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What do you think of Australia Day products all being imported into Australia?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: En.wikipedia.org

Each year in Australia, we celebrate the founding of New South Wales - AUSTRALIA DAY, and it is a national public holiday here.

Even today Australia Day products are mostly imported into Australia.

What do you think of this, and will you (or would you if you lived in Australia) buy any?

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Top Answers
I know that "things" can be made far cheaper in Asia than in Australia, however I think this practise is DISGUSTING.

I would NOT buy any imported products for Australia Day -there are so many articles around now to buy for this public holiday, but I think it is totally wrong to import these even if they ARE cheaper. It is very UN AUSTRALIAN!

There was again an article on TV this year about this subject.
by Finy
I am totally,utterly,absolutely,disgustedly APPALLED!!! Shall I continue with more descriptions of how strongly I feel,or have you all got the message Loud and Clear?!! I can proudly say that I have NEVER purchased any of these foreign-made items,and I never shall!!
When we were kids at school,we would make our own fantastic flags and have a great time doing so! In fact, it taught us a great deal about the why's and wherefore's of Australia Day to be doing this ourselves!
I do not recall ever seeing any of these Aussie Day items which have been made here in this country.However,I know that some of the good pastry & cake shops make the most delicious items to celebrate the day with,and these ARE definitely made here!!! YUM!!!
I'm marching with you!
by Rice
Marching? I am afraid I shall have to hobble along with you,using my stunning hand carved walking stick(no I am NOT old,just unable to move very well!!!).I always get the best comments from this beautiful conversation starter,so we could really say what needs to be said!!!!
by Jules
Well, when I say "marching," it would be a very slow march . . probably to the gate and back. The intention would be there though :-) Heehee.
by Rice
We could hold each other up!!! Ha ha ha ha plonk!!!!!! I really must stop doing this! Laughing my head off will only make THAT part of me hurt too!!!
by Jules
It's a disgrace.

by Rice
can't believe this?...I never look at the other answers till I send mine....and
our answers were nearly identical .....like?#!? what's going on, can you read my mind woman!!!

by jonaja
Thanks for the photo of the cake!! As you obviously read in my own answer, these cakes and of course Anzac bikkies are all made here in Oz (hopefully!!)
But YOUR cake,is divine! It really does 'take the cake' for want of better wording if you can forgive the dreadful pun!!
by Jules
It's glorious, isn't it?! The person who did that was so clever, it's a shame it was not signed. Kudos to you, phantom cake person!
by Rice
Bahahaha!! I am falling off the chair with laughing~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is just too much.
by Rice
I know lol...lol...lol...lol....

what month were you born in and the date?
see if I can pick it!
by jonaja
I'm very near to yours. may. 7th.
by Rice

by jonaja
Ooooooh! Rice, that's my nephew's Birthdate!
by donjo
Oh dear, donjo . . . I hope he is a less obstinate May baby than me :-)) LOL
by Rice
I see nothing wrong with imported products. People want to spend less and get good bargains. If you don't import people would be paying much higher prices. Then the complaint would be that things are too expensive.
by AJ
It is unfortunate. However, plastic cups, plates, flags, hats probably are made overseas. It is cheaper to make things overseas and that is reality. It is the way of the world. We would all like Australia day products to be made here ideally, but in the real world of economics, it is not possible. If you want to protest this economic reality, don't buy the products. It won't change anything, unless someone like Dick Smith steps in.
Dick Smith has stepped in several times and been interviewed about this....didnt help as it was a few years ago he first brought it up.
by Finy
check my link in the question-mentions Dick Smith
by Finy
I'm appalled that they are made overseas but guess that most would be disposable and not kept from year to year so many would prefer to buy the cheapest rather than look at the country of manufacture. A few dollars saved can mean a lot to some people.
It's the way of the world I'm afraid. Go to US, UK or Europe and you will find exactly the same. The dollar rules! Not necessarily a good thing but it is what it is and, when people don't have the income, they will tend to go for the cheaper product, which is usually made overseas.
Hate it with a passion!

But thanks to the bee unions, pushing, pushing, pushing for higher wages, over the decades', this is what's happened.

I bought a cap years' ago, & it's still in good condition. I just 'recycle' it every Oz Day!
Exactly! Why on earth do people rush out to buy stuff EVERY *insert holiday here* day?!! We have shirts, hats and bandanas that we drag out every Australia Day and I have had the same Christmas shirts for well over ten years.
by Rice
We stopped buying imported touristy gifts and Australian 'only' day gifts or gear years ago.

We either make our own, pay the extra or go without. It is so Un-Australian and so un-patriotic to do otherwise.

Once all Australian people makes a collective choice to only buy Australian made, and boycotte all imported gear, then the retailers will listen, eventually, hopefully.

Get the schools involved in the last week before Xmas holidays start, and make Aussie Day stuff and sell it at markets, online by business students etc. Have all this gear available at the office and uniform shops, they are all open mid January and make it available to everyone, not just student families.

Same with all community groups, as a fund raiser, so many opportunities, so many wasted hours in the shops.

New law: anything celebrating, advertising, or promoting anything Australian, or likewise similar, must be 100% Made in Australia, or face a 1000% tax going directly to fight excessive wages and perks to polititions, and to cancel all extras after a politition leaves the job. That will free up enough money to pay for real Australian products, made here, for everyone to celebrate Australia Day, without any guilty feelings, or going without.

I refuse to even hit the beach with a foreign made bathing suit which is where we will be heading this year.
Good on You!!!! I don't know if you saw my own response to this question,but I mentioned that even way back when I was a kid,we used to make all our own stuff at school and it was a super way to learn all about the whole concept of Australia Day!!! I refuse to buy any of these foreign one-day- celebratory items.I make my own or I go without! And sometimes I do buy a pretty yummy Aussie Day cake to share and enjoy!! That's if I feel too lazy to make that myself too!!
by Jules
I really like your answer, makes a lot of sense. :)
by jonaja
Yes I did, I read every response before I reply, and thank you both for your kind agreeance. Is that a new word?
Not happy Jan.
by Vee
Australia Day products should be made in Australia, perhaps made by disabled as a form of employment.
I say this without being cynical.
That is a wonderful idea! ^_^
by Rice
Very good question. The government is more attracted to solving and discussing taxation problems: how and where to collect more money from already bankrupted local small businesses and jobless consumers, instead of putting heavy import tax on everything that can be made in Australia, which will make our local businesses flourish. It is that simple, but obviously politically conflicted solution. What choice do we have, do we stay hungry, or how do we stop even the export of life saving jobs overseas, millions of them?
No, I don't bother buying any, because I don't them!
by Miro
I think it's a joke! celebrating Australia Day from imported countries, WHY! can't we even do that any more, what a big shame! Iblame all this on the pollies!
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