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What do you think of ladies' wrestling or boxing?

by Finy (follow)
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What do you think of both ladies wrestling and boxing?

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Top Answers
I think it is horrible.
But I also intensely dislike men's boxing and wrestling.

It is a ludicrous sport where people end up often being hurt -I do not call this sport!
by Finy
There you are, Finy, I have cropped my name for you :-)
by Rice
thank you Rice -that is far better -now I feel I am talking to someone and not a computer -haha
by Finy
That's alrice . . as long at it's finy by you . . . Wahahahaha!
by Rice
you went there Rice.....you went there ! lol...lol...lol.
by jonaja
1ST Ladies do not do boxing or wrestling.
So that fixes that!

Females doing this stuff, is just plain stupid.
Women are NOT made like men.

It is shameful, and a bunch of females who wish they had a 'pair'.

I'm over females trying to be men, sound like men, act like men, and fight like men.

Give it up girls....because one day your body will tell you a whole different story.

We know it must have already affected their heads, because no woman with brains would do this.
. . but, but, jonaj . . . I couldn't resist . . . that line was gold [00]
by Rice
Rice........you did well.......lol
by jonaja
. . . . . and I don't think you could have found a more perfect photo. *wallop*
by Rice
they say a picture tells a thousand words, and I'm big on pic's!....lol
by jonaja
Not sure if they are "LADIES"!
Well I for one think its absolutely amazing!! Out of all the women I have met in my life, the most calm, caring, confident and beautiful women have been martial artists. Not only that, the men that train with them respect them highly. It might be animalistic but we are animals. We learn to fight so that we don't have to. A picture of two women beating the crap out of each other in a competition makes it look worse than it is. The mental training is the most important aspect. It teaches you to be comfortable in your own skin which I personally believe is rare in society these days, especially in women, yet it is SO important.
Turn up to a gym/dojo/fightclub and meet some of these women for yourself. The media makes them look like monsters when in fact they would make incredible role models for your daughters and sons.

Real wrestling, as in greco-roman at the olympics, is quite good to watch but the other type is insulting and stupid. Boxing is just beyond idiotic. Female boxing is even worse. Why not just hit yourself in the head with a meat tenderiser until you have brain damage?!
by Rice
LOL Rice -true too!
by Finy
I don't like men's or women's boxing and wrestling.
by Vee
Absolutely disgusting!

Brings the gender down to an animalistic level.

To intentionally hit, punch, kick another person is criminal, IMHO.
Don't even like male participation in these so-called 'sports'.
'Punch drunk' is a real condition. Just look at, & listen to, Muhammed Ali.

And for females', who've lighter, less muscle protective frames, it's beyond the pale.

In ancient times, the athleticism of males was admired. Nowadays, it's all about the MONEY!

Personally, I'd like to see boxing, & wrestling totally banned for men, & women.

It's appalling to watch, & long-term physical, & mental health issues follow for life.

And it's just grossly stupid to do that to yourself, as well.
Lord only knows what kind of "humans" will have care of the planet in a hundred years or so :(((
by Rice
Rice, yes it's frightening. I worry for my children, & grandchild, currently.
I just teach them the best I can about 'life'.
by donjo
I think it is ugly.l hate those pugilistic sports and cage fighting . Male. Female. No matter who does it , it is wrong. In Melbourne, some men started a fight at a pub, directly after watching one of these fights. Men have testosterone which can cause violent behaviour and the need to ' prove' who is the toughest. Men have had to be strong throughout history to protect their homes, possessions, and their woman, even in Neanderthal times. So, why do women have to ?? I don't think it is necessary for men or women. It is bad enough watching men do it , than women who are at least half their size. I wonder how women get into these sports....were they the school bully or something?
. . . .or bullied . . . lots of pent up anger. We agree that they are all nuts to do it anyway :((
by Rice
not at all ladylike, what are they trying to prove?
I do not like wrestling or boxing at all,whether done by males or females!! Having had a very bad fall where I smashed my face and ended up in hospital for a week with broken nose and eye socket(in 3 places!!!) I simply cannot comprehend why on earth anyone would want to risk such injuries on a regular basis.The ner4ves in the left side of my face are permanently damaged and the sight in the left eye has been badly compromised because of the damage done just by falling down 3 little steps which I use about 50 times every single day! I looked like I had gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson and lost every single one of them!!!! Pretty great for special effects though,especially as I was in hospital over the New Years Eve week!! And NO!! I had NOT been drinking! This occurred at 7 a.m. on a Sunday morning,as I was about to feed my dogs!!! I think these are just very stupid and dangerous ways to entertain or earn money!!! NOTHING will ever change my mind! By the way,I felt this way long before my accident!
Oh! Jules, IF you HAD been drinking, you probably wouldn't have hurt yourself so badly!
Drinking relaxes the body, so if you fall 'relaxed', less damage done!

I tripped over a last step, in the dark, at a property with which I wasn't familiar, a month ago. Landed heavily on LHS, but just a sore upper arm muscle was all I experienced, thank goodness.

Having ridden horses' all my life, one thing I was taught was how to fall, & I still apply those principles' now. The 'secret' is to RELAX the body. Then one 'crumples' like 'a sack o' spuds'!

Keep getting better, is my wish for you. Cheers!
by donjo
Now look, you two, cease and desist this falling about and hurting yourselves or I shall have to come to your houses and have words . . . WITH finger wagging!
by Rice
Thanks Donjo for your kind words!! It was 3oth Dec 2012Basically,I had blacked out so I was totally unaware of the fall happening until I hit the tiled floor with my face!! It is the most frightening thing which has happened in the past few years,that's for sure!! But after I came to,and saw the blood,my brain went into overdrive and I got ice packs,towels,and then phoned the ambulance!!! Amazing what the brain does in crisis! When I am conscious I am pretty good at relaxing if I am about to lose my balance.I used to go ice skating as a kid and we soon learned the ins and outs of avoiding injury!!I guess something like you with your horse-riding!!
by Jules
To steal your own wonderful pun dear Rice.... Alrice!! you know how far away I live from you,so I shall put the kettle on when I know you are coming to tell me off!!!
by Jules
Well, it can't take too long . . .as long as the tilt train is running! Heehee.
by Rice
It is not advisable to any sex until some changes in the game.
Oh dear, oh my, . . . I keep reading, "to HAVE any sex until the game changes."
by Rice
I loathe it. I personally think that blokes get some sexual gratification out of it ….I don't know why I think that. But there seems to be something cruel or sadistic in it for the VIEWER. Also with pugilists, something like the viewer has a blood lust. It should be banned. It is sick.
I think you are probably quite right.
by Rice
I don't really care, it up to the person, females can do anything they like, why should it be gender biased? It is not my cup of tea for either sex so to each to there own.
Totally opposed. They should be banned on health & safety grounds. Children should not be exposed to this violence.
I don't like men's or women's boxing
by AJ
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