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What do you think of greyhound racing and putting down of unsuitable dogs?

by Finy (follow)
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What do you think of the greyhound racing industry?

What about the putting down of unsuitable dogs?

#Greyhound racing
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Top Answers
There was apparently another TV programme on this the other night and I am glad I missed it.
It showed them killing these gorgeous dogs.
I had one and he had the most beautiful placid nature -he was a "rescue" as the owner phoned the rescue organisation and said "I want him gone by tonight" the words he did NOT say were "or else" but they told me that they kill them. This one was very young, just 2 year, and obviously was not good in the races.

It is a disgusting industry particularly in Qld I think it is, and the whole industry should be banned to prevent the awful cruelty.
The show apparently showed one breeder sending them to Macau.

As a dog lover, and owning whippets (small version of the greyhound) it breaks my heart ot hear these stories.
by Finy
I just love rice paper. As a child I used to carefully pare the rice paper off the nougat and eat it. LOL. I think that perhaps there was an internal transition going on with the greyhound rescue people at that time as they certainly seem more visible now - I even saw them at the local show last year. On the plus side, the two here at my feet got to have a life they might not have had if the greyhound people had responded. Always a silver lining :-)
by Rice
Oh Finy, I am always promising myself I will get to such and such an age and then not adopt another pet . . . in case I die first. I wonder if I will stick to it. (I am such a softie . . I take everything home . . . my parents despaired of me!)
by Rice
Me too. The tears I have shed :(((
by Rice
Good grief . . . that was menat as answer to you, Finy. Need my morning cuppa, I think!
by Rice
Oh lord . . I can't even get my fingers to work.
by Rice
LOL Rice paper -seems odd calling you that!
My greyhound was a solid grey colour -beautiful
by Finy
My answer is . . . BAN IT. Never put dogs down and let's put down the owners who live bait and mistreat the beautiful greyhounds. My two rescues would have been greyhounds but the adoption agency never replied to my emails. They need to be more proactive - we were very disappointed.
by Rice
that is bad luck, as the rescue I emailed replied fairly quickly -here they go to markets and things, with the dogs and the public get to see them and I think they would probably sell a few through there as they keep doing it.
Getting dogs from any rescue is not easy nowadays -i probably would never get one now as too old!
by Finy
I totally agree.
by jonaja
Greyhound Racing to (me) is NOT something I like at all.

I don't follow it.

It makes me shudder.
It just seems so utterly pointless to make wonderful creatures like dogs and horses run around in a circle in one direction, at peril of broken bones and torn muscles, just for greed/profit :((
by Rice
It's awful and I think the sport should be banned. I'd love to adopt a retired greyhound, just not ready to do it yet (it would need to get on with kids and poultry).
I have never been to a greyhound race or owned a greyhound. I think the sport should be banned. I'm sure lots goes on behind the scenes that the general public don't see or hear about. However, I want to have faith, so I say that not all trainers treat their dogs badly. The dogs are their livelihood, so it wouldn't pay to be cruel to them. Fit and healthy dogs will more likely race better. Even if animal cruelty happens to just one dog, that is good enough reason to ban the sport. It should not happen at all. Greyhound racing has been around for a long time, so at the very least there should be a shake up of the industry....a real overhaul. It is a business like any other. I don't see why these dogs cant be rescue dogs. There might be some component of their training that doesn't make them good family pets after they have been in the racing industry. I really don't know enough about it to comment. I have no desire to go to the greyhound races.
they make beautiful family pets -they are gentle, generally calm and generally have a lovely nature and love people -of course I have not seen ones that have been mistreated -I used to live near where a lot of them bred and lived and some of the people loved their dogs but the bigger ones do not.
by Finy
they make wonderful pets very gentle my father raced a couple of greyhounds many many years ago, and after their racing days were over kept them as pets.
i agree - I think if they own just a few they are more likely to love them -it is the ones who do it for a lving and have many of them - these are the problem I would imagine.
by Finy
This subject is so close to my own heart,as it is with Finy and Rice Paper. I lived next door to a greyhound breeder,and he kept every single dog he possibly could,which had been retired from this disgusting business,IN HIS HOUSE AS PETS!!!!!They are stunningly beautiful and intelligent animals which,like most of the creatures on this planet,just need love and respect,whether in the wild or in a domestic situation.In the end he stopped breeding these dogs ,as he hated where they ended up.He just kept his remaining animals as adored pets who had the best of everything. I cannot say HALF of what I would like to as it stirs me to tears so rapidly when I even think about the cruelty of so many disgusting greedy excuses for human beings.
It simply beggars belief that anyone can truly enjoy watching such a disgraceful 'sport',and then to just have these darling animals put down when they no longer make their owners the unholy dollar...May I please SCREAM now?!!!!!!!
I have many friends who have adopted these dogs and they are gorgeous pets with lovely natures. Here where I am in North Qld,the adoption services are very pro-active,and this is where all my Townsville friends have got their new 'children' from.They are always out and about,letting the general public know the horrors of the industry,and the joys of adopting a dog in need of love and a good home.
The sooner this sport is banned,the better.
Oh, jules, will it ever happen? I would be so happy I might even dance naked in the street! Will you visit me in jail. . . ?
by Rice
Yes!! I will visit you in jail!!! But it would be easiest for me if you could make it a North Qld one!!! Hee Hee Hee!!!
by Jules
No worries!! I'll see if I can get incarcerated in . . maybe . . Townsville?
by Rice
Perfect!!! That is where I am!!! Hee Hee Hee!!!
by Jules
OMG! Are you serious??? Wahahahahahaha.
by Rice
Yes indeed!! Are you now going to tell me that you also live here?!
by Jules
No . .but I am astonished at my guess! I am in the gorgeous BrisVegas :-)
by Rice
I have several friends who live down your way,Some of them went south from here to there new homes.It is such a very small world,isn't it?!
by Jules
Yes! It's just amazing.
by Rice
I totally agree. Ban this ugly ''sport''.
by janet
by Vee
by Vee
Seriously? Sorry, I don't know why the image didn't attach - BAN IT.
by Vee
Here in this country they are no better than Cock fighting in Asia.

I don't agree with putting a healthy dog down. It's very sad and cruel.
by AJ
I have never watched this sickening ''sport!''
It's down right cruel in my opinion. I love animals and this breaks my heart. What people will do for fame and money is disgusting!!!
I think it's unfair to the animal,just because it's not up to the standard or it is no longer viable to put the dog down, i FEEL THEY ARE LOOKING AFTER THE DOLLAR SIGN AND NOT FOR THE WELFARE OF THE DOG(S)
I worked with a girl whose partner trained and raced the dogs. I know how well SHE looked after them, housing their runs out every morning, washing their blankets and doonas every day and preparing meals, all before she left for work, then hone again for more meals and exercising some of them. Perhaps this was a minority caring person as the dogs were very well looked after. However my personal viewpoint is that it should be banned, live baiting would be stopped and the dogs that are adopted out as loving pets should have the life that other well cared for dogs have. The only things preventing me from rescuing or adopting one are the lack of yard space and not being physically able to walk them daily.😂
I dont like racing of horses or greyhounds. If mans best friend is a dog. Why is man so cruel to these beautiful animals. They long to please us and all we do is shoot them when they are of no use to us. Cruelty is evil.
Idon't think it's fair to any animal to breed them for racing just to make lots of money, let alone put them down when they are of no use,that I feel is sellfish and nasty!
Do not like or approve of racing dogs, horses, pigs or any animal that can not speak for itself.
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