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What do you think of STING not leaving his children any money when he dies?

by Finy (follow)
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Sting has announced that he will not leave any of his estimated $350 million to his children.

He wants them to learn to earn for themselves, and says he was not given anything.

What do you think of this attitude with such a large amount?

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Top Answers
I think this is disgusting!
He has $350 million and will not leave his children money -I HATE parents who think this way.

I am happy if I can leave my children some money and they will have an easier and better life and by the time I die, they will have learnt how to look after themselves anyway.

I think it is very mean of Sting and he has gone down a lot in my estimation -why can't he let them have a wonderful "money" life seeing he has been lucky and talented -they are, after all, his flesh and blood.

Shame on you Sting.
by Finy
I think its worth reading the original reportage on this peeps. The articles are about him saying he wont be leaving his kids 'much' and goes on to praise his kids for what they've achieved. Saying he'd be willing to step in and help if they need but they've all proven to be hard working and achievers. He talks about the work he is doing and how the money he currently has is used (ie, its not sitting their doing nothing and that is what he has explained to his children). He also talks about situations where trust funds become a milstone around children's necks. So a little bit of twisting and turning here in the media over what was probably a very level, thoughtful and balanced discussion with a parent who's name happened to be Sting.
Thanks for that annlu. The media always twists things to make them out bigger and worse than they actually are!! THAT drives me crazy!!! It's up to Sting to decided what he wants to do with the money that HE'S earned, but with that amount I would leave some for my kids, just as a buffer for them. But they should be standing on their own two feet and not relying on Sting just handing it to them on a silver platter, which is what most celebrity kids do-case in point, that useless waste of space Paris Hilton!! UGH!!! Don't get me strarted on HER!!! Mandy E.
by steve
It's not what I would do personally but I think I understand where he's coming from. It's nice for parents to leave their kids something if they can, but when people start thinking they're entitled to someone else's money then you get all kinds of nastiness, with people being all bitter that they weren't left as much as they thought they'd get or the right things. That kind of bitterness can tear families apart.

I think if I had $350 million to play with, while I wouldn't leave my kids with nothing, I would probably spend the majority of it doing something to make the world my kids would be living in a better place, like into research to cure malaria or something.
He reckons there won't be much left anyway which means he is planning on spending 350 million -how could anyone spend that much?
by Finy
Doing something important I supose. A lot of charities could use that much money.
I think it's great! As a Mum and a teacher I have come across a lot of children who don't appreciate the simple things in life because they are given EVERYTHING these days. We need to start teaching them that money doesn't grow on trees and they do have to work hard to get what they want in life. I think he should just donate it ll to charity.
Tough question, On one hand I can see his reasoning,but on the other,he has such a HUGE amopunt of money/estate that it does seem mean.
None of my business frankly :-)
As I said ..this is a forum for opinions?...LOL
by jonaja
I agree with Fiona... it's none of my business and I don't care what he does. It's his money to do with what he pleases. Worse than parents who don't leave their kids money, is kids who depend and rely on the idea that money will be left to them.
Tracie -I am very happy to be able to tell my child and my daughter in law that they will get some money when I die -rather I am happy that I am in a position to do this for them, and give them now also to help.
by Finy
I absolutely agree Tracie.
I hope I am also in a position to leave money to my children when I am gone. More importantly though, I am currently in a position to help them now that I am alive. I just paid my sons rego on his car and I help both my children all the time financially. So long as it is appreciated and not expected, I have no problem giving them whatever I can.
His money, his call! Tough love!
It is so easy to fall into judgement and take something as an absolute truth just because it has been put into print. Each and everyone of us have to make these decisions based on our own experiences and in alignment with our values. Sometimes the best thing that can happen to you is not getting what you wanted. Who knows what the truth is...mmm let me think about it...oh in this instance that would be Sting.
From what I gather, his kids are pretty self sufficient. If he is leaving his money to charities and worthwhile causes then I absolutely applaud him. There is nothing more repellent than children who think they have a god given right to everything their parents worked for. Growing up it was made clear to us that you made your own way in life. We loved our parents for who they were and not what we could get out of them. When we lost them we inherited the house but it was no consolation. They both died too soon and too sadly and the house could never make up for that. Plus, I see my step children hovering over their grandparents, waiting for them to die just to see what they will get. They seem to forget they have a father, a father with an elder brother. They seem to think if they wait it out everything will be theirs. Also, don't forget folks, even the most iron clad will can be challenged. My siblings and I would have NEVER done such a thing but there are always those that will. (Forgive the pun.)
by Rice
Update . . . true to my prediction . . . the grandparents have died and the little vultures (who were never in the wills) are hovering and talking "contesting". Meanwhile, I am riding off into the sunset.
by Rice
I have had to work for everything in my life. However, my parents paid for my education. I am also paying for my son's education. A few years ago I was divorced and got really sick and am now on SSDI. I live on less than $1,500 per month and don't rely on anyone financially. My parents are in their 70's and traveling around the world. Good for them. They earned it.
by Polly
Bravo Polly!! Funny that I was just in the kitchen discussing "the vultures" with Himself and he said that none of the kids he knows, including his, have a clue what "self made" means.
by Rice
If I was his daughter I have to say I would feel mightily put out, but it is his money, and he has every right to decide what to with it. Do you know who he is giving the money to? Various charities presumably.
I don't know -just heard the headlines -will be on the news tomorrow or in papers I would think.
by Finy
It sure would suck to be his kids. I don't think it's fair he leaves them nothing.
by Vee
Maybe his children don't mind.
I'm sure he is providing for them while he is alive.

