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What do you call bread rolls?

by VerityG (follow)
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bread rolls food
"Bread rolls" by Bangin via Wikimedia Commons

There seem to be a lot of different words for the humble bread roll - roll, bap, batch, bun, stottie.... what do you usually call it?

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Well when I first read the title of this subject I thought well thats easy! ha.. so I mentally listed them off in my mind that we Aussies buy and what were their names. Then I did some research and to tell you the truth my head is spinning as I noticed 'the entire world' have bread rolls or some kind of bread roll:- regular dough type, sweet and savoury. The first can be small to quite large, the sweet might be a little bit spicy or even white with a pink icing mostly to a fruit roll or bun to a savoury one with toppings of all kinds that the baker decides to tempt our taste buds.

So here we have
White round rolls
Wholemeal round rolls
Grained round rolls all of which are domed and round.
Then there is the proverbial Hamburger roll that of course you put your hamburger (meat) plus all the salady things including cheese if one wants. A bit like a 'Macca's) burger.
Then there is your longer roll which is I think a finger roll but not a single person calls them that but they are a hands length slit along the side and stuffed with whatever you want in it ie Vegemite and cheese or salads or anything like that and the top of it is crunchy. Not great if its not.

Then there is the Hotdog bun.. thats the same as the above but its softer. Its slit along the side and the hotdog is put in along with the selected condiment /s. I like mustard and tomato sauce together .. its totally Yumbooo.

Then there are the bit longer bun which can be called short bread sticks and there are longer ones - French Bread sticks. Then some are called Baguettes which you can cut in a way to use as a roll.

Then there are Dinner rolls and they are usually white bread and can be either round and small like a Bap roll or they can be quite short and elongated. Its two mouthfuls full and your done. They are eaten with dinner esp if you are out dining. At home i never do it.

Then there are the same ones listed right at the top but they are square rolls. I have no idea what dreamy name they are called... I just point! lol

Then there are SCONES which can be called something different other than a bread type bun which isnt of course and its not a biscuit either that Americans call it as we dont call them that but Americans call biscuits cookies.. Talk about going dizzy! Scones come in plain and also with fruit as in date scones.

Then there are all the different sweet buns and they can be round or elongated as well as a pull apart

There are finger buns ..plain with pink icing mostly or white icing with coconut on top. same thing different colour
Then there are coffee scrolls which are dough like and are created in a long type rope of dough and with added fruit and spices with a pink icing with walnuts on top. Not always but mostly.
These also become Morphed into Hot Cross Buns during Easter and it has a white cross piped on the top before baking and then its glazed so its shiny as most like this are.
Boston buns are another
and the list goes on and on
in China they too have a bun and its like a hot bun or roll which is called a Xaio sui bao .. these are white round buns, steamed with fine chopped pork inside or something like that. These are delicious and savoury of course.
Oh gosh what about the Croissant too? Oh yes and what about Bagels as well? All made with yeast too.

There are rolls/buns in Sweden and Holland too and they have different names the same as in the UK.

My goodness its mind boggling.

So I will give you a link and you can also get to feel as dizzy as I did. I sure did learn quite a lot but if you had a quiz on them, Im not sure if you or I would win as there are just too many to remember or know.

Take a look at the list from A to Z.. Ive fainted! lol
The link below will show you in photos all the different types of breads/ rolls etc to spin you out , :D



Happy roll and bun hunting everyone. I hope you learnt much like I did! ;)

Wow, didn't realise it was so complicated. I just call them rolls or buns...
Bread rolls, I guess.
Rolls or buns
by Gia
I grew up in the (English) Midlands and there rolls are usually called baps but if they have warm cooked meat in them, they are batch - so at a bonfire and firework display for example, we would all tuck into a pork batch from the hog roast. My husband is from Yorkshire and he has buns and we now live in the north-east of England, where the local term is stottie.

I was hoping that the Australians would have some interesting words for bread roll that I hadn't encountered yet.... or is it just the British that are unable to call a roll a roll?!
Oh and then there's cottage loaf as well, where a larger loaf is shaped so that it can easily be broken up into rolls after baking.....
I guess because we are in Australia we call them what they are - bread rolls. I haven't even heard of all those other names except for a bun, but that is a fruit bun I think.
A bap is used to describe a very soft bread roll.
A batch is a few .
A bun is a sweet roll, can also have Icing on it ect.
A stottie is a very large bread roll, from England.

And then you just have your common home variety bread roll.
Whilst everything you've put here is correct, I've heard all of those terms used to describe just ordinary every day bread rolls as well! Not as a one off description either but as the normal name for it in that locality. I find it fascinating :)
I like your bread photo, there Jonaj! A very good find.
by Miro
I didn't know there was anything to call them other than "bread rolls" lol
Just bread rolls.
Bread rolls...
by Vee
Sometimes breakfast rolls sometimes dinner rolls.
lets keep it simple and just say bread roll, we know what it means....
Bread rolls. What else would you call them?
Bread rolls?????
by Finy
Mr and Mrs Rolls, unless they give me permission to use their christain names before they are eaten.
by Rice
You can call them whatever you like, just don't leave me short of one with my soup.
Bread rolls came in different shapes and sizes. The flat ones are baps which I use when making hamburgers as I don't like a lot of bread. I also buy the brioche buns for burgers (again because of their size) and the hot dog ones for the same reason. The square rolls I've seen called Ploughman or sourdough rolls and as pointed out previously, there are many types of bread rolls.
I just call them bread rolls which I never buy though, because they are what they are, which to me spells starch! If I'm going to eat something bad, let it be dark chocolate! But the question wasn't ever about..."Do we buy them?"! Sorry!
by Miro

.thanks for all your likes with my pictures, means a lot! :)
by jonaja
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