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What do you think of clothes being worn like this?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: en.wikipedia.org

What do you think of clothes being worn like this?

#Ugly fashion
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Top Answers
This is one of my pet hates.

I hate seeing young girls, or guys looking like this.

I think it looks "slovenly", untidy and is totally not necessary however it seems to be quite popular to have your underpants showing even if not to the degree of the photo.

Not nice! I do not want to see someone's underwear.
by Finy
These guys have no idea how very disgusting this fashion looks. They look like idiots.

I don't know what they're thinking.
Awful...thinl this was a fashion a couple of years ago and even now sometimes amongst the youngsters....if only they realized how ridiculous they look! (from their point of view however, us oldies prob look ridiculous to them too!)
by fran
They are called "under" wear for a reason and they should be kept where they belong - UNDER.
I've read that this "style" of dressing started in the American prisons. Apparently, they wear their pants down to show their underwear when they were available for sex!? So if this is true it makes this ridiculous look even worse!
I personally wouldn't wear my clothes like that but it doesn't bother me if people do wear their clothes this way
by AJ
If they like it like that , it's their choice but it makes me feel uncomfortable like it's going to drop down any moment.
by BK
I will n ot even waste my energy or words to make comment!!!!!

it !!
How easy would it be to pants somebody like this? Seriously though, I think it's akin to indecent exposure. I don't want to see it - just like I did not want to see the entire butt of somebody at the shops the other day. She wore thin black tights that had been worn so much so her entire derriere and the g-string she was wearing were visible. Unfortunately, some things cannot be unseen.
by Vee
Haha good one Vee. I have seen something similar walking in front of me couple of months ago . And since I still remember, it's true that some things cannot be unseen.
by BK
I wish there was a 'Delete' button for things like this, lol!
by Vee
what type of people are these, who must make a statement. one wonders. at least the clothes look clean and not torn.
Most fashion fads come and go quickly. I do not understand how something so awful - and surely uncomfortable - has lasted soooooo long.
Well......the bloke in the picture might have at least put on a pair of, maybe, tighter fitting underwear or something. His skinny body reminds me of a grandpa in baggy Y fronts. GGMS
The first thing that comes to mind is to pull it down and have a good laugh. This is such bad fashion and it doesnt seem t be going away.
by Gia
Silly and irritating in equal measure. I don't act on it but feel tempted. ESP when see the guys shifting and fiddling uneasily when their trs are slipping!
Alo fear turning into my mother when thinking like this, but really...!
I am not a fan but what other people wear bothers me not. What fashion statement did we make when we were this age and the "oldies" declared not nice?
Disgusting- How will the children /teens react on seeing this.
Not sure why you would wear clothes in this manner. It would make more sense and probably be more comfortable just to take them off and walk around in his undies. I'm actually not sure how he manages to keep them there - What's holding them up??
by kimp
It makes me laugh! I want to pull their trousers down and smack their bum! Lol not that I would.
I think pull your pants up! Surely your mother wouldn't approve - no does most of society!
Other than this and a few other things I'm fine with people dressing how they choose in public no matter how silly I think they may look.
looks like they have lost a lot of weight and still wearing their fat clothes. very untidy
In my opinion, they're not actually "wearing" the clothing. To be worn, the pants need to be actually put on properly. It looks ridiculous and people who do this are just seeking attention. Bit sad for them really.

B awful! I’d like to go & pull the jeans/shorts down around their ankles. They just look so silly.
What do they think it achives?
I think they just like to show of there bottoms.
Yuk, yuk and double yuk. Gross. Laughable. Pathetic.
by Rice
The picture says it all really!
stupid and totally ridiculous. why don't they fall down.
Tighten your belt and wear clothes like they are meant to be worn.
Have some pride in your appearance.
And they wonder why they can't get hired.
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