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What do you do when you do not feel like cooking at night?

by Finy (follow)
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What do you do if you do not feel like cooking the evening meal?

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Top Answers
My husband cooks dinner most nights. When he's not here I have to produce some sort of food for the kids whether I feel like it or not, but they don't care if I just give them baked beans sometimes.
Living on my own this is not a problem as I either get take away or have something simple.

When I had a partner, we would generally go out for dinner if I did not have anything to cook or did not feel like cooking.

I would not go out at night alone, so occasionally get take away, however I have heaps of meals in my freezer so it does not happen often.

I seem unable to cook a meal for just 2 nights and it always ends up enough for 4 people, so freeze it.
by Finy
I keep leftovers in the freezer so usually just heat up something from the freezer. I find it is more effort to go out and buy takeaway than get something out of the freezer. (When I was working I would buy a cooked chicken and a salad at the supermarket on my way home.)
I usually have something in the freezer which I have left over from another night's cooking, and sometimes my neighbour and I will go halves in a decent pizza,as a whole one is far too much just for one of us! It works out a cheap and delicious treat,which we both can enjoy now and then.
What a great idea Jules. You must be on very good terms with your neighbour. :)
by Vee
Yes Vee! I am one of those very fortunate people who has extremely good neighbours.The one I share pizza with also helps me with my shopping now that I am too ill to work anymore! He retired some years back and has done volunteer work ever since for various organisations,with Meals on Wheels being the main one still done.The neighbour across the road is also very kind and he mows my lawn every fortnight when he does his own. He and his wife have no children,but were always there when my son was growing up with just his mum and the dogs! The ones to the other side have been a real mixture!!! Finally after many years of lovely,mediocre,dreadful(and I mean REALLY dreadful!!!!) and good, I have a delightful lass and her two young boys living there.She has often cooked for me in the first year of living there,but she is just too busy now. Sharing with our neighbours was just the done thing when I was a little girl.What a pity so many folk do not even know their neighbours' names these days!!! I am one of the LUCKIEST few!!
by Jules
Jules, that really put a smile on my face. I'm so glad to hear you have such good people around you. It seems a rarity these days. :-) :-) :-)
by Vee
I was just commenting to Brian(the one who takes me shopping) that he is a GENUINE Neighbour,not a Next-Door Neighbour! I collect old and antique kids books,and I love the way the characters in the stories say 'Hello neighbour!' and Welcome to my party,neighbour!',etc.... because they MEAN friend! A real neighbour IS a friend in my way of thinking! I am definitely one of the lucky ones with great neighbours/friends who are the same people!!
by Jules
I suck it up because I have to cook for my son and husband regardless of how I'm feeling.
by Vee
Yeah, Vee, that is the very scenario that gave me the s@&$/!
A wife/partner always HAD to be available to cook, clean etc., even though she might've been doubling-over with PMS, which men DON'T understand, or have the 'flu.
Had to laugh at male GP anytime when told 'go home & just rest'! Really? & who's going to do ALL what's required for husband & kids whilst I 'rest'?
by donjo
Oh my gosh, donjo! You hit the nail on the head, woman! So, so true. Nobody will do it. But, I have to be honest, my husband is understanding. And while he will never understand PMS or the darned pains that come with it, he will watch and feed our son while I snooze.
by Vee
This is a problem for people who live alone.

When my son go's away, I too feel 'what to make'.
I have taken to pre-cutting some healthy veg, and just cook them up.
Or Pre cook rice, leave in the fridge and use salad mixed with it at night.

I only get things that take little or no time.
I never get take away, unless it is for my son.

I only keep 1-2 meals in the freezer, frozen food is a little of a no-no in our place.
I LOVE fresh all the time.

by Finy
Hey!!! I got my old name back? that's so cool.
I never changed it in the first place AA did?...me confused now.
by jonaja
I love your photo you used, jonaj
by Miro
Thanks miro :)
by jonaja
I would make one of the 2 minute noodles ( add some frozen vegetables and an egg to it) or just find something in the fridge for the leftovers. If it is not very late at night, going out for a quick bite is another option that I would consider.
by BK
I just eat raw potatoes and steak of course ....

Actually I suffer from a bit of a different problem. I live with a chef. I WANT to cook but he's far more efficient and often beats me to it.
Oh! Lucky you, meggf!
by donjo
Thank goodness there are some perks to being on ones own, I can do exactly what I want and eat or not eat just what I want!...I would just have some frozen vegies, an egg done somehow or the old 2 min noodles or maybe I may have leftovers in the freezer.
by fran
Get take a way
I'd try to have something simple, like a sandwich.
by Gia
I would either ask my wife to prepare something or I would see if there are any left overs in the refrigerator.
That would be every night but luckily my husband is the primary cook. If nobody feels like it we would either order in or go to a restaurant. Our rule is that nobody has to cook if they don't want to.
We do a lot of cooking from scratch in our house for dinner, so when I "don't feel like cooking", I throw in some frozen fish and make fish sandwiches. We try to avoid going out to eat as much as possible!
Get a take-away, of course! Whatever I feel like at the time!
Might even get a 'home-delivered' dish!
I've just found your reply to my answer, donjo. 40 years of cooking dinner every evening after work. WoW, that is amazing! If that had been me, I wouldn't have been making 1 new recipe 5/6 days a week for the year, because I wouldn't have had time to be pawing through heaps & heaps of cookbooks! ) Now I look up 99% of my new recipes up on line, then date them all, so I only make each new recipe once a year.
by Miro
I always feel like cooking, because I’ve never had to go to work, (Well, not since having our daughters anyway, 42 & 39 years ago!) I don’t think I would ever have wanted to cook, had I had to come home from work & start cooking! I don’t know how people do that, day after day.
One does it, as no other choice!
I cooked dinner each night, after a full day's work. Did that for 40 years!
by donjo
Yep Donjo and me too. Husband useless (at cooking). He is very good at housework and shopping but cooking, no way.
by fran.
miro_ I have to say that I am in awe of women who do this day after day as well, men too. I am nervous about going into the workforce for this reason and others, lol. Hats off to all working parents who double up as housemakers. And double hats off to single parents doing these things!
by Vee
Rely on the fall backs - always a Pizza in the freezer, or a frozen saved previous meal such as Beef Ravioli, stew, or similar. Farley
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