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What do you think of Bunnings allowing dogs into their stores?

by Finy (follow)
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Bunnings Hardware have announced that they will now allow dogs into their stores.

What do you think of this idea?

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Top Answers
I had thought it was a good idea being a dog owner however I would probably not take my dogs there as it is totally unnecessary and I ADORE my dogs.

I read that someone has already been bitten by a dog -adults do not always teach their children that they must always ask permission before patting a dog -some dogs are not used to children and can feel threatened, so perhaps it is not the place to take dogs even though the idea is good!

by Finy
I find it pointless. I am quite sure my babies do not want or need to go shopping at Bunnings. I actually think it would be an inconvenience as it would hinder my ability to do my shopping. I also think some dogs would find it very confronting. I am sure my two rescues would feel safer at home, on their sofa, with the radio on.
by Rice
Yes I agree -why would you take your dog everywhere! Though it is usually people with small dogs who do that...
by Finy
Bunnings in Alexandria (Sydney) have at their discretion been happy to allow small dogs into their store for the past 12 months. I take my little furry child everywhere with me. We were at Pet Barn which is across the road from this particular Bunnings store and it seemed like a great idea to take him for a walk in the area. We went to Bunnings and my intention was to walk him on the grassy area outside however my dog was adamant he wanted to go inside and have a snoop around. I asked the guys at the entrance to the store if we could go in together and the guys were happy for us to do so, providing he stayed on his leash.

So in we went and he had an absolute ball. However, I did relegate our adventure to the garden section only. Picture attached!

I think this is a great idea which Bunnings have embraced and now now announced and shows a more relaxed attitude to people with pets. I'm still amazed we can't travel with our pets on planes and trains as they do quite commonly in the US and Europe. I long to see this attitude being adopted in Australia. Unfortunately we are a little backward in our thinking in this regard. I'm still actually quite amazed that there are some small country towns in NSW that won't allow dogs in beer garden of a pub.

I also believe it's a parent's responsibility to teach their children about pets and not to rush up to dogs or wanting to jump on them, or pat them with force. The sudden movement of a child exhibiting such behaviour will often scare a dog (and therefore the dog responds more so out of fright). My Cavalier King Charles is the most placid dog on earth however, I will still firmly say to a parent or child NO, I do not want my dog patted or drooled over. If the shoe was on the other foot and I wanted to start patting and picking up a child the parent would be aghast - so the principle must apply both ways.

I applaud Bunnings on their stance - well done for being proactive. They have my vote and whether I take my dog to Bunnings in the future, their outward and progressive thinking will always make me a Bunnings shopper hereon.
OMG!! He's gorgeous. Lucky you :-))
by Rice
I've seen many dogs, of the pitbull variety, not necessarily that breed though, belonging to the 'down and outs' of society on the train a lot, and these dogs are poorly trained if at all, and even if on a leash, they wander up the train and are a nuisance generally.

Yet I can't take my cat in its cage to the vet on the bus! Taxis won't accept it either so my cat hasn't been to the vet for two years now.
by amanda
Hi Anna Lisa, don't hold your breath waiting for pets to be in aircraft cabins, here! Service dogs, of course, are permitted, but there're strict rules for their carriage.
It's all to do with safety, in many ways, on an aircraft. Just because other Airlines in different parts of the world, do it, doesn't mean it will happen here. Ever!
by donjo
I'll be the eternal optimist OR go live overseas ! hahahaha
I don't like dogs alongside me anywhere. Particularly in eateries, either indoors or outdoors. I don't like being invited to dinner and having a dog greet me at the door and sniffing and jumping on me or my children. Feel the same way about cats too. Dogs, cats, all animals have germs on them and I don't like them licking myself or my children either, particularly as they may have just finished cleaning their bums with the same tongue.

