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What did you think of Elizabeth Taylor?

by Finy (follow)
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What did you think of Elizabeth Taylor?

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Top Answers
I think Elizabeth Taylor was very beautiful and I liked most of her films.
I think she was a good actress though a shame she had all the work done on her face instead of aging gracefully!

I thought she was a wonderful match - in looks -for Richard Burton and loved watching films they were both in though can only remember one.
by Finy
. . . . .Eight marriages, 50 movies, two Oscars, 100 operations, a fortune of £360m, but only one Elizabeth Taylor. . . .
by Rice
. . Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton made eleven films together (ten theatrical films and one TV movie) . .
by Rice
Well, it's Saturday and I am avoiding the shops . . plus I love a good Google hunt :-))
by Rice
Loved them in Taming of the Shrew. She certainly was very beautiful. I thought she was excellent in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Cleopatra. Even though she was married so many times, she seemed to manage a bit of decorum about her private life.
by Rice
yES, I forgot half the films she was in and there were many. Virginia Wolf is the one I remember...
by Finy
Actually, Finy, I had no idea that they had done so many together. When I looked her up I was really surprised.
by Rice
I'm glad I had you searching Rice!!
by Finy
Elizabeth Taylor is Hollywood Royalty. It's always difficult transitioning from being a child star but she did so with such aplomb. Her beauty is a classic one, which is why I think she's been a constant throughout the Hollywood eras.

Not only is she gorgeous but a very fine actress, expressive and the characters she developed were award winning. I loved her in Butterfield 8.
I had forgotten about that one also Annalise....wonder how many she DID make -only negative thing about her was not aging gracefully -I don't know why they all have to try to look younger -perhaps because they CAN!
by Finy
I only ever thought of her eyes to tell the absolute truth!
So much was made about the blue-violet colour, so that was something I always tried to look at when watching her.

Very good actor, stunning beauty, but very insecure to have had so many husbands....I think that was the sad part about her.

Richard Burton I feel was her one true love, but he gave back ..as...much as she dished out!
It's a wonder they never killed each other, in the process.
Not much.
She was only a so-so actress, & her morals' left much to be desired.
Any woman who starts sleeping with her co-stars at 14 hasn't got anything to look-jp to, as a person, IMHO.
She said she never slept (loaded term) with a married man . . . . so she got Eddie Fisher on a promise did she?? LOL LOL. Yes, Elizabeth, we believe you.
by Rice
Yes, Rice, she & Mickey Rooney had an 'interesting' time apparently, whilst filming 'National Velet'. She was 14!
by donjo
Oh dear!
by Rice
I think she was a gorgeous woman especially when she was young.
Love her to Death
Love her to Death
Love her to Death
She was only topped by Grace Kelly in my humble opinion.
She is a bit before my time, but I am told she was a great actress. From the time when she used to hang out with Michael Jackson, she looked like she expected to be treated like a queen and was entitled. She had several husbands so the way I see it, they had to do things her way or leave. She seemed like a selfish lady who was always right. She sure couldn't keep a man because they had to ' never question her ' or the divorce papers would soon appear. She is a great actress but I don't like her for these reasons.
So much to say,so little time!!! I must admit to enjoying watching this very beautiful as well as talented woman.And has everyone forgotten all the good she has done for various charities?A genuine philanthropist and humanitarian who did so much to help others,and won many major Humanitarian awards including the Presidential Citizen's Medal. She also was made a Dame of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth in 1999.She was the first female star to be paid the magical Million Dollars for a film role,being the title role of Cleopatra,and this led to other actresses being paid phenomenal sums for their work.She also was the very first celebrity to launch a Perfume brand.And look how many have followed THAT particular road?......PLUS Did you know that she converted to Judaism when she married Mike Todd in the late 50's as this was his religion and it truly struck a chord in her beliefs!
Yes! an amazing woman indeed about whom there is so very much more which can be said!
I certainly remember how fearlessly she campaigned for AIDS and supported her friends. Very brave at the time.
by Rice
Oh Yes!! A true Lady in every sense!!
by Jules
One of the greatest actresses of her time. Loved her in National Velvet and so many more. Dramatic on and off the screen but remained beautiful (even with a little help). Hard to find many of the old school who lived life to its fullest.
Any woman who survived the Hollywood Machine reasonably intact should be applauded. She doesn't deserve to be harshly judged. Are any of us perfect? What would any of us have done in her position? Is being sexy a sin? She lived her life fully; a gutsy, beautiful woman. Good on her!
There but for the grace of God..........
E T is not to my taste despite the fact that, at one time, she married a fellow Welshman and together they gave us a memorable rendering of Dylan Thomas's "Under Milkwood. However I much prefer Kathleen Ferrier, Liv Ullmann, Joan of Arc and my own dear wife. Ken
She was before my time so I don't have any opinion on her
by AJ
Totally loved her. I really believe she was the most beautiful woman that ever lived, in all stages of her life. She was beautiful inside as well. That is why she transcended.
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