by AJ
I cannot understand him, it makes me mad so enough said!!
by Fran
I think that some money should be left to his children, but I don't think they should expect anything. If that makes sense.
It makes sense Matt, as we all think differently however, as a mother, if I had millions I would be so happy to give it to them when I died -after all they will generally be well and truly "adult" by the time we die!
I would die happy knowing that my children at least, will never have to worry about money and will be able to do things I wasnt.
by Finy
Usually I don't care about these things but since you asked I've formed an opinion. I think it's a good idea a lot of trust fund kids become entitled and believe they don't have to work for things because it was handed to them. Currently his kids are living comfortably and I doubt that will change just because they don't inherit his money. Celebrity children have opportunities that a lot of kids don't. Ray Raymono's son works on Jimmy Kimmel. Lourdes Leon (Madonna's daughter) started her own blog. The opportunities are out there for them to make their own million.
I don't have any kids but if I did I'd rather have a well rounded kid who worked for everything he/she got instead of having it handed to them. It's his 350 million he can give it to charity if he likes.
Leaving an inheritance to the next generation is a very important way of ensuring your family line prospers. The problem is that knowing this money is due creates a lazy attitude and can halt the self-development of the next generation. It is common for the first generation to earn the money and then the next squander it.
The love of money has been stated as the cause of much evil so I think we need to train our children to adopt the correct attitude to it.
It should be used to build up and edify all of mankind fairly.
I understand the 'underlying' idea, however what a lousy thing to do!
Although it is none of my business!
How does one spend that much money without being outrageously ridiculous! Really?! He could leave money he doesn't spend to great charities that would help the world his children will be left in.
He should parent his children better if he thinks his money will make them lazy.
I totally agree with you!
by Finy
What a very strange man.

One of the very best things we can do for our children is, if there is a lot of money it be invested into the future.
Not only of course the children, but others who can be helped along the way.

If I had that much money, I would invest time and effort to not only get the ball rolling....but expect my three children (all grown men now) to 'come on board'.

They would have to work hard, and they work in the 'mission field'.
Feeding the poor and building 'wells for water'', and growing crops.
That! makes people better, inside and out.Helps human beings, and change that Lazy attitude real quick!

