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What do you think of 'dirty' shirts?

by Vee (follow)
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“Visual by Van Styles, Iesha Black Friday T-Shirt”

I recently read about the “Vigilante shopper”, a Utah mother who bought the entire stock of a store's obscene t-shirts she came across while shopping with her teenage son. Good on her, I say!

Enough with clothing that degrades, objectifies and pornifies the female body! I am all for freedom of expression, but not at the cost of other people’s, especially children's rights to feel valued, safe and respected.

What are your views on ‘dirty’ shirts?

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Top Answers
I do not like them -I can see no reason for displaying this type of thing in public.
by Finy
Neither can I Finy, neither can I.
by Vee
I think they're horrible, especially when on a young girl who wouldn't dress that way but would wear a picture of somebody dressed that way, it's like they don't have a mirror or consider how they're going to be viewed by the rest of the world if they walk out of the house like that. Ten years ago, I probably would have worn one myself .. I think I'm getting old!
You know what bothers me more? Fathers who wear such shirts out, particularly those with daughters. What sort of message do they think they are sending their daughters? Surely they would not be comfortable if their daughters were the ones on the shirts. I genuinely do not understand.
by Vee
I like it - I like the idea of 'freedom of expression' being transferred to clothing!
However, I also believe that you need to pick your clothing according to the place you're hoping to wear it to; and the crowd you'll be dealing with.

I wear themed nylon wear from Black Milk Clothing most of the time, but only when it's to uni or to clubs - wearing it to volunteer organizations (for example) would not be seen as 'appropriate'.
I agree that freedom of expression is a good thing, and there certainly is that element of 'the right place and the right time - I have printed shirts that express notions that some people may find radical - but I can't agree with the shirts that portray women (or men) as sex objects. I don't think people realise the sort of values and attitudes they promote when they sport such clothing, and the sort of impact these can have on others - particularly young girls and boys.
by Vee
So, I have noticed this trend - the irony is that it is usually worn by men (and boys) who would never stand a chance with those women. So it makes them look like losers. I don't understand that no one hasn't pointed this out to them...Not a fan.
deluded losers...heehee. And the double irony, is it would turn off women they may stand a chance with...HA!
I'm not so sure about the 'double irony' Lydia. So many of the boys or men I see wearing these shirts are actually accompanied by a female companion - which I can't understand.
by Vee
I've only seen it on single guys, but one man had a little girl (like 6 or something) and that kind of creeped me out).
That's the worst! I see it all the time. Men with children, little daughters. It breaks my heart.
by Vee
They should be burned.
Makes women look like sex objects!
What do you say we burn them together?
by Vee
yaaaaa :)
by jonaja
I've got matches!
by Rice
by Vee
I think it is inappropriate for such clothing to be worn in public, but I don't think that woman really did the cause against it any favours. By buying the whole stock, doesn't she just increase their profit, and encourage more to be sold in store?
The store has a 60 day return policy. She intends on returning them on the 59th day.
by Vee
I'm still not sure what that will achieve.
If the store replenish their stock, I imagine her efforts are for naught (though she is setting a strong and admirable example for her son and any other children she may have. If they don't replenish their stock, then the shirt is not there to offend others. Let us hope it's the latter.
by Vee
I'm with you, that's just crazy behaviour...
I'm not a fan when they're worn in public. It's one thing to wear them in your own house, that is your own personal choice. But wearing them in public, can be offensive. I've seen some pretty nasty choices of T-shirt slogans out there too with extremely offensive language on them. I'd not want my kids to have to see that either. I know it should really be each to their own, but I think that changes somewhat when there is a potential to harm or impact others. Similar to my kids, I'd not like my Nan to have to see that stuff either.
And it's mainly the children that I worry about.
by Vee
We should destroy them.
jonaj and I are going to have a bonfire. You are welcome to join us. :)
by Vee
They are awful and like back tatts the wearer can't see what they're wearing but inflict it on others. Can't see the point. Children don't need to see that crap either. I saw a t-shirt once with Jesus is a c*** on it. If the wearer feels that way keep it to themselves!
Far out! I totally agree with you pfuit. Thanks for your input. :)
by Vee
W H A T ??!! Let's see how far that person would get if the shirt said Allah or Mohammed. That is just disgraceful, disrespectful and low.
by Rice
We once had a mum come to a teacher interview wearing a shirt that said DON'T F *** With ME. Charming!
Beautiful example she's setting for her children there.
by Vee
Well she might have just been warning people that she had a STD, yeah, probably a very responsible woman.
by fran.
I'm not for it at all. What is worst than seening these shirts in stores is seeing a woman wearing it.
I'd have to say that seeing a father wear one is worse than seeing a woman wear one because of the sort of message he is sending to his children. Though I imagine it would be much the same if a mother wore one. Interesting though, I have never seen a woman wear one. I feel the same way about the women who work in the stores that sell them. I once wore a t-shirt that read, "Porn. It's damaging. Get the facts." And I had two young women laugh at me. It's sad. I don't know what else to say about that.
by Vee
A line MUST BE DRAWN between freedom of expression and social conscience. Wearing these T Shirts may incite and excite the kind of man who CANNOT control their animal instinct who will go and hunt a helpless female to attack.
Absolutely disgusting, be they pictures or just words. And they're usually pretty ugly, as well! To me they're designed for the males' basic urges, as if there's not enough to do that around anyway!
And why a female would wear them is beyond my comprehension.
I do not like them at all! Especially when they are worn around kids and demographics that do not appreciate it.
Mostly pointless and unfunny. Especially on silly little girls who have NO idea that what they are advertising is themselves.
by Rice
"Silly little girls"? Surely you don't mean children. Please tell me you mean young women.
by Vee
Yes, Vee, my slightly English turn of phrase confused the issue there, sorry. Young women without the common sense of a ten year old . . . too silly to see what a dangerous message they are sending out. It's such a shame that we have to think about guarding against evil when we leave our homes :((
by Rice
I think the wearers possibly wear them for the shock value they create. I'd much rather they chose some other method, and yes, I'm with the others appaled at this clothing.
I dislike them intensely. It shows something about the wearer though. Hmmm.
I think the woman who bought all the shirts had good motives but poor business understanding. She just paid for the next double batch of shorts to be made. The manufacturer will rub their hands with glee and continue producing what sells. I would prefer wearers to be educated, or maybe even shamed for their attitudes.
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