by fran.
I love dogs but I don't think people need to bring their dogs shopping with them. Plus if they aren't used to children it really isn't a good idea
by AJ
I agree AJ -at first I thought -what a good idea -but on reflections -quite a stupid idea -why would you want to take your dog shopping!! AND male dogs have a tendency to wee on anything new and especially if there are other dogs around....
by Finy
Butter wouldnt melt in their mouth but I would not take them to Bunnings....
by Finy
what lovely dogs :)
by jonaja
thanks Jonah! they are indeed but the poor girl is so afraid of so many things as she did not know the "outside" world when I got her -she follows me around!
by Finy
I must be living under a rock,as I was not aware of this new Bunnings ruling! I have 3 Fur Babies who are so well-behaved and in all the years I have owned dogs(of all breeds!) I have NEVER had one with a vicious streak to its nature.
HOWEVER,,,,, I would NOT take any of them to Bunnings,under any circumstances. The reasons have all been extolled by others here on this page so I shall not repeat them all,but the only time I really like to see dogs in places such as shops is when they are necessary Companion Dogs which the owners rely on for their personal safety and well-being. My dogs would far prefer a trip to the beach or a park,than to a noisy,brightly lit shop. And I would far prefer to take them to these other dog-friendly destinations,or leave them at home in their own extremely cheerful comfort zone.
Much as I have found that the more I know of humans,the more I tend to love dogs,I think that there is a time and a place for every one and every thing! And in my eyes,Bunnings is NOT the place for dogs! Sorry if I have offended anyone with this attitude.
I personally don't own a dog, but don't think it's such a good idea to take them shopping! Whilst shopping, you would want to be concentrating on looking at products etc, not keeping an eye out and looking after your dog! There are so many things to consider and bring along with you too if you take a dog (eg. Leash, plastic bags for droppings etc).

Not sure if it's a smart move for Bunnings to allow dogs in their store......... I won't be keen on visiting if there are dog droppings inside!
Oh my! You are SO right. I can just imagine the type of dog owner I despise kicking the poop under the nearest fixture. Yuk.
by Rice
Well a Melton Bunnings Vic..... had a Jack Russell in store, that bit a 5 yr old girl.Happened this week.

When you think all kinds of dogs can enter, kids are always in there too?

I guess it may not now be such a good idea.
I suppose it's fine as long as they are kept on leashes and the owners clean up after them. It would depend on the individual dog too.
I just wanted to add that I don't like the idea of dogs in pubs and restaurants as I sometimes saw in the UK. I've seen waiters pat dogs then handle food without washing their hands in between which is a bit gross.
I think that they are opening themselves up to a world of potential litigation. I hear that a child has already been bitten. Why anyone would need to take a dog to Bunnings is a real mystery to me. It is a store not a park or a playground. I am a supporter of seeing eye dogs and assistance dogs being allowed in of course, but dogs in general? I think it is unnecessary . What kind of person suggested this crazy idea?
Dumb, & dumber idea!
Whoever ok'd it at Bunnings should now be jobless!

There's ALREADY been a child bitten, within the week of allowance starting!

Surprise, surprise!

Scenario: dogs, excited, & crying kids', noise, bright lights, PA announcements, trolleys going hither, & thither, numerous persons' all in a rush to buy whatever, kids' with snag on a roll.

All this to a dog, is unfamiliar, so the moment an unknown kid approaches, scares dog, snap! And who's going to clean up he various dog 'messes'. Where does OH & S, come into this?

They've lost me as a customer until this idiotic decision is reversed, as I don't want to be near ANY dog, which may cause me to be bitten, or fall over.

Wait til the litigation starts, & Bunnings may then consider it wasn't a good idea, in the first place!
donjo -not all dogs are like that! have had dogs all my life and most of them would have been perfectly OK in the surroundings you mention.
Currently I have one dog which gets scared easily and no way would I take her to a situation like this so I the majority of dog owners are responsible and if you had a "sus" dog, I do not think you would take it into Bunnings!
My dogs are both whippets and beautiful natures but one has a problem due to being in a cage for the first 5 years of her life.
by Finy
Oh! Finy, I had, & bred Welsh Pembroke Corgi dogs, for 25 years, & there's no way I'd subject them to the surrounds of Bunnings!

To me, that would be a form of animal cruelty.

