilst the doctor is negotiating the keyboard, drives me absolutely crazy. And it doubles the time for any visit, which always strikes me as being a bit silly since we are always being told that "doctors time is precious". In fact technology these days seems to S L O W everything down.
I don't know about whats going on in Taiwan, except for this question, but our grandchildren aged 8 & 4 haven't even had a tv in their house, since they were born. It was only on our last visit, that the eldest 1 asked to play a game on my laptop, when I was picking her up from her house. I looked at our daughter, who said they'd just been shown the game at school at day. The 4 year old isn't interested in the laptop or our phones...yet! Luckily, the eldest 1 loves reading as well & talking to us!
by Miro
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