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What do you think of the claim that 'women with short hair are damaged'?

by Jennifer Muirhead (follow)
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kelly osborne, pixie cut, women with short hair
Kelly Osbourne sporting a pixie cut. "Kelly Osbourne 2009" by Toglenn - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Pickup artist Roosh V claims that women with short hair are damaged and that cutting their hair short is a form of self harm. What do you think?

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Top Answers
There are a few strange assumptions in this one. One is that a woman's worth is wrapped up in how desirabe she is to men. Another is that all men have the same preference for long hair that Roosh does. It seems so weird to me that a man might think it's any of his business what a woman does with her hair. I'm so glad I live in a time and a place where that's almost a non issue for me.
Well dumbness never ceases does it. He must have mommy issues. :-)
by Gia
Well, he certainly is a mother . . . .
by Rice
Well this is such a crock of sh*t that I wouldn't know where to start with rebutting it!
My hair length has varied wildly over the years, from nearly down to my bottom in mid-teens (rebellion against my mum who had made me keep it short as a child), to completely shaved off when I was bedridden with a fever (purely practical) to all different lengths in between. Usually because I can.
I might be damaged but I don't think that is in anyway connected to my hairstyle.
I think this is one of the most ridiculous things I have heard or read!

I would not even finish reading an article like this one.

by Finy
The article I linked to is actually a rebuttal of what he said written by somebody else. I didn't want to link directly to his stupidity.
I am not sure about this.
I have a lot of baggage, yet have medium length hair.
I can tell you that when a member of my family committed suicide, I had my hair cut 3 times in under a month.

It felt wonderful; also I have heard of people doing it (cutting hair) often, due to extreme unhappiness or stress.
For me, I was happy at that time...to have short hair, as time went by I let it grow....but that was some time.

I do not agree about women with short hair are damaged.
That to me is too much of a broad-statement.
As a child, my hair was worn long. I had no obligations and plenty of time for play. Once a teenager and working, my hair was trimmed and the days became busier. When a mother of 6 children, I discovered the "wash and wear" perm and the days flew by. I wasn't damaged.....I was busy, realistic and it was practical!
It is a fact that men who rape chose women with long hair over short hair.
Short hair women are taking precautions.
Also short hair is easier to maintain, and is better for playing sports.
I've heard that, but presumably that would just be in the case of stranger rape, and not women who are raped by people they know which is a lot more common. I wonder how many women are actually thinking of it as a safety precaution. It wasn't what was on my mind when I shaved my head a couple of years ago (I just thought it would be nice and cool over summer, which it was).
Oh, and I agree about easy maitenence. Long hair can be a lot of work!
I think this man is arrogant to think that he has any authority to comment on why women choose to wear their hair the way they do. I also think his comments are far more telling of his own issues than those of the women he fears. Contrary to what our hypersexualsed culture suggests, women do not exist for the viewing pleasure of men.
by Vee
It's a ridiculous claim.
Who is he, besides an idiot? Have NEVER heard of him!

None of his business how women have their hair. Sounds like he's jealous maybe, of women 'asserting' themselves.
He's the one who's damaged! What a moron!

And yes, I have ALWAYS had short hair ALL my life, as I was in a swimming pool, training since I was 7, & continue with my sports life to this day! My hair is also sweaty & greasy, & I'd hate to have to try & manage it long, with my way of living!

IMO, this imbecile can go jump!
What does that say about men with their short haircuts?? He seems oblivious to the fact he shaves his head - what a laugh he is!!
I agree with Verity, what a crock of sh*t.
I think that comment says far more about the commenter than it does about women with short hair.
Hell's teeth! I'm damaged and didn't even know it. I just thought I was lazy, had no talent for hairstyling, can't stand hair in my eyes and look totally crap with a ponytail. Where would we be without these *amazing gurus* to enlighten us?? My life is complete.
by Rice
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