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What do you think of Dolly Parton?

by Finy (follow)
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What do you think of Dolly Parton - her looks, her voice, her everything?

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Top Answers
I don't particularly like her "look" -she looks too false.
I don't particularly like her voice either as it is somehow too shrill.

However I believe she is a good entertainer despite all this as she has such a huge ??? -..............following...
by Finy
I actually rather like her! She does a huge amount for others and also a great deal of charity work. But what I really like is the fact that she is true to HERSELF!!! She is not afraid to say what she is thinking,or how she feels about things when others pussy-foot about,just trying to seem like decent people!.
She is a very talented songwriter,having written many hits made by other singers than herself.I am not that keen on her voice,but I do like her lyrics and I do enjoy her genuine personality.She can be deliciously funny when she answers questions in interviews,and she can honestly laugh at herself!! I have also seen her in movies and she is actually a very good actress,especially thanks to her sense of humour and timing!
I like the woman and all the work she's does for others and charity. She is fun an very natural and and has no aires and graces. Artists have to look good in those industries because "men" give work to the younger ladies! If you had lots of money
what harm is there in assisting ones looks?
The danger of anaesthetics and infections. I would be terrified. A girl died on the table during a brazilian butt lift and Kanye West's mother died during a face lift. Look at poor old Joan Rivers. Her daughter will sue the *armpits* out of those people for malpractice but her mum is still dead. Each to their own but I feel sad that those people only have worth if they are "perfect". (ಥ﹏ಥ)
by Rice
LOVE DOLLY!!! I have heaps of her albums. I think she is a very sweet lady . . . . . and I wish she would stop the face lifts :(
by Rice
My mother loves country music so Dolly Parton could be heard a lot when I was growing up. I like some her songs but I don't own any of her music.
by AJ
I have always thought she is cute to boot!
I really like her music, but don't listen much too it....
I think she is a woman who has shown a feminine side, that has been positive.
I believe she is quite small, but she sure has
I do love the 1974 song 'Jolene', she made it come to life.She just turned last month 70!!
She looks amazing.
we would probably all look amazing if we had the face lifts she has! not a single wrinkle at 70....
by Finy
Sure, but she would still have had to put in a fair amount of maintenance...she is very cute.
by jonaja
Honestly, I can't say I know much about her. What I do know and can say is she has had a lot of work done.
by Vee
Scary, isn't it? They all do that lip thing and get the nose narrowed to within an inch of it's poor life. I find that very few look natural afterwards and some are truly horrifying. It has to be a form of mental illness because they think they look good!
by Rice
Hear! Hear!
by Vee
. . and they don't stop, Vee! What the heck is THAT about? Nutters.
by Rice
I don't. She doesn't come under my radar.

Saw her in movie '9 to 5', that's all.
And I HATE C&W music!
Not as much as I hate RAP!!! (which I doubly hate as it is so divisive.)
by Rice
Yes! Rice, with you definitely on THAT one! Cheers!
by donjo
I think she looks like a clown with all that make up and the wig. I think she should start ageing gracefully, as she must be in her late 60s or early 70s. Lets see the ' real ' Dolly. She is very attractive and she would be attractive as an older woman too, so why pretend to be something you are not. I'm sure her fans would agree. I think that she is a very shrewd business woman. She writes songs for other singers that become massive hits. She has a lovely voice. I am not into country music but a lot of her songs have hit the mainstream music so are familiar to all or most people. Good on her for becoming successful at a time when it may have been hard for women to get a voice in any industry ( pre women's libbers ). I think she started out in the 60s? She was well and truly a success by the 70s. I remember seeing old black and white footage of her on a TV show once. She has made music her life and has been very successful. She also acted in a movie ' Steel Magnolias '. She was good in that.
Sadly, I don't think it's possible to start ageing gracefully after so much work has been done. She was always attractive and I feel sorry that she looks like a clown now. In one photo above (jonaj's reply, I think) she looks like a head on a stick. However, I still think she's good and she is the only Country artist I own.
by Rice
I like Dolly Parton - she is larger than life and her whole persona and career are based on her looks and singing talent - she is a pretty good actress too. She hasn't made any secret of the work she has had done and you have to admire her for following her own path. I believe she does a lot for charity too and, when young, was apparently the financial mainstay of her family so the woman has guts! I'm not a fan of country music but I do like some of her songs. As Jules says, in interviews she can be really funny, down to earth, and is a pretty intelligent woman when you get past the manufactured "dumb blonde" image - yeh I think there is a lot to be admired about her.
I know she works hard to keep her looks at the best they can be. I applaud her for that. More of us should do a little more to keep our looks more appealing. thanks for sharing this.

I would never have plastic surgery to make myself more appealing Ginge
by Lluxi
Neither would I.
by Vee
Creams, waxes, oils, tisanes, tinctures, lotions, potions, face masks and whatever else it takes . . .but a big NO to surgery of any sort for me.
by Rice
Dang! Forgot to mention the paper bag.
by Rice
I think Dolly is great, as a performer and in being true to herself. Yes, she may be larger than life but when you look at performers like Madonna and Miley, not to mention Lady GaGa, I know which lady I prefer.
It's contagious too.

by Rice
I don't know a whole lot about her or any other C & W singers. I know she ought to look at breast reduction to enhance her lovely little frame. Big boobs might appeal to some males but once you are over a certain age, they look "matronly".
Don't think anyone have work on their face would want to look "matronly" as their main aim seems to be to look youthful. Don't understand them.
I am not a country music fan but Dolly Parton has a bell like quality to her voice that is unique and that I like. From what I have heard she sounds like a very good person who works hard. As for her looks- I think she looks good. I think it is a pity that as a performer she has to maintain her looks surgically or her career could end prematurely. Unfortunately it is a societal pressure that is very real in entertainment industry, that to have value a woman must have talent and look good.
Dolly Parton comes across as wholesome and warm, I don't mind her at all, I've never actually heard anything bad about her, she keeps her life private, good on her.
I quite like Dolly, I think she is a sweet hearty person, and I like her singing.
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