My sons would be better people, and they would be helping the very poor.

I agree with your method of managing the problem.
It is a pity the entire world can’t see that the unfair distribution of wealth is generating a corrupt world.
We need to love and be loved then all the issues fade away.
Instead we spend 98 BILLION DOLLARS on Jets and submarines designed to kill. Then we force 70 year old people to look for jobs that don't exist and now we are pushing our disabled to find work that is not available. Lucky they are planning to legalize euthanasia. This will give us a solution to the problem of people who annoy the Govt by being old or sick.
Sorry for the sarcasm but I am feeling ashamed about our current policies.
Football players earning 3 Million per game and people who sing accumulating $350 Million Dollar fortunes and elderly people forced to labour with medical problems.
Is this what we have become as a nation?

by kstew
WELL SAID...Bravo! I agree.
by jonaja
What most of you are ignoring the the diabolical death duties and inheritance taxes in UK. There may well be nothing left after all the duties have been paid. Why do you think so many ;stars' live overseas? They cannot afford to live at home.
I don't know what his kids are like but maybe it was said as an incentive to encourage them to make their own way in today's world. He may give them money to help them out before he dies, or then again maybe he'll surprise them & then there will be something there for them after all. To each their own I guess.
I tell my Mother to spend it all on herself! She doesnt have much and needs it herself. I can look after myself, can't you?
I have heard that Bill Gates has also said something similar i.e. that he will not leave a fortune for his children (but enough to get them started). I think it is a good message to pass on to the children that they need to work hard to make things work for themselves. However, I am sure a little bit of help always comes in handy and gives the children a head start in their lives. Anyhow, in conclusion, Sting has the right to his hard-earned money and he should be able to do what he thinks is the right thing without the world having to judge his actions/decisions.
I never liked ' Police ' their previous band I care less for ' Sting ' His music sucks & he has no singing voice but is okay doing his small acting part. Now after all that said, I think Sting is a real jerk.There are many episodes reported to substantiate my remark. Sting has 3 main masks. 1) singer, Bass player 2) His involvment in World heritage.all green & so on. 3) Sting's private face. Which is no doubt a mean & a real so on & so on. This was enough for his kids realise that he won't be parting with any penny for them. But then deep down I'm sure he will leave something for them & has probably done that in his will.......... On the other hand it's no crime that he does't want to leave anything for them.There's nothing wrong to teach kids to beself supportive.Sting has openly stated this for his kids to get up & do something rather than just sitting on their b---- & do nothing & wait for the parents to croak & leave a fortune for them.
I think he has seen what has happened to his wealthy friends children and hoping they will live a more productive life,if I won a great deal of money I would
Pay off their homes and make their life easier but I would not give them a lot of money
It's his business

I have to laugh!!! this is a forum for opinions?
Hence 'The question'.
by jonaja
I understand he is trying to teach them to be independent and create their own wealth however I'm not sure why he worked so hard if its not going to at least partially set up his kids. With such an excessive amount of money I would definitely set up charities or help individuals with a portion of that but I wouldn't deny my kids the money, rather set restrictions on it so they couldn't blow it.
It is his right to say that. They can always contest the will once he is dead. He has made his point though.
Children are not owed anything from their parents. I think it's great if parents want to leave their kids money but it is their money they worked for it why should his kids get thay sort of cash for doing nothing
There are so many children who have been left tons of money but because they did not work for it they squander it in no time. I say them give them enough to get a start them let them sweat and make their own.
by Gia
There are so many children who have been left tons of money but because they did not work for it they squander it in no time. I say them give them enough to get a start them let them sweat and make their own.
by Gia
I think its great they don't need his money they can make it on there own just being his kids gives them a huge leg up so that is more than enough.
As a result of dad's fame, his kids have had opportunity to do very well for themselves. With $350 million they wouldn't appreciate the hard work their father had done to achieve his wealth.
I didn't know this, but if it's true, it's really sad.
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