We had a park at the bottom of our street, with a large creek flowing beside it, & we'd all go walking to, around, & from there. Very pleasant, & the dogs' just loved it, as peaceful, & no other dogs! There was a part of creek that had a 'beach' with beautiful soft sand, & dogs' could paddle there, in shallow, flowing water. Didn't they enjoy that!
by donjo
I don't even like taking my human children shopping with me lol It makes it so hard to concentrate! I don't think I would want to take dogs with me!
As with most things in life this would not be for everyone, but why do people feel their opinion is for everyone. Some people's dearest friend is their dog and I could imagine them taking their dog with them wherever they can. A trip to the garden shop included.

How would you feel if you purchased an item that smelt of dog pee or poo ......Lovely .As soon as you take a dog into a vets what do they do? mark their territory The staff at Bunnings have enough to do without rushing to aisle 3 with a mop and bucket lol
In 50+ years I have never had a dog do anything at the vet other than sit and wait. Shame on owners if they let their dogs do that.
by Rice
I think its great so long as the dogs are under control of a responsible owner. Dogs are part of the family and should be allowed to go to certain places as for the blind, they take their dogs to resteraunts
Guide dogs. Pets....no. It's not a place for animals.
My dog loves going to bunnings. I hold her or put her in my bag. Thk u bunnings 4 being pet friendly. Surely people who have aggressive pets would not let there animal into shops
Oh! Ompom....those with aggressive pets think they're ok, otherwise they wouldn't own them, so they'd take them in there!
Dogs should be muzzled!
by donjo
Bad owners should be muzzled. Permanently.
by Rice
That's great! In Europe dogs are allowed everywhere. I was horrified to see small dogs in restaurants in parts of France and Vienna though. I work in a library and we often have patrons dogs pop in for a visit. Discretion is needed around children.
I wonít mind, as long as they donít:
Get in my way when Iím walking around.
Are always on a lead.
Donít bite.
And donít poo.
I'm not a dog owner but should be ok so long as they are on leads. If children have parental supervision no one should get bitten!
I feel sorry for the men customers if their wives are that ugly.
Just more ratbaggery
Having seen a distressed dog left in a tradies van in a bunnings car park on a reasonably hot day last year, I think it is a great incentive for those who have their dogs with them to get them out the car & bring them in with them if need be. I say thumbs up to Bunnings for introducing this initiative
I don't particularly Bunnings so now with dog policy never. How absolutely ridiculous and unhealthy does this comply with health regulations. They are nowhere near being a human.

Who Cares????

Good on Bunnings for this decision. When I first read it I assumed it meant guide dogs. Most people jump to the negative straight away but if the dog is restrained I wouldn't object. I would prefer to see the dog in some form of carrier something like a bicycle basket (obviously not this) which could be attached to a trolley and trolleys specifically for dogs as opposed to the normal trolley for non-dog shoppers but this wouldn't be cost effective for Bunnings so I guess it's up to the dogs owners to work out what's best.
GGMS Helga. It's bad enough going to Bunnings and trying to keep your mind on what you are doing or buying without packing up all the equipment to take the dog in there. Furthermore, if I walk backwards onto the dog's paw or the dog walks under my feet and I fall over, who pays for the vet or the doctor ? Just wouldn't be a good idea as far as OH & S goes. And if I was in a hurry and ended up going into a skid in the puppy poo, I could become pretty annoyed.
by fran.
I didn't know that you could take your dogs there, not that I would, I like to shop hands free, I just hope customers respect that if the dog makes a mess they will have to clean it up, I have seen people on the beach walking their dogs and they make a mess, and the owner's ignore it, they make it bad for other people that do the right thing!
I did not know that, cannot see why dogs would be taken into a shop of any sort. maybe better than tying them up outside which I have seen people do.
Thereís no problem with dogs inside Bunnings stores. Itís generally the unsupervised unruly kids that cause most problems.
As a retired employee I found the happiest dogs & owners came in during the evening when the store was relatively quiet. The dogs who brought their owners in could then have a good quiet sniff around & be greeted by most employees.
The child who was bitten some time back(as well as her parents) were not trained in dog etiquette and good manners.
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