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What do you think of the latest Malaysian Airlines scandal?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo Courtesy: www.inquisitr.com

The other day it was revealed that a Chief Steward on an MAS long haul flight allegedly raped a passenger.

Did you see this article and what do you think of it, and the whole incident?

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Top Answers
I saw it on TV and I just could hardly believe it! I don't doubt what this woman says, however, why did she not scream, or push him away -why did she let him come back and start a second time?

Very strange -she said she "froze" which could happen but the second time -anyway she must have been telling the truth as she photographed him apologising and begging her not to tell anyone!
by Finy
Far out! Honestly, I've been avoiding the news where I can. What do I think about this? WTF!? Why didn't anybody step in to help and/or defend her? Then again, I haven't read the article and don't know the particulars.
by Vee
I thought it was terrible....why she couldn't tell him where to go, I don't know ....guess we are all different and one can't judge others reactions...
by Fran
That's horrifying!
It's not something that the airline can be blamed for
by AJ
For some people they shut down when faced with such a situation.
They go into shock, their minds can not believe what is really happening.
This can happen, esp at a time you least expect it.(the rape).
I feel for this poor woman, and she at least used her phone, for what she could.
When people say they 'froze' is exactly what happens, fear can do that or total unbelief at what is happening.
This Airline sure has a lot of problems of late....Very sad.

I believe it is the fault of the Airline, she went on with no intention of being raped ect...The staff member had NO right to even touch her in any manner.

He works for the Airline, and while he was on duty, it falls onto the Airline.
If they can not give professional crew, then she is at risk...simple.
In this case, she certainly was at risk!
ah, we disagree at last Jonaj! I do not believe the airline can help this -it must be extremely rare and this man has been with them for 20 odd years with an exemplery (sp?) record I think they said, so while yes, he is employed by the airline, and I guess that makes them responsible, you cannot control the behaviour of your staff -well, ex staff now!

If the plane had not been so empty it could not have happened....and yes, I agree, it is such a shame -they were very good to me at one stage.
by Finy
ah we do disagree lol.
by jonaja
A terrible situation. That girl will probably never want to fly again. If felt really scared just watching the whole thing on TV, let alone living through it!
I am appalled that this could even have taken place!! Totally appalled and horrified.
I find it hard to believe that she couldn't scream out for help. It would be very difficult for the perpetrator to touch her as he had to lift her skirt then put his hand in her pants, then slide his hand down. Surely when he lifted her skirt she could have slapped him across his face. She's a woman, not a child. Sorry just think it's a ridiculous incident.
She's a very naive woman. Can't remember if she had filmed 'evidence' of her situation. But I find her story, well, odd.
An Airline employee with 20 years' service, a supposedly exemplary career, risks all for a quick grope of a westerner woman? Pfft!

To lose his job, his ranking & position, Company superannuation contributions, lose 'face', jeopardise his marriage, gee, she must've had 'outstanding' attributes' to him.

Even on a lightly loaded plane, she could have......
Been very wary from the moment he sat down, next to her.
Hit Cabin button.
Slapped him.
Punched him with all her force, & continue to do so, until he left seat.
Continued screaming as loudly as possible.

She's 26, not 12. When she was tv interviewed, to me, her whole demeanour was 'out of whack'.

She wanted notoriety, & she got it. To pull another person's character into disrepute in doing so, is disgusting. She's in need of possible psychological help.

I think the whole 'incident 'was bs, UNLESS there's photo or eye-witness evidence to the contrary.

Yes, I tend to think you are right . . . . I smell a fishy rat too.
by Rice
I have not seen the article however I would just like to tell you what happened to me and then you may understand fear and 'freezing'
I was attacked by my partners son who pushed me up against the window and had his hands around my neck. He pushed me to the floor and pinned my arms back whilst sitting astride me. I tried to shout but I had no voice I kept trying to shout help but there was no sound coming out. I kept trying and eventually a squeak came out. The more I tried the louder my voice became until eventually my partner heard me. I was in my fifties.
In my late teens I was raped. I was locked in a flat and told the silver cups in the display cupboard were for boxing. I was told he would beat me up if I screamed. I was terrified and frightened if he beat me up he might then kill me. So the rape occurred.
I can only try to imagine the fear she had being in the sky and unable to run.

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